Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review

grandma's subtle secrets review

Review of: Grandma’s subtle secret

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Very simple and easy to understand you’re guaranteed to get results when you start to implement the ideas.



The main program, including the 3 free bonuses and 2 extra bonuses you will get the moment you sign in, is $37.



There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if the program doesn’t deliver. you get a refund if you’re not satisfied.

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Summary: Grandma’s subtle secret offers a new approach to dating and relationships for women…and how to use the subtle power of feminine coyness to awaken his hunter’s instinct…

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“I hate seeing you like this…so sad, when I know you don’t have to be…

See, no matter how frustrating dating has been for you, if you apply the simple secret I’m about to show you right now…

And don’t have any man you want IGNORING other women and CHASING you in the next 30 days or less…I’m going to pay off all your $12,471 debt. Guaranteed! 

You have nothing to lose.

Are you in or out?”

Those were precisely grandma’s words to Jenny, her 39 years old granddaughter

who was single and frustrated with dating and having a hard time getting the man of her dreams.

When I read that audacious statement, the first thought that came to mind was…

“What does an 83-year-old granny know about modern dating that would make her belt her life savings and be so confident that her dating secret will work in today’s world…?”

Time has changed since grandma last dated, right?

But it turns out that, while most women of her age are only planning to die with their cat and younger women frustrated with dating,

Granny is busy setting up multiple dates with even younger men… and have them chasing her in her 80s.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Wait! not only that… granny met her husband when she was 16, and they were together for over 6 decades before he passed away a little 6 years ago…

And during their time together, he practically worshipped the ground granny waked on.

He was always doing little things for her, leaving her notes, talking about how beautiful she was to anyone who cared to listen.

There must be something she knew about men and dating that most women don’t.

Having men treat her like a queen and chasing her at old age isn’t a mistake.

Don’t you think?

Here’s what she told Jenny…that confirms she knew exactly what she was doing all along.

“I can show you the TRUTH about men and how they’re the same now as they ever were.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

In 30 days, not only did Jenny have men chasing her for a committed relationship, she also found the man of her dreams.

I know you’re probably wondering what her secret was and how you can apply it,

To make your modern dating experience more refreshingly and have any man chase you forever…

Same way, Kristen was curious when I first told her about grandma’s subtle secret of getting any man to chase you and see you as a great catch.

I’ll let you in on what this subtle secret is in a moment, but first, here’s Kristen’s backstory…

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review: 7 Critical Things To Know

KRISTEN: “Why is dating so incredibly frustrating and exhausting these days?

Okay, we’re increasingly independent. So perhaps dating becomes less Important.

But even so, isn’t love supposed to be one of the greatest parts of our lives? And not the most frustrating one?

Honestly, online dating sucks.

And I’m sick and tired of it. Besides, I’m emotionally tired. I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

Those were Kristen’s first couple of words over the phone as she shared her frustrations about modern dating with me.

And you know what? She’s right.

Ask any girl who has been single the past few years who wants a relationship, and they’ll give you a laundry list of grievances.

To say modern dating is tough is probably an understatement.

In a recent study done by (,

427 women between the age of 18 to 35 were asked about their love lives and biggest frustrations when it comes to their relationship status…

Whether they are single and dating, or in a romantic relationship.

Their response will surely surprise you…

98% of the survey participants described their status as,

“anxiety-provoking” and a “frustrating process and didn’t worth it.”

Only 2% described it as “exciting, annoying but worth it.”

You’ve probably experienced a fair share of these frustrations.

Here’s my reply to Kristen’s…as we open up about our irking dating experiences.

ME: I couldn’t agree less. Dating is hard. Love is even harder this day.

I get that.

Finding the right person is challenging: tiring, hard and time-consuming.

And even when you finally meet someone,

It can seem like there’s difference in values and personality which eventually becomes insurmountable and ends the relationship.”

KRISTEN: “Exactly! Every relationship that I’d had in the last several years, mostly short-term, ended with the men leaving me.

And it has made me a lot insecure. Maybe something is wrong with me, or love isn’t just for me.

The reasons they left were either “I’m not sure what I want,” “I’m not ready to commit,”

Even “our love isn’t enough…” or “them asking for sex too quickly.”

I’ve tried dating apps on several occasions because there seems to be no other way.

But it’s like the way we date has become a necessary evil because if something isn’t perfect about a person,

We get rid of them and back online without considering giving it a chance.

It all feels like a disposable mindset, and I hate feeling disposable.”

ME: “Yeah! Honestly, I’m not a fan of online or app dating because I’ve had terrible experiences with it, too.

I don’t have any issue meeting men or dating,

But the main issue is finding a man who wants the same relationship I want.

Some of them said they were on the same page as me initially, but they seemed to change their tune a few months later.

 And since there’s so much ‘choice’ out there,

Especially with online dating, men don’t seem to emphasize building a monogamous relationship anymore.

