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infatuation scripts review

Review of: Infatuation Scripts

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Summary: infatuation scripts is an online program created by clayton max for women who have been finding it hard to make a man commit to a serious relationship.

The program gives women secret scripts that would make a man sure you are the one for him.

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Main E-Book Table Of Content

This Is A True Life Story

Kate was employed as a data entry staff in a soft drink production company

That was where she met John

John was one of the supervisors at the company

It didn’t take long for her and John to become friends

After some time, John and Kate became close friends

Then John popped the question and asked Kate for a relationship.

Kate was hesitant to say YES because that would be her very first relationship at 28

She deliberately avoided men because of the sad relationship stories she had heard.

Everyone told her John was a nice guy and encouraged her to accept the proposal.

She eventually said YES, which was the beginning of her first relationship.

Everyone was excited and finally heave a sigh of relief that she would soon get married.

Kate and John dated for five years, and we all agreed that John was an amazing man.

He was there for Kate whenever she needed him.

He was everything (according to Kate) she wanted in a man

One Tuesday, John came visiting Kate and spent the night in her apartment.

The following day, Kate was at the door to wave him goodbye with the hope of seeing him soon.

But something terrible happened…

On Saturday of that same week, John wedded another woman in holy matrimony.

The news of John’s marriage to another woman soon got to Kate, who at first thought it was a joke.

But when she realized it was true, she collapsed.

Why do some men leave amazing women and marry someone else?

Sometimes someone they just met.

Why would they leave a relationship with a lady of many years and marry a girl they met a few months ago.

Many women fail to realize that he wants to know if he’s making the right decision for a man to be forever committed to you.

In other words, men want to be sure.

Everyone was angry with John for leaving Kate, and we decided to ask him why he did it.

His reply was, “I really don’t know. I just felt something was missing in our relationship.”

In order words, he got to a point where he was no longer sure Kate was the right woman for him.

That’s where the infatuation scripts-make him sure program comes to the rescue.

Infatuation Scripts Review: 8 Critical Things You Must Know

What Are Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation scripts are a set of scientifically proven scripts discovered by psychologists that makes a man commit to only you.

The scripts when applied correctly would make a man sure you are the right woman he should be with forever.

The infatuation scripts program is an online program,

That shows women secret scripts they can use to avoid rejection from men and also use it to get any man to commit to them for a lifetime

The program is based on science and psychology and claims to have discovered a switch in the male’s brain that makes a man commit to you and only you when switched.

That was why I was interested and decided to purchase the program

As I didn’t want a repeat of what happened to Kate.

The book aims to address the question in the hearts of many nice women

Which is “what am I doing wrong in my relationship” or “why is my relationship not working.”

Whether you have a guy you like and needs to get his attention or are in a serious relationship,

And you want your man to be committed to only you; then the infatuation scripts program is for you.

What’s Inside The Infatuation Scripts Program

Infatuation scripts program has the main e-book titled “infatuation scripts” it has 236 pages with four sections.

Each section with a detailed description of what to expect is outlined below.

Section 1


In the book’s introduction, Clayton max shares what prompted him to create the infatuation scripts program.

He says he noticed that he had his female friends come to him for relationship advice as a dating coach for men.

As more women came, he noticed a familiar pattern.

The women who came to him were lovely, with great careers, but they couldn’t get a man to commit.

Often they were ghosted by men who thought they had a future together.

Chapter 1 (Why Love Often Seem So Difficult)

In this first chapter, Clayton explains why love is often complicated, especially with men, because men hardly communicate their feelings.

He explains that men take decisions for/or against you in their hearts based on what they perceive about you and begin to act based on that decision.

Chapter 2 (My Discovery of Infatuation)

Clayton max gives the secret as to how he discovered infatuation and how men respond to it.

He said he noticed while some women struggled to find a man to commit long-term, other women had men that were madly in love with them.

He didn’t understand what was going on; neither could he figure out why some women struggle to make a man commit and others had a man commit easily.

The worse was when he discovered that some of the men who were unwilling to commit to certain women left the relationship and committed to another woman easily.

