Feminine Enchantment Review

feminine enchantment review

Review of: Feminine enchantment

Use: Triggers to attract and keep a man



The triggers are based on psychological research when used can make a man commit to only you.



The program cost $1 with a 14 days trial of the goddess club which cost $67 monthly after trial is over.



The program has a 60 days money back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

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Summary: Feminine enchantment is an online program created by relationship coach Helena hart. The program is designed for women having a hard time getting or keeping a man for a long term relationship. The coach shares enchantment triggers that would make a man devoted wholeheartedly to only you.

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This is a true-life story.

Becky grew up alone. Her mother died when she was barely 2 years old.

Her father impregnated her mom and ran away.

All efforts to locate him were unsuccessful.

When Becky’s mom gave birth to her, she couldn’t raise her independently.

So she gave Becky to her mother to raise.

It wasn’t long before Becky’s mom passed.

When Becky was ten, her grandmom also passed. She had to live with her uncle.

She didn’t really have friends she could connect with.

When she was 19, she left her uncle to live on her own.

She started her first relationship with a private tutor guy, and the relationship crashed.

She started another relationship when she was 22, and it also failed.

Becky went from relationship to relationship without recording any success.

They also ended with her heartbroken.

She continued her spree of failed relationships until she was 27. At that point, she was frustrated.

She just wanted someone who would share life with her without hurting her feelings.

But she kept meeting the wrong guys who would use her and dump her no matter how nice she tried to be.

It got to a point where she gave up on dating and decided to be a single parent since dating was not working for her.

It was like the goddess of love was against her for reasons she didn’t even know.

She started thinking there was something wrong with her and was looking for how to remedy it.

Until she came across the feminine enchantment method

At first, she thought feminine enchantment was a magical enchantment program that women could use to hypnotize men but later discovered it was not.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Becky is ME.

For a price of $1, there was no way I wouldn’t try it out.

I got on the program ASAP, and one year after taking the program, I can tell you it worked.


Please read further…

I visited my friend one day, and I saw the brother. He was a calm and friendly guy, kind of every woman’s dream guy.

For me, he was out of my league, and there was no way such a handsome guy would be mine.

I applied the feminine magnetism principle as taught in the program in my daily interaction with people.

I am sure I also used it on him.

Before I left, he asked for my number and started calling me consistently. We soon became good friends, until one day when he asked me out, and I said YES.

For me, that’s the best decision of my life. The guy is amazing, and I am so crazy about him.

It’s been one year, and his love and understanding leave me speechless.

I never thought someone could love me this much.

Yeah, there you have it, my story of using feminine enchantment program to transform my love life and get the man of my dreams.

In this feminine enchantment review, I will share my experience and the critical things you need to know about the program.

Feminine Enchantment Review: 5 Crucial Things To Know

What the Feminine Enchantment Program

The feminine enchantment program is an online program for women who are finding it difficult to keep a man.

The program shows women what they are doing wrong when it comes to men and how to correct their mistakes.

The program also teaches women what attracts men and how to take maximum advantage of the crucial things that matter most to men.

I was making one critical mistake that I didn’t know until I enrolled in the program.

The mistake was giving too much to a man.

To be honest, I was desperate and based on my upbringing; I just needed a man that would be there for me.

And so, relationship after relationship, I believed I had met my Mr. Right and gave everything to please him, which I later found out was BS.

What’s Inside the Feminine Enchantment Program?

The feminine enchantment program has the main e-book titled “feminine enchantment” and a 12-part video training series that help cement the knowledge from the main e-book.

The main e-book contains emotional triggers you can use on a man to get his attention.

I would list a few of the feminine enchantment triggers below:

  1. Gravity triggers

Just as the name sounds, the trigger teaches you how to attract the right man and make him commit to only you. The concept is based on psychology which says we attract who we are, not what we want.

The author shows you how to reinvent yourself to attract high-quality men who would treat you as a queen and be fully devoted to you.

  1. Fascination trigger

The trigger teaches you how to make a man think about you every minute. The truth is whenever someone starts to think about you consistently; they are beginning to fall in love.

The author shows you specific actions that make it difficult for a man to forget you. Helena teaches you how to make him fascinated that he wants to see and speak with you.

She explains why leaving a lasting impression in a man’s heart is the key to making him think and keep a memory of you in his heart.

In this video, the coach also shows you how humour and a little bit of craziness are needed to keep his attention on you.

  1. Priority trigger

Use this trigger, and you would be his top priority. My man is crazy about me, and I love every minute of it. I am his top priority, thanks to this trigger.

This trigger works by a simple principle which is sacrifice and appreciation.

The coach shares the mystery of the power of appreciation on a man and how it makes him put you in the top place in his heart.

She also discusses the power of sacrifice, which would make him commit more, giving you that first place in his heart before anything else.

  1. Pursue me trigger

Not the typical BS chase me. I have other guys asking me out crap, this trigger is about giving him so much value that you would be indispensable to him, and he wants to have you around.

My personality caught my guy’s attention, even when I was pulling away; he pursued me because I am valuable.

Helena shares the only way the pursue me trigger works, and that’s by being valuable, she explains that if you are not a valuable woman, a man wouldn’t see any reason to chase you other than to have sex with you.

She further said men put everything about their life on a logical scale and determine if it’s worth pursuing for a committed relationship.

The less value you bring to his life, the more likely he would ghost you for another woman he considers more valuable.

  1. Love me like you should trigger

This is a trigger you use to make a man love you more and be willing to do anything for you. The trigger is based on reciprocity and how you can use it to your advantage.

She explains that most women want their men to do all the loving and caring without reciprocating their feelings. Such actions would soon make him frustrated and might turn him off.

Helena shares why you need to be there to support him when he needs it, for you also to go the extra mile to make him happy.

She says if you do this, then a man would love you more than you ever need.

She uses research studies to validate her points.

About The Program Creator (Helena Hart Review)

Helena hart is a relationship and dating coach who have helped many women transform their dating.

She has a fan base of over 140K YouTube subscribers, with whom she shares powerful relationship content consistently.

Helena has written many books as a relationship coach. They include: stop attracting the wrong men, attract the man you want and many others.

Feminine Enchantment Review: The Good and The Ugly

The Good

The Ugly

Final Verdict

As someone who has used this product first hand, I highly recommend it. This is a no-nonsense guide to getting the man you desire.

You would get insight into most women’s mistakes that make men pull away. The program would help shorten your journey to finding your dream man.

The program also gives you great insight to understand how the mind of men works. And what they consider before their pledge their commitment.

If you want to have an amazing love life like me then you should get feminine enchantment, oh I forgot to mention you also get a 60 days money back guarantee in case you don’t like the program.