I don’t particularly appreciate how we are unwilling to give relationships a chance anymore. It sucks.

But all that changed the moment I discovered grandma’s subtle secret for making any man chase you.”

Kristen: “Exactly why I called. I need your help. 

I can’t continue like this anymore. Tired of being lonely. Pressure from parents and family, too…I’m exhausted…

About dating, finding love, committed men. Spending money on dating apps

Fed up with dealing with texting, tinder,

And men who are so terrified even to hold a meaningful conversation because they don’t know the difference between flirting and sexual harassment

Men who are unwilling to commit because they know their next date is just a few taps on the phone away…

Or they are constantly judging me based on my looks without wanting to know the real me.

Even now, I’m in two texting conversations with two different guys, with no dates planned.

I feel like I’m ‘dating,’ but I’m not going anywhere.

I don’t want to talk and talk before meeting them to see if there’s chemistry.

 Even at that, the actual process of getting offline seems like just as much work as the endless swiping.

And it’s often exhausting before it even begins.

Please, tell me what you’re doing so differently from the rest of us.

I heard you mentioned grandma’s subtle secrets or something the last time we met.

Tell me about grandma’s secrets. What exactly is grandma’s subtle secret?

How well does grandma’s subtle secret make him chase you forever work?

Is it legit? What does the book entail?

Tell me the purpose of the book. I want to know everything because there are lots of BS digital programs online that don’t fulfill their promises.”

Grandma’s Subtle Secret Review (Jennifer Evans) Is It Legit?

ME:Oh! You heard me mention it the last time, too?

Babe, you know me by now. I couldn’t help but talk about it everywhere I went.

That was when I went through the program and implemented some of her subtle secrets in my dating life.

Trust me; they work like magic. And very easy to implement, too. 

The best part is? You’re bound to get results immediately after you start implementing.

You’re probably going to ask how effective is grandma’s subtle secrets…?

By the way, how did you think I got Steve… the guy at the gym I told you about…

Or Gerald, the direct response marketing assistance in my company Or Richard, the new guy I recently came across at the supermarket…

Or even Mat, the new guy in my neighborhood?

The best part is?

They’re all chasing me, making me feel special, and are ready to commit.

But I’m more into Gerald because he’s so sure of himself and knows exactly what he’s looking for.

And we’re on the same page about the things we want.

See, I don’t want to talk you into buying this program. You have to experience it yourself.

It’s okay if you want more info about the product. I won’t blame you for it. Besides, I was skeptical at first, too.

But let me give you grandma’s subtle secret review so you can make your conclusions because I’m excited about the program.”

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review – An Effective Guide to Find Women Dream Life

Kristen: “Alright, Julie. I’m curious.”

ME: “It’s sad to say, Kristen, but more and more women are becoming frustrated by the day about dating (whether offline or online) and relationships in general.

You see, the grandma’s subtle secret is the only ultimate collection of the ancient words of wisdom (tested and tried),

Exclusively designed for women who are struggling with dating or/and relationships.

Granny Violet revealed this ancient and subtle secret to her granddaughter, Jenny…before she passed on.

I have told you about Jenny before, remember?

 This secret contains powerful advice and offers a different perspective about men that teaches you how they think and why they behave the way they do…

How to effectively grab the attention of any high-value man you want and make him desperate to commit to you.

Part of the reason why so many women suffer and are frustrated with dating and men is because,

They don’t understand the secret foundation that has remained the same over the years

Nothing about men has changed… Absolutely nothing!

Understanding this subtle and ancient secret about men is the key to getting the kind of love and relationship you and I know you deserve,

And have men chasing you forever.

And for any man to chase you forever, you need to convince him.

And there’s a subtle way to do it.”

Kristen: “Wow! It’s getting interesting. I have never really thought of it like this.

Tell me exactly grandma’s secret of chasing you forever.

I mean, tell me the best way to convince him. How do you convince him?

And how does grandma’s subtle secrets eBook work?”

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets to Make Him Chase You Forever: Best way to Convince Him

ME: “If you want a man to chase you and commit to you and treat you like his queen…

Then, there’s one incredibly important secret you need to understand about men. And that’s…

“He has to believe with every fiber of his being that chasing you,

Choosing you above every other girl, committing to you, and your entire relationship is his idea.”

He has to believe that he is the one who made the first move…

That he’s the one who convinces you to be his girlfriend…

That he’s the one who begs you to be his wife.

If you can do that…if you can convince him deep in his soul that you are a prize he worked for and earned,

Then he will love you and romance you and brag about you to his friends and anyone for as long as you want him to.”

Kristen: “OMG! This is so different from what I’ve heard before.

Tell me, why is grandma’s secret program useful.?? And who can take advantage of it?”

Who is Grandma’s Subtle Secret for? Who can Take Advantage of it?

ME: “Kristen, you’re going to pay me for giving you a full review of this program. Make sure you get it when I’m done.