That was what led to his research which made him to understand how the male brain works and why specific actions and gestures were essential to whether he would commit to you.

Chapter 3 (The Three Infatuation Triggers)

In this chapter, Clayton max reveals the three infatuation triggers in men.

He said those triggers are research-proven.

The triggers are: what men see, what they hear, and the time spent together.

Clayton explains that when a man keeps getting the same thing every day, he would soon get bored and want a different adventure.

The love coach says men are creatures of adventure, and the more a woman is becoming predictable, the more boring she becomes.

Men need excitement; they are fascinated by something new or something they’ve not done before.

Clayton teaches you how to use these discoveries to your advantage and make your man obsessed with you.

He shares a step-by-step blueprint on using the infatuation triggers to hook him in and make him sure you are the right woman for him.

Chapter 4 (How and Why the Infatuation Triggers Work)

In this chapter, Clayton max goes in-depth behind the psychology of the infatuation triggers and why he is confident they work.

He says psychologists discovered the triggers and have been in existence for a long time.

He further revealed how the infatuation triggers are used and how they make a man crazy and obsessed with you.

Clayton cites research studies done at various research institutes showing how the male brain works.

What he sees, hears, and time spent together is a critical requirement if you want him to be committed to only you.

These three triggers are what men need to ensure you are the right one for them.

He explains that the triggers are responsible for a man’s decision for commitment, not sex.

According to him, sex is not what triggers a man to decide that you are the right woman for him.

Section 2

Infatuation Trigger #1: Curiosity

In this section, Clayton max reveals the secret about men that most women overlook, which is the effect of curiosity on a man.

He exposes how curiosity makes a man desire and communicates with you more.

He says when you are curious about your man, it makes him excited.

When you notice he’s not happy, and you ask him, “what’s wrong,” and he replies, “nothing.”

But you refuse to take “nothing” for an answer but insist he tells you what’s wrong that makes him very emotional.

His brain would interpret your curiosity for genuine care and make him believe you would stick with him no matter what.

If he has that mindset about you, it’s easy to make him commit to you.

Chapter 5

Curiosity Hook #1: Contrasting Qualities

In this chapter, the love coach explains why contrasting qualities is the key to making conversation intensify with your partner.

The more you can’t figure each other out, the more interested you would be.

Clayton says when either partner feels they already know everything about each other, the excitement is gone, and men especially begin to look for a new adventure.

The fact that he doesn’t know too much about you would make him stick around to know you better.

Chapter 6

Curiosity Hook #2: Intrigue Loops

The more you leave him with something to think about concerning you, the more excited he would become.

Clayton says the intrigue loop is critical as men tend to commit to women that intrigue them.

He says the women that have mastered how to intrigue their partners are the ones their partners commit for a long time.

He also says the intrigue loop is why men leave some women and marry another woman they just met.

Chapter 7

Curiosity Hook #3: Teasers

In this chapter of Clayton max infatuation scripts, the author reveals something every woman should have in her arsenal: knowledge of how to tease a guy.

Teasing in this context means giving him signals that you want something but not giving him.

Clayton says men value what they can’t get quickly or what is not freely available.

When they finally get it, they are thankful for it.

The author says this is not playing hard to get but giving him signals to get what you know he wants without giving it to him.

It can be giving him a peck on his cheeks when you know he wants a kiss.

Chapter 8

Curiosity Hook #4: Be Curious About Him

The author wraps this section up with straightforward advice to women telling them to put on their curiosity cap to get the commitment of their man.

He reiterates the importance of a man feeling you’ve got his back, and curiosity is one of the ways to show him you care about him.

Without curiosity, he might not be sure you are the remarkable woman for him.

Section 3

Infatuation trigger #2: Investment

In this section, Clayton max talks about the value of time spent together and the memories created as one of the triggers that would make him sure about you.

He said love is a collection of memories; the more time spent together, the more memories created.

The author says time invested into the relationship is one of the most potent triggers.

Clayton max went further to explain the four investment keys that would commit a man.

Chapter 9

Investment Key #1: Set His Expectation

In this chapter, Clayton shares why making a man know what to expect in the relationship is essential.

