Parents don't approve of poor boyfriend

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend Because He’s Poor (6 Odd Reasons)

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend Because He’s Poor if this is causing tension on your relationship then this article is for you.

Let me start by sharing a true-life story

Brian and Jessica met in church. They didn’t seem interested in each other until circumstances brought them together.

After a short while, they started their relationship, which made everyone happy at our local church.

Jessica was a very quiet girl who hardly spoke to anyone, and Brian was a disciplined guy who everyone respected.

It was the first relationship ever for both of them, even though they were in their mid-twenties, so we all expected it would end in marriage.

Brian was into missionary work and would sometimes travel to another city.

Jessica, on the other hand, was in college studying pharmacy.

Everything was great at the beginning, but along the line, it went sour, and their amazing relationship came crashing down.

What Happened?

Jessica’s parents didn’t like Brian because he was poor.

They felt their daughter deserved better than marrying someone who didn’t have a college degree.

At first, Jessica didn’t listen to them, but as the pressure increased and her parents’ obvious dislike for Brian, she started to think about other alternatives.

Within a short time, Jessica started dating her classmate, which Brian later discovered, ending the relationship.

So many women have allowed their parent’s opinions to make them end amazing relationships.

If you’ve been worried about how your parents treat your boyfriend because he’s poor, then his article is for you.

It’s worthy of note that very few of us were born with a silver spoon.

The rest of us consistently had to grind to make something out of life.

Although your parents’ concerns are genuine because life is hard when you are broke, it’s still not enough to be hostile to your guy.

No parent wants their daughter in a relationship or marriage with financial stress.

But the truth is wealth is a journey, and a broke guy today can be a rich guy tomorrow.

If you chose to stay with your boyfriend despite the attitude of your parents, here are the key questions to consider

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend Because He’s Poor: 6 Critical Things To Consider

1. Is He Young

my parents don't like my boyfriend

If he’s young, then there’s a great possibility that his finances will turn around soon.

Being young is synonymous with having the strength to work and the ability to change a career to achieve whatever goal you want easily.

If your boyfriend is poor but young, then there’s more than enough time for him to turn his financial status around.

If he’s young and your parents don’t like him because he’s poor, then there’s no need to worry because his finances will change soon; just ensure he’s not lazy.

2. Does He Have Potential

You must consider if he has potential.

Does he work hard, or does he sit at home all day watching Netflix?

You can’t stay idle and not be poor.

So check his daily routine to be sure you are not sticking with a poor guy because he’s lazy.

A lazy man would frustrate you and put you under financial pressure.

Is he determined to break free from being broke?

Do you see his daily effort or determination?

Many guys tell you they are broke to attract sympathy, but in reality, they are lazy and want the easy way out of things.

3. Does He Have Financial Intelligence?

My Parents Don't Like My Boyfriend Because He's Poor

To break free from poverty, you need financial intelligence and planning.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have financial intelligence such as budgeting, savings, investing, income forecast etc., he will be broke for a long time.

It’s bad enough to be poor, but he can’t remain poor because there are so many opportunities to be rich.

If he has a job, does he save?

Does he have a budget?

Does he have any investments?

Does he spend his money irresponsibly and live from one paycheck to another.

All of these questions need to be answered.

Most parents want to protect their daughters from financial stress because it can mess up your mind.

4. Is He Flexible And Ready To Learn New Things?

We live in a dynamic world where things change at the speed of light.

Where a particular skill set can be saturated or get outdated quickly

You must be sure that your boyfriend is open to new things and willing to adjust to changes if needed.

I have a case where a guy lost his job because the industry he worked in was outdated.

He refused to learn something new, went home, became unemployed, and hasn’t worked in the last ten years.

The financial burden is on his wife, who is having a tough time coping with the stress.

It would be best if you were certain your boyfriend is willing to make the changes needed to give him financial freedom.

Whether it’s learning a new skill or changing careers to attain financial stability.

5. Does He Take Responsibility For His Finances?

Many parents fear that a poor guy would often put his financial responsibility on their daughter. Some guys do it.

Does your boyfriend show responsibility towards his finances, or he’s expecting you to take care of his finances.

Some guys are fond of using you financially.

You need to know if your boyfriend has financial integrity.

Does he pay back when he borrows money from you?

Does he tell you to buy something for him with a promise to pay back, but he never does.

These are signs that he lacks financial integrity and might end up putting his entire financial burden on you in time to come.

6. Are You Okay With Him Being Broke Long-Term?

This is one of the most critical questions to ask.

Would you be alright if he’s poor long-term

Are you willing to struggle with him financially without complaining?

Will you be okay if he’s poor even when you are married?

If you are okay with the things listed above, then your parents’ opinion shouldn’t stop you from continuing the relationship.

His financial situation can change suddenly,

Be aware that you would have to endure hard times because your boyfriend is poor. That’s something most parents don’t want for their daughters.

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend Because He’s Poor: How To Handle The Situation.

7. You Can Help Him Change His Financial Status

You and I know that your parent’s sentiment toward him will change when your boyfriend’s finances improve.

Help him plan his finances, including savings, investing and others.

Introduce him to new financial opportunities you find, and help him get the exposure he needs to become financially free.

8. Give It Time

Time often changes people’s opinions about someone.

So give the situation sometime. Time works in two folds

First, it lets your parents know him; second, it gives your boyfriend the time needed to change his financial status.

Rather than getting angry or worried that your parents don’t like your boyfriend because he’s poor, give it time.

Time might change their sentiments towards him.

9. Send Them A Gift On Behalf Of Your Guy

Parents Don't Approve Of Poor Boyfriend

Gifts touch people’s hearts, so you should send your parents a gift on your boyfriend’s behalf.

You can get them a small gift on a budget and tell them your boyfriend sent it to them.

It could change their opinion about him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents Don’t Approve Of Poor Boyfriend What Should I Do?

Set Boundaries: the truth is if your parents believe they can have their way with you, they will keep mounting pressure on you to end the relationship.

After all, to them your boyfriend is broke and has nothing to offer.

Stand firm in your relationship if you believe it has a future.

Your parents might not understand your love life; they might not be interested in how nice your boyfriend treats you, which is a very important trait you need to consider in a guy.

So stick with him and protect your relationship from interference.

Give It time: time would most likely make your parents get used to the relationship.

If you don’t give up, they will one day accept it and move on. Irrespective of the negative attitude of your parents towards your boyfriend, don’t allow it to destroy your relationship.

Think About Your Happiness: does your boyfriend make you happy? Does he respect you and treat you like a queen?

If Yes, he’s worth holding unto despite the backlash from your parents that you are dating a broke guy.

It’s okay to be broke; it’s not a permanent situation.

If he makes you happy, then stick with him.

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend Because He Didn’t Go To College. What Do I Do?

Most parents equate academic qualifications to financial success. They believe you would be rich if you had a college degree, which is not true.

The fact that he doesn’t have a college degree doesn’t mean he’s not an amazing person.

I understand your parents want a guy with future potential; having a college degree seems like it.

A guy with no college degree can decide to go for it later or start a business and become successful.

You don’t measure financial success with academics.

My Mom Is Ruining My Relationship With My Boyfriend Just Because He’s Poor. What Should I Do?

1. Talk with her about it.

2. Establish firm boundaries around your relationship and love life

3. Give it sometime

4. Get a gift for your mom on his behalf

5. Help your guy improve his finances

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