Because you can’t make me talk like this and not get the program. I’m going to send you a link.”

Kristen: “Sure, I’ll.”

What is the main objective of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets?

ME: “Alright. The grandma’s subtle secret is basically to help women who…

Want to bring back the spark into relationships that has grown cold.

Want men chasing them now and forever while thinking it was 100% his idea.

Want men that ignored them before tripping over their words when talking to you

Want to finally have that one guy look at you with an overwhelming desire

Want to know deep in your very bones that you never be alone again because you know secrets most women don’t

Basically, it works for women at any stage of relationships whether you are just getting to know each other,

Dating for years, you are married, or your relationship is over, and you want to bring it back.

And that brings me to what you’ll learn in grandma’s subtle secrets.”

What Will You Discover from Grandma’s Subtle Secrets?

The Benefits of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets

Grandma’s subtle secret program is full of powerful, subtle tricks, psychological secrets,

And head-turning techniques you can use to get any man to commit to you forever.

And here’s what you’ll discover inside:

What goes through a man’s mind when a woman makes the first move…

And how to use the subtle power of feminine coyness to awaken his hunter’s instinct,

Make him do anything for you while thinking it’s 100% his idea.

The 5 rules of sex every woman needs to know to awaken his hidden caveman lust…

So he devours you with his eyes, throws you over his shoulder, and ravishes you in a way you’ve been longing for our entire life…

The “prince charming phrase” to say to a man when he first asks you out makes it psychologically impossible for him to flake on you… 

These 4 simple words don’t seem like much to you or me, but the moment he hears them,

He’ll know you are once-in-a-lifetime woman who he needs to take seriously and treat like a queen.

How to use your eyes to let him know it’s time to kiss you and exactly how to melt into his arms…

And tilt your head when he pulls you close for a kiss to trigger his primal desire to protect you, to have you, to make you his (and only his) for as long as you’ll let him.

You’ll learn the “hot mirror” technique to subtly teach a man what you want in bed without ever having to ask for it and without wounding his masculine pride by showing him

The 4-word text to send a man once a week that sends testosterone thundering through his veins…

Fills him with pride, passion, and intense desire for you and has him bragging to everyone how astonishingly lucky he is to have you

Why men lose interest in having sex with women they love and how to use the “Light switch Technique”

to reawaken the intense desire he had for you the very first time you were together.

How to make him choose to quit watching porn without ever having to ask him to

And much, much more…

Everything is put together into a PDF eBook for you, which you can also download in audio files.

And in case you aren’t convinced, there’s 3 special bonus gifts for you.

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Bonuses

#1 Bonus: 4 Magic Phrases that heal relationship

These magic phrases help turn conflicts into moments of growth in your relationship,

So you know exactly what to say, to heal and maintain long-term success in your love life.

#2 Bonus: How to have the ultimate love life

This audio program is from dating and relationship coach, Marni Kinrys,

Where she teaches you how to use feminine emotional connection to wrap any man you want around your finger.

#3 Bonus: Become his secret passion

How to fascinate a guy who thought he was not ready for a relationship.

You’ll receive immediate access to Grandma’s Subtle Secrets and all of the bonuses as soon as you purchase.

You can access the materials online or download them to your tech devices with a few simple clicks.

Both options allow for quick and convenient access to all advice and techniques anytime, anywhere.

How Much Does Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Cost?

The main program, including the 3 free bonuses and 2 undisclosed extra bonuses you will get the moment you sign in is $37.

The program is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee,

Which gives you two months to use the materials and see how they work for you – totally risk-free.

Who Created Grandma’s Subtle Secrets?

Jennifer Evans is the creator of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets,

Secrets her grandma revealed to her after finding herself heartbroken and single at 39.

At first she was skeptical. After all, her granny was 83 at the time.

Thinking her dating secrets wasn’t going to work with modern dating.

But she was wrong.

Within 30 days, her love life changed completely.

So she decided to share her secrets to help more single women.

You’re probably wondering, what are the pros and cons of grandma’s subtle secrets?

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review: Pros and Cons



Besides the fact that you need to read the eBook and listen to the audio, there’re no cons of grandma’s subtle secrets except that…

If you want to get the best out of this program, you must provide honest an answer to the following question…

Are you willing to drop your perception about men to learn the real truth?

If you answer YES to that, then there’s really no drack back or limit to how far you can benefit from this program.

Final Verdict – Grandma’s Subtle Secret Review

Trust me; dating can be overwhelming.

No doubt, it isn’t so hard to get a date these days…thank God for online and apps dating.

But getting someone who connects with you, understands you, chases you,

And is interested in a long-term committed relationship has never been so difficult.

And the reason is that women have the wrong idea about how men operate.

However, grandma’s subtle secret offers a new approach to dating and relationships for women…and the program is effective.

I know this, not only because I’ve used it myself, but have recommended it to countless single ladies in my dating community who have seen extra-ordinary results with it.