For men, disappointment or failing to meet expectations can quickly lead to resentment.

Women should be careful not to create false expectations that they can’t sustain.

He said it’s better to be authentic from the beginning than pretend to be what you are not, only for him to discover and be disappointed at the end.

He stresses the need to create the right expectation in your man.

He also said women should not start what they can’t finish in the name of love.

If you fail to keep up with the false expectation you created, he said that your man would start resenting you.

Chapter 10

Investment Key #2: Communicating Your Needs

In this chapter, the coach shares the right way to communicate your emotional needs to your man without sounding needy or demanding.

He shares strategies to make a man respond immediately after communicating your needs.

He says it’s better to communicate your needs than expect him to know without telling him.

The author also said acting weird just for your man to notice you are not happy is a great way to frustrate and drive him into the hands of another woman.

Chapter 11

Investment key #3: reciprocity

According to Clayton max, this is one of the most potent investment keys to use on a man, reciprocity.

This is when you reciprocate his love and care.

You buy him unique gifts, take him out on his birthday, and do things that would make him grateful for having you in his life.

Clayton says women shouldn’t always wait for their men to make the first move.

If you are always waiting for him to call or take you out and buy you gifts on your birthday, but you are unwilling to reciprocate his love and care.

Clayton says you would soon lose him to another woman who would reciprocate his love.

Chapter 12

Investment Key #4: Shaping

In this chapter, Clayton max talks about the power of shaping a man’s mindset about you.

After all, his decision of long-term commitment is made in his mind.

Clayton outlines the actions and words that help shape what he thinks about you.

For men, perception is reality.

Shaping that perception to your advantage is the key to his lifelong commitment.

For instance, most women have men who would never commit because they have told the man the wrong things like “this relationship is no strings attached,” or some would say “it’s an open relationship.”

There are different things women tell men that make them lose interest to commit long term.

Clayton shows you how to re-frame his mind even if you’ve said the wrong thing before; in this chapter, you learn how to fix it.

Section 4

Infatuation trigger #3: Romantic Tension

This section talks about bringing in positive tension that would make your man commit to only you.

Clayton shares a secret that most women don’t know, and that’s men tend to get bored when there is no romantic tension in the relationship.

Clayton clearly defines the type of tension that should be in a relationship that would make your man crazy about you.

Tension Trigger: # Independence

Although most men want a woman that is emotionally independent and not needy, they still want a woman that shows signs of affection.

Clayton explains that many women get this trigger wrong.

He says that while some women are too needy and don’t give their man breathing space, others are too independent, making their man feels like he doesn’t exist.

He further explains that there has to be some compromise for this trigger to be effective.

Where the woman is independent and at the same time shows her man affection.

Otherwise, he warns that if the woman is too independent, there would be constant fights in the relationship with the man accusing her of lack of affection.

The author says women shouldn’t be so needy that they must call their partner every minute to check upon him.

Such acts frustrate the man and make him look like a prisoner.

He recommends giving your man some space and showing him affection, so he knows you’ve got his back.

Clayton further says he noticed that most career women were too independent, making it harder for the man to commit because they are not sure the woman is in love.

Romantic Tension Generator: Uncertainty

The more uncertain a guy is about you, the more interested he would want you by his side forever.

If a guy feels you are already his and he can’t lose you, or if he feels he is your life and happiness, then he is most unlikely to commit to you, say Coach Clayton.

A man can easily take you for granted if he feels he means everything to you, and without him, your life is miserable, then he’s most likely to leave you for another woman that he is still trying to win her heart.

Clayton says if you want to be uncertain to him, then get a life and don’t depend on him as your only source of happiness.

Go on fun nights with your girls, be happy and let him be uncertain about your next move. Because the more predictable you are, the less excited your man would be about the relationship.

Bonus Tension Generator: Qualification

Clayton gives insight into why it’s crucial to set specific tasks and tests to qualify a man’s intention for you.

He says so many women rush into relationships when a guy says, “he’s in love.”

The women rush in without performing any qualification to ascertain his intentions.

