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Review of: Devotion System By Amy North

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Many women have given a positive feedback about the program



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Summary: The devotion system is an online program created by Amy north to teach women the secrets they need to make a man devote and commit to a long term relationship.

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This is a true-life story…

Kate and Brian were both teachers in an elementary school.

Kate was a reserved woman who minds her business, same with Brian.

A year came when the students of both Kate and Brian needed to hold their graduation week.

They needed to help their students prepare and organize the event.

That was what brought them together.

Even after the event had ended, they both remained friends until Kate moved to another school, but they still communicated on the phone.

It wasn’t long before Kate discovered she was madly in love with Brian. And she didn’t know what to do about it.

The constant communication continued until she gathered enough courage to tell Brian how she felt about him.

Brian told her he felt the same way. That was how their relationship started.

But with time, Kate felt Brian didn’t feel the same way as she did.

She was willing to do anything for him.

But from Brian’s actions, she could notice he wasn’t interested but was just trying to play along.

To Brian, Kate was just a girl he could use to get whatever he wanted.

Even while he was dating Kate, he was fantasizing about other women.

Kate would often cry herself to sleep, knowing fully well she was not getting the love she desired.

On different occasions, Brian used certain words that hurt and affected her self-esteem. But yet, she still hung on to him.

The last stroke that broke the camel’s back was when Brian finally told her that he was no longer interested and that they should go their separate ways.

Kate landed in the hospital and was there for a few days until she got discharged.

She made up her mind never to be used and dumped by any man again; instead, she would be the one using or dumping any guy at will.

Kate is a good girl, but she just wanted a good man, but the reverse was the case.

That was when she came across the devotion system by Amy north.

She was skeptical at first, but she was too frustrated to overlook the program.

Four months after taking the program, Brian came back begging and promised to be the most amazing man he could be.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Kate is ME…

I was tempted to pay him back when we got back together, for all he made me go through. I did pay him back a little, but he was so lovely and caring that I had to let it go.

He did keep his promise and did everything to please me. Whatever I wanted, Brian would get it for me.

It was no longer Love. It was devotion.

For the first time in my life, I felt I was in a relationship that I was valuable and meant something to someone.

In this devotion system review, I share everything you need to know about the program and if the program is right for you.

The Devotion System Review: The Critical Things To Know

What Is The Devotion System?

The devotion system is a comprehensive program created by Amy north.

The program teaches women with difficulties in their relationship the secret techniques that would make any man devote to you and only you.

Amy calls it the devotion sequence.

…A series of magic words that would make a man devoted to you for as long as you want.

Amy’s techniques are based on advanced psychological research.

I used the devotion sequence on Brian, and he came back begging.

I only called him and spoke with him for a few minutes, and then he asked for a date which I turned down, but he kept calling until I agreed.

We eventually met, and he said he wanted us to start over and promised to be an amazing man I would be proud of.

Sincerely, he was amazing when we started over. He literally worships me. And he hasn’t fantasized about another woman since.

The devotion system offers advice for women at any stage of their relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just been heartbroken or you are just starting a new relationship.

The program covers essential topics about understanding men and how to hack their brains to be the only woman he’s devoted to.

What’s Inside The Devotion System Program

The devotion system is an online program that contains the main book called “the devotion system,” three bonuses and a 13 part video training series to help ease your understanding.

The main book is 240 pages, and it is divided into three main parts, namely:

Part 1

Letting Go and Moving On

The section focuses on you and how you can heal from past relationships.

Honestly, everyone has some emotional baggage from their previous relationship.

This section teaches you how to let go of your past, focus on self-improvement and build confidence.

That was exactly what I did.

After Brian broke up with me, it was so difficult to let go of the hurt. It was like the world was about to end.

But this section which is the first section of the book, gave me hope and helped me rise again.

I got into college and got a part-time job; I improved myself significantly, read books and got more exposure.

The next time I met Brian, he was amazed at how I have reinvented myself, and he could not help but ask for another chance, and we started all over again.

The first part of the program has different chapters, but the fascinating one for me was “what stands between you and Mr. right.”

