my mom hates my boyfriend

My Mom Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend (5 Weird Reason)

I remember the first time I met my ex-girlfriend’s mom. It was awkward

She tried to hide it, but it was apparent she didn’t like me, and that hurts

Her body language made it difficult for her to pretend.

She looked at me with disdain as if I had done something wrong, but that was my first meeting with her.

If your mom doesn’t like your boyfriend, you are not alone.

So many other ladies are experiencing the same challenge.

As a guy, I have experienced the harsh reality of a girlfriend’s mom that doesn’t like you.

In this article, you will discover the possible reasons why your mom doesn’t like your boyfriend and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

My mom Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend: Possible Reasons She Doesn’t Like Him.

1. He Seems Like A Broke Guy.

It’s one of the subtle reasons why your mom might not like your boyfriend.

Mothers have a way of knowing if their daughter’s boyfriend is broke.

And when she perceives that he’s broke, she can start to act weird towards him.

Mothers generally don’t want their daughters to be with broke guys due to the financial struggle involved.

They want a man who can take care of their daughter and get her anything she wants. A broke guy wouldn’t have the cash to make that happen.

Mothers want their daughters to be comfortable and not run back to them at the slightest financial challenge.

My ex-girlfriend’s mom knew I was broke, and how she treated me the first time I visited was enough to prove it.

2. He’s Not Handsome

Most mothers want their daughter’s boyfriend to be so handsome and be the obsession of other girls.

They want to be able to tell people,

“That’s my daughter’s boyfriend, and he’s a nice-looking young man.”

Many mothers want their daughter’s boyfriend to be a guy they would be proud of and show off to their friends.

If he’s not handsome, he might become the victim of your mom’s negative attitude.

If your boyfriend is not handsome, it could be why your mom doesn’t like him.

3. Her Instinct Tells Her He’s No Good.

my mom hates my boyfriend

Mothers generally have great instincts.

They often tend to know something about people they can’t easily explain.

But since you are in love, you wouldn’t listen to them.

Sometimes they don’t have any reason for disliking your boyfriend; they might even tell you he didn’t do anything wrong, but they just have a feeling he’s no good.

She might tell you she feels he’s a deceiver, a time waster, or even a pretender; that’s something you might disagree with because you are in love.

But sometimes, the instinct of mothers is right.

I remember when my mother told my sister that she didn’t like her boyfriend, not that he did anything wrong she didn’t like him.

Two years after they married, he drained her financially and tried to end her life.

4. He Looks Rude

Mom can spot a rude and controlling guy even when you’re yet to discover or simply ignoring it.

A rude guy doesn’t play nice with most moms because they know rude guys can be abusive.

Some had met rude guys when they were younger.

So they are cautious when it comes to their daughter.

5. He’s From A Different Race Or Religion.

Race and religion are critical issues that can make some moms might dislike a guy immediately.

After they find out he’s from a different race or faith, they can start acting weird towards him.

Mothers know that differences in race and religion can be a big issue that could later break a relationship.

There is also the issue of your boyfriend feeling odd during family events and gatherings.

Imagine he’s black when your family is white; that can easily make your mom dislike him.

He could be stereotyped because of his race or religion.

Some people believe all blacks are wrong, or people who live in certain parts of New York are gangsters.

If your boyfriend is from such a race or location, that can make your mom dislike him.

My Mom Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend: How To Handle The Situation

6. Find Out Why She Doesn’t Like Him

My mom is critical of my boyfriend

It’s essential to find out from your mom why she doesn’t like him.

It’s not enough for her not to like him; she should have a reason for it.

Have a heart-to-heart discussion with her and ask her why she doesn’t like your boyfriend.

Listen carefully to what she tells you and her reasons for not liking him.

Irrespective of how funny her reasons are, appreciate her for being honest and apply the next tip below

7. Gather More Information About Your Boyfriend

Observe your boyfriend more to find out if there have been red flags that you’ve been ignoring.

Your boyfriend might be different from who you think he is; most people easily ignore warning signs when they are in love.

He may be pretending to love you, or he’s out to drain you financially; you wouldn’t know until you become more observant and aware of your relationship.

Moms have a great intuition to know things before they happen, so pay more attention to your relationship.

8. Give Her More Time To Get To Know Him.

Sometimes you dislike people even before you know them.

Maybe due to race or demographics, but we get to know them for who they are with time.

If your mom doesn’t like your boyfriend, give her time to get to know him.

Time often changes the sentiments we have about other people.

Don’t try to force it if she doesn’t like him.

Give your mom some time; she might realize she was wrong about him someday.

9. Send Her A Gift On His Behalf.

Gifts have a way of changing someone’s perception of you.

Sending your mom a gift on behalf of your boyfriend might be all you have to do to change her sentiment towards him.

Find out what she has been raving about and get it for her as a gift from your boyfriend.

This trick has worked for many ladies in a similar situation.

It’s difficult not to like someone who sent you a gift of what you’ve always wanted.

10. Try Not To Choose Between Them

I know you love your mom and your boyfriend.

But don’t try to choose between them and leave one behind.

You should continue to love them; possibly, with time, they would get along and become friends that could make you jealous.

Do your best to Love and appreciate both of them because they are special

Some ladies make the mistake of choosing their boyfriend over their family; such ladies have no emotional support if the said guy ends the relationship.

You shouldn’t allow anyone to make you choose between your boyfriend and your mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Mom Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend For No Reason. What Should I Do?

Find out why she doesn’t like him: I don’t think your mom dislikes your boyfriend for no reason. You can’t just dislike someone for no reason.

Sit with your mom and ask her direct questions. Don’t assume she doesn’t have any reason for disliking your boyfriend.

I understand she might not tell you she doesn’t like him but instead gives him an attitude.

The truth is, even if she doesn’t tell you why she doesn’t like him, she would tell your other siblings; you can ask them.

Give it time: maybe your mom is relying on her instincts, and she feels your boyfriend is up to no good.

Motherly instincts can be wrong, so you should give it time for mom to know your boyfriend.

If you are sure your boyfriend is a fantastic guy, give it time, and your mom will one day realize she was wrong about him.

Love them both: don’t be tempted to choose between your mom and your boyfriend because it’s unnecessary.

Keep loving them both and set firm boundaries in your love life to avoid interference.

My Mom Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend At All. Since I Love Them Both, What Should I Do?

You should continue to love them both. Give your mom some time to get to know him. You can buy her a gift on his behalf; gifts have a way of changing someone’s perception of you.

Why Does My Mom Dislike My Boyfriend?

There are many reasons; some of them are listed below:

Your boyfriend shares similar traits with someone who hurt her long ago.

1. Her instinct tells her he’s no good

2. He looks rude and irresponsible

3. He comes from a different tribe or race

4. He’s broke and wouldn’t be able to take care of you

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