Clayton outlines a few tests that can help you qualify a man and determine his real intention for coming around you.

Bonus Tension Generator: A Barrier

In this chapter, Clayton max shows you how to put a barrier between you and your man to make him think about you non-stop.

The author talks about how to make him know you are interested, but something is stopping you from connecting fully.

Since men generally like to be heroes, this romance generator would activate his hero’s instinct, making him want to be the hero that would save you and win your heart.

Infatuation Scripts Examples

Independence Scripts: Wakes up a man’s spirit of adventure and shows him you are not easy to win over

Curiosity Scripts: this script brings the curiosity trait of a man alive, making him want to know more about you.

Barrier Scripts: this script gives him the signal that you are interested but on your terms

Investment scripts: most men don’t like boring women. This script would make you seem mysterious and interesting.

Investment scripts: Encourages him to put in more effort. It’s just another way to say you would make him see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Temptation scripts: would help you tempt him into chasing you the more. It’s like showing him what he wants and not giving it to him.

Uncertainty Scripts: makes him see you as an invaluable woman he shouldn’t let go of, and for him to keep you, he has to commit now.

Cliffhanger Scripts: This makes him feel not satisfied with your answer. It’s used at the end of a conversation. It would arose his desire to see you again.

What’s A Man’s Infatuation Instinct?

A man’s infatuation instinct refers to the part of a man’s brain that, when activated, makes the man want to make his woman happy at all costs.

It’s a concept discovered by Clayton max when he began observing relationships and discovering similar patterns.

Infatuation instinct is powerful that a man can only feel it for one woman at a time it’s a moment when all the organs of his body want to please that one woman.

Fortunately, it can be triggered. Knowing how to activate and keep it on is the challenge most women encounter.

The infatuation scripts program gives you everything you need to trigger and sustain his infatuation instinct.

Infatuation Instinct Triggers

Clayton max says three things trigger a man’s infatuation instinct: audio (what he hears), visual (what he sees), and time spent together.

Clayton explains how to take maximum advantage of the triggers to ensure you are the one for you.

Clayton has developed scripts for each trigger; when applied, these scripts would make a man powerless before you.

Infatuation Instinct Scripts

Clayton max shares very startling scripts that make a man desire you so much that he would forget about other women.

The author reveals that even if everything in your relationship is great, you risk losing him to another woman if the infatuation instinct is not triggered.

After taking this course, I finally understood why Her fiancée ghosted kate, and he married another woman he met after a few months.

About The Author

Clayton max and Emma are the authors of the infatuation scripts.

Clayton max is a relationship coach and a psychologist with over 11 years of experience.

He has helped many women get the kind of relationship they’ve always wanted.

Exclusive Bonuses

The program comes with three exclusive bonuses that complement the main e-book.

They are listed below

Bonus #1: Commitment Calculator

Written by relationship coach Carlos Cavallo, the commitment calculator shows how to get a man committed even if he claims he’s not actively looking for a serious relationship.

Carlos also went further to show women 7 things they can do to make a man afraid to commit.

Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours For Life

Written by relationship and psychologist expert Amy north, who is also the author of text chemistry

Amy north shows you the secrets to make a man commit to you and only you. She reveals techniques you can apply to make it difficult for a man to leave you for another woman.

Amy also shows you the real reasons why men cheat and how you can prevent cheating in your relationship.

Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out

Written by relationship coach Slade Shaw, the book shows women what they do that can make men shut them out.

He also reveals how men’s minds work and how men are more of internal creatures who make decisions in their minds without saying it out and start to take action based on that decision.

Infatuation Scripts Review: The Good And The Ugly

The Good

The Ugly

How Do I Get The Infatuation Scripts Program

You can get all of the scripts from the official website when you purchase the infatuation scripts program.

The program has fascinating bonuses which would make your purchase worth it.

Does Infatuation Scripts Work?

Yes. As someone who has gone through the entire program and has applied some of the scripts on the men I have met, I can confidently say the scripts work when applied correctly.

I am not the only one who has this view; my friends, including Kate, who was dumped by her ex, can testify how this program has changed her love life.