His Secret Obsession Review

his secret obsession Review​

Review of: His Secret Obsession

Use: Get a man to commit to a relationship



The program leverages on a psychological concept called the hero’s instinct



The program with the workbook and other bonus materials cost $47



There’s a 60 days money back guarantee in case you change your mind

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Summary: Specifically designed to help women get the desired attention, affection, devotion, love and total commitment from men who have pulled away or ghosted them or reluctant to commit to a long term relationship.

Pages From The E-Book

Alice was in her final year in college when she met Steve.

They met on Facebook and started with the usual “hello” until they transitioned into more extended conversations.

Within a short time, they started talking on the phone daily.

It didn’t take long for Alice to discover she had fallen in love with Steve, but she tried to hide it.

But as time passed, Steve confessed that he had fallen in love with Alice.

After over two months of talking on the phone, they planned an outing to meet physically.

Steve proposed officially to her when they met, and she accepted

A few months into the relationship, it was as if it had turned sour, and Steve didn’t care about her anymore.

He always tried to avoid serious conversations about the relationship, which made Alice feel alone.

She was already considering quitting the relationship until her best friend recommended she try out his secret obsession program.

At first, she felt it was a waste of time because she wasn’t a fan of dating programs and courses, but with her relationship deteriorating daily, she had to try it.

On getting access to the program, she started studying and discovered the hero instinct, something she hadn’t heard about.

She started applying it in her interaction with Steve.

And one day, he asked, “What are you doing to me? I can’t get you out of my mind these days.”

Her relationship was not only restored, it got even better when Steve asked her to marry him.

Oh, I got to tell you I am Alice, and that was my love story you just read.

In this his secret obsession book review, I will share my experience with the program and summarize each of the modules of the book to help you decide if the program is worth your time.

His Secret Obsession Review: 7 Critical Things To Know

What Is His Secret Obsession?

His secret obsession program is a relationship mastery guide created by James Bauer to help women trigger a man’s hero instinct and make him commit to a long-term relationship.

The program aims to teach women how to turn their relationship problems around.

The program helps you become the center of attention in your man’s life and make him think about you every passing moment.

What's Inside His Secret Obsession Program?

His secret obsession program consists of the primary e-book titled “his secret obsession.”

It’s a 217 pages e-book divided into three parts; below is the summary.

His Secret Obsession Book Summary

Introduction: Unlocking The Secret Of The Hero Instinct

James Bauer begins with the phrase, “Personal development takes courage.”

He appreciates you, the reader, for taking the course and inviting him into your relationship world.

He quickly talks about the hero instinct and how to use it.

What’s The Hero Instinct?

The hero instinct is a primal instinct in men that makes them feel powerful and capable of providing for those they love while doing something useful with their lives.

It’s the drive to build his life around things he can influence, people who need him, and situations where he can have a meaningful impact.

It’s the male desire to gain a sense of social significance by doing things that make him feel like a provider.

Coach James says he’s aware most ladies want to get their hands on the hero instinct and start using it immediately.

He then reveals that the hero instinct is not a trick or technique you use once and all your relationship problems are fixed.

He says the hero instinct is a bridge.

It’s a unique bridge between a man and a woman to find common ground and form deep emotional connections.

He goes on to say men and women want relationships but desire different things from the relationship.

He emphasizes that the hero instinct is not a bridge you cross once but a bridge you repeatedly create in the relationship.

The love coach further stated that if you learn how to trigger the hero instinct of your man daily, you will experience the romantic passion that so many people dream of but only a few experience it.

The author says the program is a relationship mastery guide that teaches you how to draw a man towards you and make him do what you want.

He said many women accidentally block a man’s hero instinct which would make him uninterested in the relationship.

Part One: How The Hero Instinct Works

Module 1: The Secret Longing Of Every Man

In this module, Coach James Bauer reveals the secret desire that drives the hero instinct: the desire to feel something.

To feel successful or feel he’s moving towards his purpose.

He explains that although it seems simple, the desire for a man to feel something is the driving force behind his existence.

According to him, the way to make a man obsessed with you is to be part of his heroic journey.

Link yourself to the core purpose, and be his No. 1 supporter who is always happy when he achieves something, even if it’s little.

