how to get your crush to like you

10 Killer Ways On How To Get Your Crush’s Attention

Has a guy caught your eye lately?

Do you find it hard to sleep because you spend time thinking about him all night and the whole day day-dreaming about your first date?

You probably can’t focus at work or school because he keeps popping up in your mind.

You aren’t alone.

Elena, 27, met this cute guy who seems totally cool. And she knew they’d get along great.

But she isn’t sure if her crush has noticed her yet. And it’s making her sick because she thinks about him all the time.

They are not even friends yet because she first met him at his sister’s wedding. And then, they met again at an event. But they didn’t talk.

She doesn’t know what to do because she can’t help it anymore.

How to get your crush to notice you

I get it.

You’re probably in Elena’s shoes.

But the problem is…

You aren’t sure if all the distractions are worth it since he may not feel the same way about you.

So, you may be wondering…

How do I get the attention of my crush?

How do you know if your crush likes you?

How do I get my crush to like me back?

But more importantly, how do you get your crush’s attention without looking desperate or creepy?

I’d admit that falling for a guy could cause you headaches – not just heartaches – especially if he doesn’t even know you exist.

Yet, you feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him, or your paths cross, but he doesn’t even notice you.

It can be frustrating and disheartening, right?

How to get your crush’s attention

Now, instead of waiting forever, hoping he notices you, why not try to find out if there could be a chance on how to make your crush like you.

Or how to make your crush like you back

Let’s be clear here…

I’m not saying you confess your feelings right out of the gate or make it obvious to him because it might cause him to repel you.

But there are ways you could help your crush to notice you…

It could be as simple as how to get your crush to talk to you without looking desperate or creepy.

And the fun part is that you don’t even have to change who you are in the process to please your crush because it won’t last even if you do get his attention.

That means you can learn how to make your crush notice you without getting rejected, even if you’re shy.

That said, below are 10 smart ways to get your crush to notice you.

Use these tips here, and you can even get your crush to like you back within a few days!

10 Ways On How To Get Your Crush’s Attention

1. Put Yourself Out There

How To Get Your Crush's Attention

I know it can be scary because you don’t really know if he feels the same way. Besides, he doesn’t even know you exist yet.

You think about him all the time.

But you’re afraid of being rejected and don’t want to embarrass yourself. So, the logical thing to do is to play it safe.

And admire him from a distance.

But let’s face it…

How can you get your crush to notice you if you don’t put yourself out there?

How will he know you even exist, to begin with?

You can’t expect your crush to read your mind and figure out on his own that you’re crushing on him.

Don’t wait around for years for your crush to look your way. Make things happen!

I mean, get close to him and make a move but let it be subtle.

And if you’re shy or afraid of rejection (which many people are), there are subtle ways how to give hints to your crush.

For example:

2. Make Subtle Gestures

Even the most discreet expression can grab your crush’s attention.

And it’s completely risk-free.

Here’s what I mean:

There are those moments when you really want to talk to someone because they’re hot. And you’re thinking, “How am I going to make this happen?”

Do I just walk over there and make it happen or try making them come to me?

Because you don’t really know how long they’ll be there. And if you keep delaying, they’ll leave, eventually.

You’ll probably go home and start beating yourself up for not making a move.

So, here’s how to get your crush to notice you.

Or how to tell your crush you like them without telling them.

Kristen was sitting in a pool with her friends. On the other side of the pool was a guy she’d met before and really liked.

So, she kept looking at him – back and forth.

Then eventually, the guy noticed her. And then Kristen waved at him as if to say, ‘hello.’

But then, the guy gestured for her to come over. And that’s because she was with her friends.

Just a little side note here:

It can be difficult for a guy to come over to where you are to talk to you when you’re with a group of friends. You might want to make it comfortable for him to approach you.

But Kristen didn’t just leave. She cleared the sunbed close to her, removed the things as the guy was looking, and gestured for him to come over.

Then he walked over, sat there, and talked for a few minutes as they exchanged contact.

Do you see how a subtle gesture can do the trick for you?

And it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

It could be as simple as making eye contact, asking them a question, sending a silly joke or meme, or congratulating them on a recent win.

3. Spend Time With Them –But Don’t Go Overboard

Remember the saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” it’s true!

In other words, we soon forget people that are no longer visible or present.

This might sound obvious enough, but most women don’t do it. And even if they do, they fall head over heels too quickly.

If you want to get your crush to notice you, it’d be best if you try to be around them as much as possible. Of course, you have to do it without coming off too strong.

