Relationship Rewrite Method Review

relationship rewrite method review

Review of: Relationship rewrite method

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The steps outlined in the program is easy to apply.



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The program offers a 60-day money back.

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Summary: The relationship rewrite method is an online program created by best-selling coach James Bauer. The program teaches women how to rewrite their relationship stories.
Whether you want to get your ex back or get the attention of your man that has gone cold and distant, then this program is for you.

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This Is A True Life Story

In 2017 I met a guy called Kelvin through one of my friends when we went camping.

Initially, I was not interested in Kelvin because I had just been through a terrible heartbreak that left me shattered.

Everyone I knew, including my sister, encouraged me to give him a chance and see if things would be different this time.

I was hesitant at first because I believe all men are the same.

Kelvin didn’t give up; he kept coming and telling me he was different from the other guys I had met.

Finally, I decided to give it a shot.

Sincerely speaking, Kelvin was a fantastic guy who worshipped me.

But there was a problem; I didn’t give my best to the relationship as he was doing.

I didn’t even give up to 40% commitment to the relationship due to my past hurt.

Kelvin tried to help me forget about my past, but it didn’t work.

He tried loving me more, but the more love he showed, the less he received.

He was getting frustrated, and I knew it, but he loved me anyway.

On the other hand, I was obsessed with my ex-boyfriend, who ghosted me and married another woman after we spent five years together.

Sometimes I and my ex would chat for hours when Kelvin was not around; I couldn’t move on.

Any chance I get I would get on the phone and talk with my ex until Kelvin found out what I had been doing,

He was hurt, but he still wanted to give our relationship a chance, but I felt terrible because I knew he deserved better.

So I told him we should end the relationship, and that’s what we did.

A few months after we separated, I realized what a great mistake I had made, but the bigger question that bothered me, even more was, “how do I get him back.”

All of the men I met after Kelvin were nothing but assh*les.

I was determined to get my man back, but I didn’t know how to go about it.

Until I came across the relationship rewrite method program created by James Bauer.

Within 60 days of using the techniques outlined in the program, I was able to get Kelvin to fall in love with me again.

This was something I thought would be impossible due to the way I treated him.

In this relationship rewrite method review, I share in-depth information about the essential things about the program.

Relationship Rewrite Method Review: 9 Things To Know

What Is The Relationship Rewrite Method?

The relationship rewrite method is a 6 step online program that teaches women how to rewrite the story of their relationship no matter how bad things are.

The relationship rewrite method teaches women how to repair their relationship even if their partner has ghosted them before or keeps ignoring them.

With the strategies outlined in the program, such as “makeup text,” a text which is designed to get your man’s attention even if he has lost interest.

James Bauer claims he has spent many years perfecting the techniques of this course, and after taking it, I was blown away.

I sent Kelvin a “makeup text,” and within a few days, Kelvin texted me back that he had not been able to stop thinking about me in the past few days.

This was the same Kelvin that ignored my text messages for over three months when I tried to reach him.

The relationship rewrite method is based on actual scientific research into the male’s brain and its functions.

Let’s admit it, most women know nothing about how the male brain works, including my humble self, until I took the course.

Understanding how to trigger his dopamine (the hormone responsible for mood and emotions)

It is the key to rewriting the history of your relationship with your man.

What’s Inside The Program

The program contains the main e-book titled “relationship rewrite method” and three other bonuses, namely:

Why men shut women out by shade shaw

The 3A’s of effortless attraction by Amy waterman

Uncover his deepest desires with relationship detective methods by Amy waterman

Relationship Rewrite Method Main E-Book Content

The main e-book is divided into two parts, and the first part has four sections

What is covered in each part of the book is listed below:

Part 1

Introduction: the introduction gives a general insight into the book’s content and what you are about to learn.

It also assures you that you made the right decision to invest in the program.

The introduction has sections such as compounding problems that discuss why most relationships break down.

He explained that many people think external forces ruin relationships, but in reality, it’s the enemy within, which is called memory.

He explained that couples who keep the hurt done by their partners to memory are the ones who end in hatred and resentment.

The Movie Trailer Method: this method uses the concept that movies use to show trailers to excite us to buy movie tickets.

Coach explains that the concept can be used in relationships.

Since everyone expects a great future for their relationship, the movie trailer method aims to rewrite your man’s impression about you by showing him a future of the relationship in a movie trailer fashion.

The Power Of Extended Time Horizons: this is a psychological concept where you express concern about the current state of things with your man then show him the consequences if things should go wrong.

In plain terms, it means telling your man what each of you stands to lose if you are no longer together.

That would trigger an emotional response due to the fear of missing out.