To understand the hero instinct, you must understand the three components that define it, and they are listed below:

The drive for meaningful achievement

The drive to be a provider

The drive to earn respect

The coach says if he can find these components in the relationship, he will stay with you forever.

Module 2: The Unspoken Desire He Would Never Admit

In this module, the author reveals the power of the hero instinct and how it’s responsible for the behavior of men.

The hero instinct triggers emotions that allow men to relate with others genuinely from their hearts.

When you activate the hero instinct in a man, he would be compelled to reveal his deepest desire and connect with you on a deeper level.

Every man wants to achieve a heroic role in someone’s life and desires to be respected because of his sacrifice.

The coach reveals that the highest goal of a man is to be someone’s hero, and if you can make him your hero, he will be committed to you.

Module 3: Make Him See The Light

In this module, Coach James Bauer exposes how men and women seek purpose and meaning.

According to him, men seek meaning and purpose through achievements.

A man would only feel ready for a committed relationship after proving his worth.

His hero instinct drives him to prove himself to you and gain your approval.

Only then will he commit to a serious relationship?

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut.

You don’t have to wait until he achieves everything he needs to feel worthy and successful.

If he feels needed and successful around you, it will make him believe he’s your hero.

Module 4: Fascination Triggers

In this module, Coach James Bauer reveals that men are designed to fall in love with you and crave your body.

But men are difficult to pin down because of too many distractions they face in their daily lives.

According to James, a man only invests his time into what captures his attention.

The coach explains that to be at the center of a man’s attention, you have to be a part of his purpose.

You must become the one person in his life that believes in his purpose and that he can succeed in chasing his dreams.

Coach says if you can appreciate a man for opening up emotionally, you can be at the centre of his world.

According to him, fascination is the most powerful tool a woman has to get a man’s attention, and if you can sustain that attention, he’s yours forever.

Module 5: When Men Say, “I’m Just Not Ready”

One of the primary reasons men give for not committing is, “I’m not just ready.”

The coach explains why men often say it.

He says men are wired to go after accomplishment, and not until they achieve something worthwhile they find it difficult to commit to a relationship.

According to him, men undergo three developmental phases: the knight phase, the prince and the king phase.

Each of these phases determines what is essential to him at the moment.

The coach also explains how a man wants to be the provider for the woman he loves.

He says a man still experiences a powerful drive to gain approval by providing for his woman.

Model 6: How Your Desire Can Fascinate Him

In this module, Coach James Bauer teaches you how to present your needs in a way that drives him to be the provider.

Men want to focus on relationships only after they’re successful.

That’s why you would notice when you’re talking about how to strengthen the relationship; he’s talking about how to be successful.

A man would only feel valuable when he believes he’s being useful.

The coach says most men want to be sure they can win in life before they commit to you long-term.

Before a man commits to you, he would have to think about many things, but the predominant one is: “Will I be able to provide for her long term.”

If he thinks he can’t, he won’t commit.

A man is always looking at the future when it comes to commitment.

The coach further teaches the four-step process you can use to transform your experience with men such that they are willing to commit to you.

James Bauer reveals how to use mental conditioning and the power of appreciation to make a man do what you want.

He teaches you how to avoid one of the common reasons men pull away: appearing needy.

Instead, the author shows you how to present your desires in a way he can’t refuse.

Module 7: The Secret Currency Of Happy Relationships

The author reveals a secret about relationships that most women ignore: boredom makes a man lose interest.

The author encourages women to build momentum in their relationships because it’s the best way to keep a man interested.

He further revealed why men cheat and what you can do to keep his attention on you.

According to him, you shouldn’t think you’ve arrived in your relationship, or else it would make you complacent.

When a relationship is not progressing, a man would feel stuck and seek excitement outside the relationship.

Inside his secret obsession book, you will discover the secret to a happy relationship and how to use it to your advantage.

Module 8: How To Build Relationship Momentum Fast

In this module, you learn how to use momentum in your relationship.

The author teaches you to share goals with your man and work as a team to achieve them.

According to him, when you have goals you share with your man, it would affect the relationship positively.

The author wants you to find out what your man wants and link his want to the relationship.

