my boyfriend doesn't compliment me

My Boyfriend Never Compliments Me (5 Odd Reasons)

My girlfriend bought a gown recently and wore it to visit me.

The gown was an excellent fit and made her look stunning.

I complimented her beautiful outfit.

We’ve been together for five years doesn’t stop me from complimenting her.

When she puts on something I haven’t seen before, I compliment her and make her feel she’s special.

If you are in a relationship with a guy and he never compliments you, then the following reasons below could be the way he’s acting that way.

My Boyfriend Never Compliments Me: Why Does He Behave That Way

1. He’s Using You

My Boyfriend Never Compliments Me

A guy using you or wasting your time would never compliment you.

Maybe he was complimenting you when he was chasing you for a relationship.

Now that you are with him, he has achieved his target and doesn’t see any reason to compliment you.

He can even become toxic and ridicules anything you do that deserves a compliment.

A guy using you is only after what he wants and would not notice your new makeup or outfit.

He’s only after his selfish needs and doesn’t care about anything that makes you happy.

2. He’s Jealous And Insecure.

Many guys are jealous of their girlfriends. I know that might sound very funny, but it’s the truth.

If you’re dating a guy with low self-esteem, he might find it hard to compliment you because he feels it would make you proud and start misbehaving.

If you are a beautiful girl who gets lots of attention, your boyfriend might get jealous and intimidated, making him not compliment you.

To him, complimenting you would make you think too highly of yourself

Guys that are jealous of their girlfriend would do anything to bring down your self-confidence, including ignoring your beautiful outfit or makeup

Never complimenting you could be a manipulative strategy your boyfriend uses to make you humble and stay with him.

The goal is to make you feel there’s nothing special about you.

3. He’s Not That Into You.

There’s a possibility your boyfriend doesn’t love you as much as he claims.

When you are madly in love with someone, you can’t help but compliment everything about them.

A guy who is not into you would easily ignore the beautiful gown you wore because he doesn’t have any emotional desire to compliment you.

It’s also possible he’s dating another woman who takes his attention, making it difficult for him to notice or compliment you.

4. He Doesn’t Recognize Your Love Language.

why is he afraid to compliment me

Sadly, many enter relationships without knowing their love language and expect their partner to know.

But that’s not going to happen.

It’s easy for me to compliment my girlfriend because my love language is words of affirmation.

I compliment her because that is what I expect from her. After all, it’s my love language.

Although she appreciates my words of affirmation, her primary love language is quality time.

She wants you to spend most of your time with her and can quickly get angry when she doesn’t get it.

She can do without compliments; although she appreciates them, she can’t do without quality time.

I highly recommend that anyone in a relationship read the five love languages by Gary Chapman; it would help you communicate better with your guy.

If your boyfriend treats you like a queen, respects you, helps you with house chores like laundry,

And spends quality time with you but never compliments you, which means he doesn’t know your love language.

He’s only doing what he thinks makes you happy; he may be doing it wrong.

He may want to spend quality time with you because that’s his love language, but you need words of affirmation.

A misunderstanding of each other’s love language can make it seem he never compliments, but in reality, he doesn’t even know that’s what you need.

5. He Feels It’s Not Necessary.

It’s often a result of the environment he grew up.

If he were in an environment where compliments are unnecessary, he would grow up with such a mindset.

Based on their upbringing, some guys believe that compliments are a manipulative technique you use to get what you want from others.

You wouldn’t blame him; it’s what they taught him.

Your boyfriend might believe loving you is enough; he doesn’t need to compliment you because he has no plan to manipulate you.

That’s the mindset of some guys, and it’s a mindset they got when they were kids.

Their parents rarely complimented them, and they grew up that way.

My Boyfriend Never Compliments Me: How To Handle The Situation

6. Communicate Your Expectations

Your boyfriend should know what you want from him.

Many women keep quiet about what they want and expect the guy to know what to do magically.

If he never compliments you, let him know that you’ve noticed that no matter what you do, he never compliments, and it hurts you.

It’s also essential that you find out his love language so that you can communicate love to him in a way that he would understand and appreciate.

7. Compliment Yourself Around Him

he never compliments me

People treat you the way they’ve seen you treat yourself.

If you want him to start complimenting you, compliment yourself when you are around him.

He would get the code and possibly follow suit.

He might not do it immediately, but that shouldn’t stop you from saying nice things about yourself when he’s around you.

Say things like, “I am beautiful.”

“I am amazing and special.”

Complimenting yourself is one way to build your self-confidence

8. Give Him Sometime

You’ve communicated your expectations with him, and you have been complimenting yourself around him; the next thing is to give him some time to catch up.

You have to be patient because your boyfriend might not start complimenting you immediately; give him time to get used to it.

If he’s refusing to compliment you no matter how you try, then it might be time to leave the relationship.

It’s not worth it to remain with a guy who doesn’t compliment or make you feel special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean If A Man Never Compliments You?

It could mean a few things, and they are listed below:

He’s not used to compliments: some guys are not used to compliments because of the kind of environment they grew as kids.

Maybe your guy’s parents were abusive or believed compliments were a manipulative technique.

If he grew up never receiving a compliment from those close to him, he might find it hard to compliment you.

He’s insecure: insecure guys dislike complimenting you because they believe it would make you proud and arrogant.

Maybe he thinks compliments can get into your head and make you act weird.

He may even talk you down to make you feel worthless and stick with him.

He doesn’t care: this may sound hurtful, but your boyfriend never complimenting you could mean he doesn’t care about you and just using you for whatever he wants.

You can’t judge his intention with only the fact that he doesn’t compliment you would want to see other signs he’s using you.

How Do I Get Compliments From My Boyfriend?

Compliment him consistently

Compliment yourself around him

Give him time to get used to giving compliments

Tell him you want him to compliment you sometimes

How Often Should Your Boyfriend Compliment You?

There’s no definite count as to how often he needs to compliment.

It should be as occasion demands or as often as he wants

It would help if you didn’t try to give him the number of times he needs to compliment you.

Compliments should come from the heart, and you know the heart is unpredictable.

Is It Bad If My Boyfriend Never Compliments Me

He may feel it’s not essential, and to him, all that matters is that he genuinely loves you.

Your boyfriend never complimenting you doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your relationship.

If you feel you need compliments and are not getting them, communicate your desire with him.

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