The chapter showed me how low self-esteem and negative dating experiences could ruin my chance of finding Mr. Right.

Negative dating experiences can make it difficult for us to find true love.

Amy’s coach teaches how to handle negative experiences and low self-esteem in your quest to find a man who would commit to you.

She also gives a six-step blueprint to unleash your true self and overcome the constant feeling that you are not good enough.

Low self-esteem makes most women tolerate toxic guys because they believe they might not find someone better; Amy’s coach helps you break such a mindset.

Part 2

Men 101

Most women don’t know jack about how the male brain works.

Why should we? We are women.

But this section helps out on the critical issues of understanding men and how their brain works.

Reading this chapter, I realized my mistakes with Brian.

I gave him too much of myself. It was like I was choking him with love.

Although I didn’t know at the beginning reading this chapter made me realize that sometimes men want their space.

And giving him that would make him want you even more.

For me, this section is the most crucial section of the program because it contains the devotion sequence.

The chapter also contains modules such as “what makes men chase you” and “what pushes him away.

Many women don’t know what pushes a man away because men often don’t talk about what they don’t like because they don’t want tension.

They would decide in their hearts and act it out physically; often, it confused most women because they didn’t know they did wrong.

Most of us have been victims of a guy ghosting us or suddenly losing interest in us when we thought you didn’t do anything wrong.

In one of the chapters, she lists different kinds of men and the ones you should avoid.

Part 3

Stages of Love

This section puts parts 1 and 2 together to create a solid system to get the man you want.

You would understand how emotions change in a man, why men become distant and uninterested after some time, and how to avoid it.

What I learned in this section helped me keep my relationship on fire with Brian.

From a man who was fantasizing with other women to a man that was devoted to me and only me.

In this section, my most important chapter is about how to get him addicted to you.

Most men love adventure, and they can quickly lose interest in you after some time.

That’s why the chapter on how to get him addicted is significant,

You want a guy that is committed to only you without having to worry if he’s chasing other women.

Another important chapter is about preventing infidelity.

Coach Amy north shows you the secrets to cheat-proof your relationship.

With the secrets, you can make your man committed to only you without thinking about cheating with other women.

Most women ignore obvious warning signs when they start a new relationship and love the guy.

In one of the chapters, the coach shows you warning signs you shouldn’t ignore, no matter how you feel about him.

What Is The Devotion Sequence?

The devotion sequence is a set of coded words that turns a man on and makes him commit to only you.

It makes a man want to be with you and think of spending forever with you.

The devotion sequence words are messages backed with action that makes a man think of you every day non-stop.

Amy North reveals the devotion sequence words and how to apply them

The devotion sequence theory works on the concept of appreciation since men love appreciation.

What Is The Love Refreshment Line

The love refreshment line is a sentence you can use on your man to stir desire and awaken his interest in you.

You use it when it seems like the man is pulling away, and you sense he’s beginning to lose interest.

The love refreshment line makes him excited and turns on his desire for adventure.

Men often get tired of boring women, and the love refreshment sentence helps you trigger obsession.

The Phone Phrenzy Technique

The phone phrenzy technique is a unique communication style women can use to hook men in on the phone.

The technique uses psychology to tell a man exactly what he wants to hear which would make him crazy about you.

If you are boring with a man on the phone and you don’t know how to grab his attention in a conversation he would soon get bored.

Men want things that shock and startle them and with the phone phrenzy technique you would always be unpredictable to your man.

Amy teaches you want men want to hear in a conversation and how to say it to grab his interest.

What do you think makes a man want to hear from a woman every day without getting tired?

It’s the phone phrenzy technique.

About The Program Creator Amy North

Amy North is a relationship expert and a dating coach based in Canada.

Amy’s focuses on women who want a serious and committed relationship with a man of their dreams.

Amy is also the product creator of text chemistry. She has a YouTube channel of over 500K subscribers. Amy also has a degree in psychology.

The Devotion System Review: The Good And The Ugly

The Good

The Ugly

Final Verdict

I believe you’ve gone through the devotion system review. It’s a program every woman should try out.

After all, you have nothing to lose. You can ask for a refund if you don’t like the program.