Men love to face challenges and win; that’s why you have to present challenges in a way that inspires your man to be your hero.

It could be asking him to help you catch a mouse troubling your apartment.

Although it’s a small request, it allows him to be your hero.

Module 9: How To Become His Secret Obsession

In this chapter, you learn how to become a man’s secret obsession.

The coach reveals that communication is not enough to sustain a romantic relationship.

He shares the No. 1 reason why most romantic relationships fail.

He says women need to understand that men are creatures that reason differently.

According to him, men want women that understand them, someone who “gets it.”

If he’s complaining about his challenges and you understand and encourage him, that would make you exceptional in his eyes.

You have to show a man that you’ve got his back no matter what.

Module 10: Get Deeper Intimacy By Revealing More

In this module, the author reveals how to be vulnerable with your man using silent action signals.

He encourages you to allow your man see your true self.

He talks about a term called radical transparency.

Radical transparency occurs when you’re able to be yourself around each other.

He encourages you to be honest with your man as that would give him the confidence to rely on you in times of need.

A man would hardly trust a woman that doesn’t share her deep secrets with him.

When he observes you have secrets you keep from him, he won’t trust you with his dreams.

Module 11: Three Things That Can Go Wrong (And How To Fix Them)

This module outlines three things that can go wrong when you start implementing the techniques in the book.

The author lists three of them, namely:

He misunderstands your sudden change

Your optimism makes him uncomfortable

You get scared that the changes you’re making will affect the relationship.

The coach shows you how to overcome the listed challenge above.

Next, the love coach teaches you how to use the foot-in-the-door technique to get your man to agree to what you want.

He also teaches how to use “I owe you signal”.

This technique makes him believe he owes you and needs to make you happy.

Part 2: How To Use The Signals

Module 12: The Private Island Signal

In this module, Coach James reveals propinquity, which is the opportunity two people have to interact without even trying.

He encourages you to try and increase the propinquity you share with the guy you like.

The author encourages you to focus on asking your man for things that would make him feel like a hero.

Module 13: The X-Ray Question

In this module, the author introduces the X-ray questions.

It’s a set of questions that helps you uncover his life goals and plans for the future.

The coach reveals that many things people think make them happy are not really what makes them happy.

You have to find out what makes your man happy by asking questions about his goals and listening to him speak about them.

If something excites him when he’s talking about his goals, it means that’s what makes him happy.

Try and find out what makes him happy and continually allow him to do it.

For instance, if your man loves helping people, don’t try to stand in his way. He might interpret it as you trying to stand against his purpose.

Instead, encourage him to keep doing what makes him happy; he will see you as the most significant person in his life.

Module 14: the glimpse phrase

In this module, you learn how to use the glimpse phrase to make a man imagine his future with his you.

The author teaches you how to use the secret power of imagination to make your man sure you’re the woman for him.

When you show a man that life with you won’t be boring but adventurous, he will easily commit to you.

The truth is men love adventure, and when they find a woman who offers it to them, they stick with her.

Module 15: the secret currency of happy relationships

In this module, Coach James Bauer talks about the power of appreciation and how it can make your man go crazy about you.

Expressing appreciation keeps your man hooked, and it makes the relationship exciting.

The truth is every man wants to be a hero and be appreciated for the sacrifices they make for you.

A woman who can’t appreciate her man would hardly get him to commit to a long-term relationship.

Module 16: The I Owe You Signal

In this module, the coach teaches you how to use a unique technique to get what you want from your man.

With this technique, you can make him do what you want while making it seem like his idea.

The coach shows you a bias in men you can leverage to get what you want from him.

Module 17: The Damsel In Distress Signal

With this signal, you can tap into your man’s protective instincts by letting him help you.

When you allow him to be your provider, it makes him feel like a hero.

Recognize his strength and abilities by inviting him to come to your rescue, even in the tiniest ways.

The coach reveals that a woman who confidently asks her man for help gives him a positive self-esteem boost.

With the damsel in distress signal, you can save a dying relationship.

Bonus Section: Text Message Formula

The author added this section because he feels most couples text often these days.

He advises that before you text your man, always have a goal in mind.

