How do you tell a guy to shave his mustache

7 Exciting Tips On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Shave His Mustache

Your boyfriend’s mustache looks silly, but he won’t shave it off no matter how much you ask him to.

He claims it makes him look hot, and because of that, he won’t shave it.

How can you get your man to shave that mustache off and make you both happier?

Most men take their mustache seriously and can easily put up a fight if you insist he must shave it.

Try these five tips to convince him it’s time to ditch the mustache.

If you are ready, let’s get started

7 Tips On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Shave His Mustache

1. Find Out If He’s Willing

Should I tell my boyfriend I don't like his beard

You can’t make your boyfriend do something he doesn’t want to, so the first step is to figure out if he’s actually open to shaving his mustache.

One way to do this is to ask him about it.

You could say something like; I’ve been thinking about it; I’m not too fond of mustaches on men.

Would you be willing to shave yours off?

If he gets defensive or says “NO” immediately, it means he’s not open to the idea.

But if he seems receptive and even intrigued by the idea, you can move on to the next step.

2. Talk About It Openly

The first step is to talk about it openly with your boyfriend.

Although it could be challenging, being open and honest about how his mustache makes you feel is crucial.

Explain that you’re uncomfortable with the mustache and see if he’s open to shaving it off.

If he’s not willing to shave it, you’ll have to decide whether you’re willing to accept it.

Maybe he won’t change his mind, so you might want to consider whether this relationship is healthy for you.

3. Pay Attention To His Response

If your boyfriend is growing a mustache and you’re not into it, you may wonder how to get him to shave it off.

Please consider his response when you express your preference for a clean-shaven look.

If he’s open to hearing your thoughts, that’s a good sign.

Use I statements and avoid sounding judgmental or critical.

For example, try saying something like; I prefer kissing a man without a mustache.

If he gets defensive or shuts down, that’s an indication he’s not ready to change.

Respect his decision and wait for him to come around in his own time. In the meantime, try focusing on the things you love about him.

4. Give Him Time

Please give your boyfriend time to warm up to shaving off his mustache.

The first time you would bring up the issue, he might tell you directly that he won’t shave it off.

Be consistent in bringing up the issue, although you shouldn’t put him under pressure.

Once in a while, bring up how you would love to see him without his mustache and how happy it would make you.

He may feel the mustache is part of his identity, making it difficult for him to shave it.

Men often need time to make a decision, and if you are patient, you could eventually get him to shave it off.

5. Avoid Negative Reactions

How do you ask a guy to shave

You know what they say; you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The same goes for mustaches.

If you want your boyfriend to shave his mustache, you must be careful about approaching the subject.

A negative response will make him want to keep it or resent you.

Be as positive as possible and remind him of the benefits he’ll get from shaving his mustache, like kissing you in public without fear of getting hair in your mouth.

Shaving off a mustache is a big decision for some men; that’s why you should pamper him to do it.

6. Offer Him Something In Exchange

If your boyfriend is set on keeping his mustache, try offering something in exchange for him to shave it off.

It could be anything from a home-cooked meal to a night out in town.

You could also offer to do something special for him, like giving him a massage or taking care of a chore he hates.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something he wants.

Many men are attached to their mustache, so if you’re not confident he’ll agree to shave it off, don’t push the issue and risk ruining your relationship.

7. Admire His Clean-Faced Photos.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Shave His Mustache

Start by telling your boyfriend how much you love him and appreciate all he does for you.

Then, show him some old photos of himself when he was clean-shaven.

Point out how handsome he looked and how much you loved those photos.

Next, tell him you would love to see him with a mustache-free face again.

He might laugh it off at first, but try to be serious about it.

You can explain how the mustache makes him look older and less attractive.

You can ask him occasionally if he’s seriously considering shaving his mustache off.

Eventually, he might come around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Rude To Ask A Guy To Shave His Beard?

It depends on how you ask him.

If you tell him that he should shave his beard because you don’t like it. That can get him offended.

And can cause tension in the relationship.

Many men are emotionally connected to their beards; getting them to shave would take much convincing.

Could you tell him, “have you ever thought of shaving your beard? It might look good on you.”

Then listen to his response.

If he says he has never thought about it but wants to see how it would look, that’s a positive reply.”

But if he says it’s something he’s never going to do, you should respect his decision.

How Do I Politely Ask My Boyfriend To Shave His Mustache?

Ask him if he’s ever thought about it: you can start by asking if he has ever thought about it.

His response would help you determine whether he’s open to the idea.

If it’s something he doesn’t want to do, you can give it some time before you bring it up again.

Tell him you would like to see him without it: you can tell him you’ve never seen him without his mustache, and you would like to see him without it, even if it’s just once.

He will likely listen to you if he believes he’s shaving it once.

You can encourage him to keep a smooth face if he eventually shaves it off.

Pamper Him A Little: you can pamper him and get him to shave his mustache.

Offer him something he has always wanted in exchange for shaving his mustache.

If the mustache makes you uncomfortable kissing him, then let him know.

How Do You Ask A Guy To Shave His Beard?

Ask him calmly

Offer him something in exchange

Tell him it makes you uncomfortable

Get used to it if he doesn’t want to.

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