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he's not that complicated review

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Summary: He’s not that complicated is a relationship program for women created by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis.

The authors aim to help women understand men. Since most women see men as weird and complicated, the program is designed to demystify men for women to understand.

Pages From The E-Book

This Is A True Life Story

Eunice was little when her dad left her mom and went with another woman.

She didn’t know him because she was just a year old then.

She grew up with her mom, but as she got older, things got tougher financially.

When her mom could not take care of her anymore, Eunice went to live with her mum’s elder sister.

She was still in high school at that time.

A few years later, Eunice had finally graduated from high school and had gotten her apartment.

That was when she started her first relationship.

She had so much faith in the relationship and was ready to do anything to make it work, but it failed.

The guy was playing with her and finally dumped her when he got tired.

Eunice was devastated; she didn’t know how to get the guy back. Unknown to her, the worst was yet to come.

It finally came when she got informed that the guy was getting married three months after they broke up.

Then she started another relationship, and it failed yet again.

Guy after guy, all of her expectations were always dashed to the ground.

A point came when she decided to stay off relationships because it was like the gods of love were against her.

She knew she was a nice girl, but she couldn’t figure out what men wanted, which frustrated her.

She did everything she thought were the recipes for a successful relationship, but it failed.

Until she came across, he’s not that complicated program by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis.

Within a few weeks of applying the secret strategies taught, Eunice moved from a girl with low self-esteem due to multiple failed relationships.

To a confident woman who knew her self-worth and not only that, she now understood men and how to make them obsess over her.

Oh, I forgot to tell you something important from the beginning: Eunice is ME.

Yeah, I know you’re surprised, right??

In this, he’s not that complicated review, I share my experience with the program to decide if it’s right for you.

I am writing this review after using the product to get the result in my love life.

How I went from a desperate, frustrated woman to a confident woman full of charisma after I took this program

He’s Not That Complicated Review: 8 Critical Things To Know

What’s He’s Not That Complicated Program?

He’s not that complicated is an online program created by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis to help women handle their relationship issues.

The main goal is to help women understand men and how they think, what they look for in a woman and what makes men withdraw and flee.

The program goes in-depth to share specific insights on how the male brain works.

If you don’t know how the male brain works regarding emotional issues, it is very different from how it works in women.

The program aims to show women the critical differences between a man and a woman and use that knowledge to make a man commit to only you.

What’s Inside He's Not That Complicated Program

The program contains the main e-book titled “he’s not that complicated.” The e-book has six chapters and 138 pages.

The program also comes with a 14 day free trial of the priority women program (monthly membership), where you get tips and strategies on how to make a man fall in love and remain committed to you.

The priority women program costs $39.95 monthly for 12 months after the 14 day trial period elapses. You can cancel before the trial ends.

The content of the primary e-book in the program is discussed below:

Chapter 1

The Mindset and Behaviors That Kill A Relationship: in this chapter, Sabrina shares what men consider neediness in a relationship,

such as calling him every minute or texting him every second.

She emphasizes that most men need their space, and if you don’t understand this fact, men will tend to run away from you.

She reveals that men get turned off by needy women and feel attracted to women who give them space and allow them to be the man they want to be.

Sabrina also goes into detail on how to avoid neediness in a relationship, and one of the important tips she gave was to get busy with your life.

Go out with friends and have a great time. She stresses that women shouldn’t build their life around a man. It could make the man take you for granted.

She further shares tips on overcoming needy behavior just in case you’ve been doing it before.

Chapter 2

When Seemingly Good Connection/Relationship Goes terrible: in this chapter, Sabrina shares secrets about why guys suddenly pull away and withdraw.

They don’t reply to your text. Sabrina exposes why you shouldn’t use a guy’s texting behavior as a litmus test to judge his feelings for you.

She also emphasizes that the best reaction when a guy doesn’t text you back is no reaction.

She also says you should be complete, meaning having a fun and enjoyable life on your own with great friends that make it worthwhile.

She reveals that the busier you are enjoying your life, the less time you need to obsess about his subsequent text.

She also explains why guys vanish and give different scenarios, such as when a guy vanishes after the first date and the possible reasons why that happens.

She also reveals the psychology behind why a guy becomes distant and withdraws from you.

Chapter 3

When You Don’t Know How He Feels About You: in this chapter, Sabrina shares tips and insight on how to know if a guy likes you.

She shares a secret signal on how to know if he loves you.

She says a guy who likes you remembers minor details about you and wants to know you better.

When a guy is thinking long-term with you, he would want to know as much as he can about you for him to be sure both of you are a good fit for each other, says coach Sabrina.

She also stresses that a guy who loves you wouldn’t rush things but focus on building a solid level of connection and communication.

In order words, he wants to build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.

She gives tips to spot a guy that only wants to sleep with you.

She says if all a guy talks about is something about making out, then you might have to avoid such a man as he’s only interested in sex, not you.

She reveals how such guys want to take you to a place that would make sex easy just in case you get in the mood.

Chapter 4

When A Guy Won’t Put A Label (Or Ring) On It: Sabrina shares secrets on what to do when a guy refuses to move the relationship to the next level.

It could be either putting a ring on your finger or acknowledging the relationship openly.

She shares tips on how to handle when a guy doesn’t call you his girlfriend, refuses to acknowledge you on social media, or doesn’t propose.

In all of these scenarios, she gives valuable tips, and one of such tips is “don’t force it” continue to be a woman he wouldn’t want to leave, and all the acknowledgment would come naturally.

If he sees you as an exceptional woman that he doesn’t want to lose to another man, then he would take the steps you want him to take, says the love coach.

Chapter 5

Dealing with A Guy with Baggage: in this chapter, Sabrina shares tips on how to deal with a guy

who’s going through some emotional issues like job loss, or he’s trying to rebound.

She gives tips on motivating and encouraging him to go for his dreams.

She also reveals how to handle a guy who has “emotional baggage” from his previous relationship,

Such as attachment to his ex or have a baby with his ex.

Finally, this chapter closes with the coach telling you when to walk away, so you don’t lose yourself in the process of trying to help him.

Chapter 6

How To Get Him To Treat You Better And Value You More: in this chapter, Sabrina shares a secret most women don’t know, and that’s appreciation turns men on.

It makes him go any length to make you happy because he believes you would appreciate it.

Coach Sabrina also talks about being a high-value woman he wouldn’t want to lose to someone else.

Coach says a relationship is measured by the value you bring to the table.

If you are a woman who has nothing to offer him other than sex, then he would ghost you. Men want a woman that has something to contribute to their life.

 And if you are just there to receive the love, attention, and sacrifice without giving something in return, then he would soon disappear.

How Does He’s Not That Complicated Work

The program works by showing women the secrets they need to know about men.

The secrets are based on advanced psychological research in the male mind regarding emotion and love.

Who’s The Program For

The program is for women tired of getting dumped by guys no matter how nice and sweet they are.

The program is also for women who find it hard to get a man who loves and respects them.

About The Creators Of The Program

Eric Charles and Sabina Alexis have been in the dating scene since 2008.

They both started a new mode, a dating website that focuses on helping women build a long-lasting relationships with their partners.

A new mode website now has thousands of readers from all over the world.

The Good

The Ugly

He’s Not That Complicated 7 Secrets

The coaches reveal seven essential secrets women need to know about men in the book.

Although the secrets might not look special, very few women know about them.

With these seven secrets, a woman can quickly figure out a man.

The secrets are research-based and not made-up insight about men from the internet.

One of the secrets is that men value appreciation.

Although it might seem obvious, many women don’t know its effect on men.

The coaches discuss why appreciation is one of the most critical emotional hooks on a man.

He’s Not That Complicated PDF

You can download a free chapter of the book to ascertain if the book is worth your time.

The chapter gives you an insight into the complete program

Download the PDF Here…

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Is He’s not That Complicated worth It?

As someone who has used He’s not that complicated program to transform my love life.

I highly recommend it to women finding it hard to get or keep a man.

He’s not that complicated is worth trying.