If you want to know how to tell someone you like them without saying it, this approach works especially for a student looking for how to get your crush’s attention in school.

Try sitting next to them at lunch. You can ask them to be your reading partner or even suggest hanging out over the weekend.

The one-on-one time will give you two a chance to bond and connect, opening up the possibility of a mutual attraction.

4. Listen And Find Out What Your Crush Is Passionate About

I can’t say this enough.

There’s this temptation of talking about ourselves, especially when we’re trying to impress someone. In this case, a crush.

And I get it. Talking about yourself can be fun.

But don’t do it.


Because your crush doesn’t really care- especially at the beginning, it’s hard to accept, but it’s true.

Instead, flip the script. Talk about them. Ask them questions and get to know the things they’re passionate about.

As Dale Carnegie rightly puts it,

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

In the same way, you can get your crush to notice you and be interested in you faster by becoming interested in him than trying get him interested in you.

This is how you give your crush hints that you like him. And besides, it’s also the fastest way how to tell a guy you like him without getting rejected.

According to psychologists,

“Getting someone to talk about something they’re interested in puts them in a good mood, and you automatically become part of the good vibe as they associate that ‘feel good vibe’ to being with you.

That makes them want to spend time with you, see you often, and keep coming back for more.

5. Make Eye Contact

how to flirt over text with a guy

I know.

Many girls find it hard to make eye contact with guys they’re attracted to.

A client once said, “if I saw a cute guy looking at me, I would assume he’s thinking I’m ugly.”

Another said, “If I notice any guy staring at me, I keep looking around to check if he’s actually looking at somebody else.”

Yet, another girl said, “If I find someone attractive, I avoid all kinds of eye contact and smiling and generally come off as a complete bitch. This has not worked for me much.”

Nothing is worse than meeting your crush, and you’re looking for where to bury your face.

My advice?

If you meet someone you like or peradventure you’re sitting across the table from them, keep eye contact throughout your entire conversation.

You don’t have to stare at them from the beginning to the end. You might come across as creepy, but avoid looking down when talking or looking around the room or at your phone.

If you look away from them, your crush might think you aren’t interested or signal to your crush that you’d rather be anywhere else.

No one wants that!

Besides, eye contact will also make you appear more confident, making you appear more attractive to them.

6. Be A Head-Turner

By that, I mean you have to be physically attractive.

Sure, physical appearance isn’t everything to look for when you like someone. However, it gets people’s attention and draws them to us.

Men are first attracted by what they see.

If you want your crush to notice you, being physically attractive can be the first step.

Remember, you don’t have to change who you are to please or impress a guy.

And you don’t even have to wear revealing clothes, or wear a lot of makeup and buy expensive shoes.

All you have to do is to be simple.

Simplicity makes a good impression, so don’t overdo it.

You need to put your best foot forward by being presentable, neat, and accentuating your assets. Wear clothes that fit you, and you’re comfortable in.

To balance things up. Smell irresistible.

You don’t have to look like Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian to be attractive. Your scent can play a huge role in capturing your crush’s attention.

So wear a good perfume or cologne to smell fresh.

7. Always Wear A Smile

No doubt, life’s tough.

It can be pretty hard to smile when you’re stressed and feel pressured. But a bright disposition can be an attractive asset.

I’ve observed that people are easily drawn to those who have a positive perspective about life despite negative circumstances – and the best way to show it is through a smile.

They have a great sense of humor.

In my previous point, I emphasized the need to smell nice and be a head-turner.

But the truth is, none of those really matter if you walk around without a smile.

Those are just the icing on the cake. A bright positive smile is the real deal.

We love to be around people who don’t take things too seriously.

So, who knows?

Smiling might help your crush notice you and even develop that friendly feeling for you.

As Mother Teresa rightly puts it, “let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

8. Show Sincere Concern And Interest In Your Crush

It’s getting harder every day to reach people emotionally.

We are all distracted.

You can be in the same room with someone yet feel like a total stranger.

We claim we’re in a digital world, that technology brings us together, yet everyone is so apart.

The ability to break through this preoccupation barrier and enter the minds of our crush represents the greatest power that you, as individuals, can possess.

In this time and age where everyone is only interested in themselves and concerned about what will benefit them, you’ll quickly stand out when you show genuine interest in your crush.

Listen intently when they’re talking and give appropriate reactions to show you’re following.

Keep your cell phone in your bag or turn it off to avoid distraction when talking to each other. Ensure your eyes do not wander around but maintain eye contact with him for undivided attention.

People are dying to feel understood. They want to be heard.

Demonstrating you understand him is how to make your crush fall in love with you fast.

9. Don’t Show You’re Head-Over-Heels

As I mentioned previously, don’t go overboard trying to get your crush to notice you.

It can be a major turn-off and might cause him to lose respect for you pretty soon.

So, for this reason, you’ve got to keep your cool and stay collected because guys don’t like easy-to-get girls.

Respect yourself, and don’t be desperate.

10. Play Mysterious

Have you heard the phrase, “men love the thrill of the chase?” it’s true!

So, don’t throw yourself at his feet too soon. Resist the temptation to share your life story with him – unless he asks. And even if he asks, don’t share your entire life story.

Divulging everything about you will remove the thrill of the getting-to-know stage, and he might think you’re too eager to disclose yourself to him.

Give him something to look forward to. And allow him to be curious about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Your Crush’s Attention Over Text?

Knowing how to text your crush will help you land a date with your crush, but it’s easier said than done.

So, how do you get a guy’s attention over text?

There are plenty of ways how to text your crush without being boring. But I’m just going to share three points with you here.

1. Ask Them For A Favor

You’re probably thinking, why should you ask your crush for a favor when the point is to impress him?

It has been discovered that asking your crush for a favor makes them feel needed, which is why it’s something to consider when learning how to text your crush.

2. Compliment Them

I use this approach a lot to get girls’ attention. And honestly, I can’t remember the last time a girl ignored my text.

This approach is pretty much a game-changer in communication.

Studies have shown that people who receive genuine compliments are more likely to become attracted to the giver.

So go ahead and stroke his ego.

Look for something special about your crush that others barely notice and compliment him on it.

3. Ask An Open-Ended Question

For example, you can start a conversation by saying “Hi,” and then give a compliment. But don’t end there.

Follow it up with an open-ended question. And that’s because an open-ended question forces him to want to reply to your text. It gives life to the conversation.

How To Get Your Crush’s Attention On Instagram?

Whether you’re looking for how to get your crush’s attention online

Or how to get your crush’s attention on social media

Or how to get your crush’s attention on Snapchat,

The strategy is pretty the same.

1. Leave an intelligent or a thoughtful comment (thought-provoking)

2. Flirt with him (guys love this too)

3. Say something unusual about his picture (something nice)

Remember, the idea is to get his attention. And when done right, this approach will probably force him to reach out to you in your dm.

How To Get Your Crush Attention Without Talking?

I’ve listed some points in this article. However, women often use nonverbal preening cues to get the attention of a guy they like.

This might include…

1. Playing with your hair in front of him

2. Eye contact

3. Smile

Mirroring is also a subtle way to attract the gut you like. Basically, you’re matching the other person’s posture, expressions, positioning, etc.

How Do You Get The Attention Of Your Crush In The Office?

Getting the man you’re interested in at the office works with my outlined points in this article.

All you’ve to do is apply them to your specific situation.

How Do You Get Attention From Your Crush Who Is Very Sociable With Everyone?

Interesting question …

Now, here’s what I suggest you do.

Men who are sociable walk with the mindset they can have every woman. So, don’t make the mistake of throwing yourself at him.

Don’t be at your crush’s bell and call. However, if he needs you genuinely, be there with no intention but to help.

And again, you don’t need to seek attention, but you’ve got to be social yourself. A man who wants friends must first show himself friendly.

How Do You Know You Have A Crush On Someone?

To confirm that you have a crush on someone, you need to check for its symptoms.

Here are just a few of what to look out for:

1. Your heart races fast whenever he is around you.

2. You keep thinking and imagining stuff about him.

3. You have some weird thoughts when you’re alone with him

4. You day-dream about him

5. You look forward to seeing him every day etc.

How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Rejection?

What I’m about to say might sound counter-intuitive, but it works.

“The best way to get less scared of rejection is to get rejected.”

You should seek out situations where you might get rejected.

Sound uncomfortable, right? That’s why it’s important.

Uncomfortable situations reveal our pitfalls and provide the greatest opportunity for growth.

“The more you see the uncomfortable, the more you’ll be comfortable.” Conor Mcgregor

“Where there’s no struggle, there’s no strength.” Oprah Winfrey

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, I hope you find this article helpful.

Have any questions on how to get your crush’s attention or make him like you? Then leave a comment below.

I’ll try my best to provide answers as soon as possible.

You can also share your story to inspire other women in our community.

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