Heuristics (Why Compliments Work When Others Fail): this part talks about the power of compliment to break through the defenses of your man without embarrassing yourself.

James teaches you how to compliment the right way without having ulterior motives, which most times damages the goal of a genuine compliment. 

Part 2

In the second part of the book, James Bauer teaches you the six steps to winning his heart; each of the steps is discussed briefly below:

Step 1 (Turn Him around with the Power of Reciprocity): this section talks about getting his attention using the power of appreciation and making him the hero of the relationship.

The strategy seeks to take advantage of the male brain that interprets reciprocity as a call to commit and be the hero.

Step 2 (Use Compliments to Open New Paths of Communication): this section talks about how compliments can be the foundation to strike a meaningful conversation with your partner.

The strategy is based on making your man feel delighted with himself, and one thing you must know is that when men are happy, they talk. With that, you can know if he has anything in mind against you.

Step 3 (Use the Power of Story to Touch His Emotions): in this section coach shows you the power of stories and how they can quickly help you reframe the memory your man has about you.

Coach demonstrates how people’s bias changes immediately their situation is shared using a story.

He gave examples such as in the movie ocean eleven, Italian job, and the saint.

We see the audience want the thieves to succeed even though they won’t support such on a typical day because the life experience of the thieves is presented using a story format.

James teaches you how to use the same concept to your advantage.

Step 4 (Ask Him for a Favor): in this section coach reveals the emotional psychology behind asking him for a favor.

He demonstrates that asking him for a favor brings him closer to you, which can help reawaken old feelings.

Asking him for a favor in the form of a simple request allows you to connect with him without sounding desperate.

Neither would it look obvious that you want to win back his affection.

Step 5 (Stand at the Crossroads): in this section coach reveals a secret about men that most women don’t know about

And that is, “men do not value what is freely available to them”; they tend to take it for granted.

In this section, you would learn to inject scarcity into the process, so you don’t look desperate or too available for him.

If you are always available, his brain might not think about getting back together with you.

Step 6 (Energy Transfer): if you are coming back together with your ex or your man that has gone cold or distant towards you, there would be objections in his mind.

Especially when you wronged him just like I did to Kelvin, I had to apply this strategy to assure him I was done obsessing over my ex.

There would be questions like “will this work” or “will I get hurt again.”

This section teaches you how to overcome his objections and gives him the confidence to proceed further with you. It’s like assuring him of a better future together.

Who Is James Bauer (The Program Creator)

James Bauer is a professional relationship coach and also a licensed psychologist.

He has been helping women get the best out of their relationship by teaching them what they might never know on their own about men.

James has been in the relationship coaching business for over 12 years. He has over 13K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is also the creator of the best-selling program called “his secret obsession.”

Relationship Rewrite Method Review: Pros and Cons



His Secret Obsession Vs. Relationship Rewrite Method

His secret obsession is a program also created by James Bauer, but the program’s primary aim is to teach you how to get your man to obsess over you and be committed to you alone.

The program shares many amazing discoveries that would be difficult to find out on my own such as the “hero’s instincts” “the 12-word texts,” among others.

The relationship rewrites method goal is different.

The program aims to help you get your ex back or help rewrite your relationship history if it’s struggling and on the verge of collapse.

Both programs are vital if you want to keep your relationship on fire with your man.

Read his secret obsession review here

Who’s This Program For?

The relationship rewrite method is for women exclusively. It’s not for men.

In other words, it’s a program women can use to rewrite their relationship with their men.

What Are the Other Alternatives Programs

The following programs make an excellent alternative to the relationship rewrite program they are listed below:

Infatuation Scripts: infatuation script is a program created by Clayton max that teaches women how to get their men obsessed over them

by Using simple scripts. The program has a good testimony from many women who have successfully used it to make their relationships work.

Devotion System: devotion system is an online program created by Amy north; she is very popular in the relationship space.

The devotion system uses the devotion sequence to get a man to commit to you only. Amy North has perfected the strategies in this course.

Relationship Rewrite Method Summary

The relationship rewrite method is a program created by James Bauer to help women love life.

The program teaches women how to win back the heart of their man if he’s acting distant using a technique called the “power of reciprocity.”

The program outlines a step by step blueprint to get your ex-boyfriend back if that is your goal.

Is The Relationship Rewrite Method Worth It??

The relationship rewrite method is a must for every woman that wants a happy and fun-filled relationship.

It’s also for those who might have given up on their relationship with no hope of making amends or those who want to get their ex back.

I highly recommend that you get the program, and Yes, it’s worth it. The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you feel it’s not worth it. I am a living proof that the program works.