He reveals a formula you can use to send him text messages that grab his attention and trigger his hero instinct.

The coach reveals a four-word text you can send to your man to get his attention.

The four-word text activates his hero instinct and puts him in a mood to save you.

You get to learn how to use a secret technique to remove boredom from your relationship and keep him excited anytime he thinks about you.

Men get committed to mysterious women.

Be unpredictable in positive ways where your man doesn’t know what you will do next.

Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed

The 12-word text is a unique text that one of the author’s clients sent to her man that revived their dying relationship.

It’s a phrase that activates his hero instinct and makes him feel important and valuable.

The 12-word text aims to draw him into a conversation and make him feel he needs to help you.

The phrase is perfect for getting your ex back or reviving a relationship that has gone sour.

Many women have used this phrase to create an atmosphere of communication in their relationships.

Hero Instinct Text Examples

His secret obsession book has text examples you can copy and use to improve your relationship.

The author emphasizes the need to use his text messaging formula.

The formula is; trigger curiosity, wait, reveal need, wait.

I will briefly explain each part of the formula below:

Trigger curiosity: you do this by sending him a short message.

You don’t reveal any need or problem for him to solve.

You say something that would make him ask for more information.

Wait: this is the part where you wait for him to respond after you’ve sent the first message.

Try not to send him more messages to avoid looking desperate.

Reveal Need: in this stage, he would likely respond to you with a question because he doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say.

It’s where you reveal a need but don’t make him responsible for the need.

Wait: now you’re back to waiting again.

Try and give him time to plan how best to help you.

Below is the hero instinct text example:

You: “I started a top-ten list.”

Him: “Oh yeah? About what?

You: “Top 10 ways mechanics screw women with inflated repair costs.”

Him: “LOL. Sorry…sounds irritating. Maybe you should let me go with you next time. I also know someone whose brother runs an honest repair shop, if you don’t mind a 20-minute drive to my side of town. I’ll even go with you to introduce you if you want.”

His Secret Obsession Bonuses

Unlike most relationship programs, his secret obsession doesn’t have separate bonuses from the main book.

The bonus section of his secret obsession program is included in the main e-book.

In a special section called “text message formula.”

Who is James Bauer?

his secret obsession author

James Bauer is a dating and relationship coach with over 12 years of experience.

He’s an expert relationship counselor that discovered the hero instinct and its effect on men.

He has risen to prominence as the undisputed guru of love.

As the author of the most popular relationship program on the internet, James Bauer continues to inspire and enlighten women on how to get into a man’s mind and trigger his secret obsession.

His Secret Obsession Review: The Good And The Ugly

The Good

The Ugly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The IOU Signal?

The “I owe you signal” is a psychological technique where you ask your man for something small, and when he agrees, you make a bigger request.

The IOU signal is based on human psychology.

Psychologists have proved that agreeing to a small request increases the likelihood that you would agree to a more significant request.

What Is The Glimpse Phrase?

The glimpse phrase is something you say to activate his imagination.

You have to use words that tell him the future with you would be exciting.

Men hate boredom, and it’s one of the major reasons they hardly commit to long-term relationships.

He will easily commit if you can make him imagine an exciting future with you.

What Phrase Triggers A Man's Hero Instinct?

“I Need Your Help”

It’s a simple word phrase, but according to his secret obsession book, telling a man you need help is a powerful word to trigger his hero instinct and make him feel like a provider.

When you encounter challenges and request his help, it will activate his inborn trait of being a protector.

You can publicly show he’s your hero by asking for his help in public.

For instance, if he’s in the midst of his friends, you can say, “Babe can I borrow your muscles for a minute”.

How To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct

You trigger a man’s hero instinct by making him feel like your hero.

You praise and appreciate him whenever he does something for you.

When you’re in distress, you call on him to rescue you.

If you want to trigger a man’s hero instinct, allow him to be your hero and provider.

Is His Secret Obsession Legit?

His secret obsession is the most popular relationship guide for women.

Many women have used the knowledge, especially the hero instinct, to transform their relationships.

I have also used the program, which has transformed my mindset about romantic relationships.

It’s a legit program, and you can try it for 60 days, and if you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund.