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text chemistry review

Review of: Text Chemistry

Use: Get a man committed using text



the text messages are unique and difficult to find elsewhere



the program cost $49.95 which is quite expensive



The program offers a 60-day money back

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Summary: If you’re sick and tired of your man ignoring your text, pulling away, or even ghosting you one minute and appearing the next, then text chemistry holds the key to making any man feel a deep-seated and everlasting love for only you.

Main E-Book Table Of Content

In 2018 I got a message from a guy on Facebook.

He just wrote “Hello,” and I replied, “Hi.”

That was how our conversation started. With time, we were regularly chatting on Facebook.

One day he asked for my number, and I gave him, and immediately he called.

His voice was calm and gentle; we discussed many things before the call ended.

A few weeks after the first call, he asked me out on a date, and fortunately for both of us, we live in the same city.

The date was fun; he was a complete gentleman who knew how to make a woman laugh.

He soon asked me for a relationship, and I accepted.

True to his words, he was terrific at the beginning.

He was like an open book that gave me access to everything, so I didn’t doubt his loyalty.

With time everything started changing.

First, he didn’t allow me access to his phone anymore; he was very protective of it.

Anything I did made him angry.

I knew the handwriting on the wall because I had seen guys behave like that before, and I knew where it would end.

My heart was unsettled.

I was scared of losing my boyfriend because he had treated me well in the relationship before he started acting weird.

One day we were together when he said, “it’s no longer working for me. Let’s break up.”

I almost fainted when I heard that statement. I tried to make my man change his mind, but he didn’t.

I went home with tears in my eyes.

I only knew what to do about the situation once I came across the devotion system by Amy north.

Honestly, I didn’t believe the program was effective initially because it claimed you need to send only one magical text to make a man devote and commit to you forever.

I suck at texting; I didn’t believe just one text could turn around a relationship.

But I was wrong.

I sent the text message the program recommended, and boom, my ex responded.

He asked how I was doing and if I would be available during the weekend so we could go out on a date.

We finally went on a date the following weekend, and he started telling me about his life without me.

And how he misses me so much and would want us back together.

He said he didn’t know I was “the one” until he dated someone else.

Text chemistry program did the magic.

Text Chemistry Review: 7 Critical Things To Know

What Is Text Chemistry

Text chemistry by Amy north is an online program that women can use to capture a man’s attention using text messages.

If you want to keep a man, you should know how to grab his attention.

Text chemistry gives you access to a series of magical text messages that you can use to make the heart of any guy desire only you.

This series of secret text messages is based on in-depth psychological research on how the male mind works.

Text chemistry gives you the roadmap to capture a guy’s attention using texts, and having his attention is crucial in making him commit to only you forever.

In text chemistry, you learn the secret texting psychology you can use to get the attention of any guy.

What's Inside The Text Chemistry Program

Text chemistry program consists of the primary e-book with 13 videos.

The video series is to supplement the e-book.

The main e-book is divided into three parts, and I will give a summary of it below:

Text Chemistry Main E-Book Summary


In the introduction, Amy north discusses how text can significantly affect dating, especially for women.

She gives reasons why every woman needs to be a texting goddess because you can hold a man’s attention based on how good you are at texting.

She makes a sharp contrast between the way men and women text.

A man’s primary intention for texting is to show he’s romantic, while a woman’s aim for texting should be to grab attention.

Part 1 (the rules of texting)

In this first part of the book, coach Amy north dives into the rules of texting and the texting mistakes most women make that make guys ignore them.

She divided the mistakes into five categories, and I will go over them below:

Essay Or Over-Texting: she talks about writing long texts that look like essays.

This type of text can easily make a man ignore you because it’s lengthy, and most men have a low attention span.

You can quickly grab his attention with a short text message.

She also mentioned over-texting, which makes you look desperate and needy before a guy.

Passive-aggressive and angry texts: the coach warned against texting a guy when you are not in the right mood,

Like when you are angry to avoid passing your anger through text

She explained it could easily make a guy pull away and appear distant towards you.

She said if you are angry, please don’t send a text because he can keep the text you sent out of anger for future reference.

Predictable and boring text: I used to someone that was sending predictable and boring text messages until I discovered text chemistry.

Men hate boring and predictable messages; a man wants to feel the excitement when he receives a text message from you.

She gave some examples of boring text messages and why you should avoid them.

Ambiguous or confusing texts: in this texting mistake, Amy north talks about why you shouldn’t send a guy a text that would confuse him,

Men pull away when they start having mixed feelings about you.

She said you should send a text with a clear purpose and clarify your intentions without ambiguity.

Jealous or inappropriate texts: “I saw you today with another girl. Who is she?”

Texts like that can make a man defensive and easily make him ignore or act cold toward you.

Amy tells women not to send jealous or inappropriate texts that can cause tension.

The Perfect Text Recipe

In this section, Amy north dives into the psychology of the perfect text to send to a guy that would make him respond.

She shares a secret recipe any woman can use to compose text messages that compel a response, something Amy calls attention hooks.

The recipe has five components, and they are listed below:

R-Review And Revise: Amy north recommends you review and revise your text messages before you send them to a guy.

She recommends you read it aloud to be sure you are not sending a text that would confuse him.

U-Use Visual Language: Amy encourages you to use words that trigger his imagination.

Words that would make him fantasize about you.

You can get a man’s attention by making him think about you.

L-Leave him wanting more: men generally love mysterious women.

Women they find hard to figure out.

Coach Amy says you must keep a man guessing your next move.

She also encourages you to give him incomplete information, making him want you more.

E-excite him: she teaches you how to write text messages that excite him and make him look forward to meeting you.

You would learn how to spice your messages with the craziness that would make a man obsess over you.

Many women don’t know how to write a text that excites a man; if a man is not excited about a relationship, he starts thinking of cheating.

Stay positive: Amy teaches you how to stay positive even if he doesn’t respond immediately to your text.

She also teaches you how to manage your emotions to avoid over-texting him and looking desperate.

Desperation often drives a man away from you.

Men get hooked on women who are in control of their emotions and also have a positive mindset.

How Long Should You Wait Before Texting Him

In this module, Amy north teaches you the psychology of texting a man.

She talks about when you should send a text and what to do if he doesn’t respond.

She gives examples of how to respond if he texts you first and what to reply to keep him interested.

Emojis Yay or Nay

In this module, Amy north explains the psychology of using emojis in a text message and whether you should use them.

She also explains how men can easily misinterpret emojis you use in a text message.

Part 2 (What To Text Men To Attract And Win Them Over)

The Early Days (Ready For Takeoff Texts)

These are the texts you send to a guy you newly met.

The takeoff texts are to make him curious and desire to know more about you.

Inside the program, you get access to six text messages you can use as takeoff texts, and they are outlined below:

Fueling his engine texts: this text message activates his desire to know more about you,

These text messages are designed to make you seem mysterious and unpredictable in an exciting way.

Most men love adventure and often want what would challenge them.

The fueling his engine text is perfect for getting him to burn with desire.

Preparing for blast-off texts: this type of text message is what you use to get him to ask you out,

The text triggers him to make a move on you.

It’s like giving him a green signal that helps boost his confidence to ask you out.

Comical texts: every guy loves a text that makes him laugh.

Sending him such a message can hook him to you and make it difficult for him to leave.

Every woman should learn the art of sending text messages to a guy that would make him laugh.

Crystal ball texts: the crystal ball text is a text you send him to make him anticipate your next move.

The crystal ball text is not what you send him to confuse him but what you send him to make him wonder about your next move.

Satellite texts: this is the text you send to communicate your intention to him without actually saying it.

It’s the text you send to communicate your expectation concerning the future.

Stir the pot texts: this text message is used to help him gain clarity of his emotions.

And to make him sure you are the only woman for him.

The Dating Days (Shooting For The Stars Texts)

The recommended texts you can send during the dating days are listed below:

Game on texts: this text challenges his masculine personality and excites him.

With this text message, you can challenge him to something like a contest, and it would be difficult for him to resist.

Supernova texts: this is the kind of text message you send to flirt with him and make him see you as the woman he can’t stop loving

Men love flirting, and you can use this text to stir his desire.

Shining star text: you send this message to communicate your worth to him.

This text demonstrates you are unique and should be treated with respect.

Tantalizing texts: this is the text you send him when you want to excite him about something you don’t want to give him yet.

It’s a text to spark his expectation and keep him interested in you.

Constellation texts: you send him this text when you want him to feel that magical spark before you see him.

In the constellation text, you use words like “soul mate” and “the universe brought you to me.”

It makes him believe there’s a magical connection between you and him.

Mercy texts: you send this text when he makes a mistake or does something to hurt you.

When he seeks forgiveness because of his mistakes, you use the mercy texts to reply.

The Long Run (Keeping The Chemistry Ablaze Texts)

Most relationships become dull with time, and in this section, Amy north shows you the text message you can use to sustain the fire of the relationship.

Amy north shares six text messages for this stage, and they are outlined below:

Flight texts: these are the texts you send to make him obsess over you no matter how long you’ve been together.

Using flight texts, you can make your man always excited about you.

Radical recognition texts: this is the text to start an old conversation with your man.

With this text message, you can easily make your guy respond to your messages when he receives them.

E-Glow Texts: This secret text message would condition a guy’s brain to adore you and see you as the only woman for him.

With the e-glow text, you can easily communicate your desire to him in a way that would make him want to do anything for you.

The e-glow text would help showcase how valuable you are to him, making it difficult for him to let you go.

Big Bang Texts: you use these texts to stir up his desire for intimacy.

The big bang texts are designed to startle your man and make him wonder about the kind of woman you are.

Seduction Texts: every man wants a seductive woman who can thrill them in ways they don’t expect.

They want women that can arouse their desire and make them go crazy.

That’s precisely the aim of the seduction texts; it makes a man think about you around the clock.

Across the universe texts: this text message is used to tell him how much you love and value him and how you can go the extra mile for him.

The text aims to appreciate him for his love and make him realize he’s a fantastic guy.

Appreciating a man makes him very happy, and he will commit to you forever when he is glad.

Part 3

What To Text Him When… (A Look At The Various Situation And Scenarios)

In this section, Amy north gives you the strategies to handle different scenarios in your dating journey.

Some of the scenarios are listed below:

When you want to invite him without sounding clingy: Amy north shows you the secret text you can send to a guy if you want him to go out on a date without looking clingy.

She outlines the kind of text that won’t make a man feel you are desperate; instead, it would make him excited about going out with you.

When he cancels the plan on you: Amy north teaches you what to text him if he cancels a date on you.

She recommends you shouldn’t send him any text messages at the height of your anger.

We all know a guy canceling plans on you at the last minute can hurt; that is why she recommends calming down before sending him a text.

When he gives you nothing to work with: Amy north gives you the text message template to break his emotional defenses.

If a guy is not opening up to you or doesn’t give you any information about himself, you can use this template to get him to open up.

With this template, a man would quickly tell you how he feels about you.

When you have to cancel on him: Amy shares the text message cheat sheet you can use when you cancel a date with him.

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can make you cancel a date with him, and if you don’t properly handle the issue, it can make him pull away.

The coach gave a text message template that you can use to apologize and get him excited to see you again.

When You Want Him To Initiate Texting: most men suck at texting, and it gets worse when you want him to initiate texting you.

Amy provides the template you can use to make him obsessed about constantly texting you.

With Amy’s techniques, you can always get your man to text you even if he’s at work.

Part 3 concludes the content of the primary e-book, but Coach Amy added a few bonus e-books, and they are outlined below:

Text Chemistry Bonuses

The text chemistry program has three amazing bonuses to help you fast-track your success.

Each of the bonuses addresses issues women encounter in their dating journey.
The bonuses are listed below:

Phone Game E-Book

In this bonus e-book, Amy north gives you the secret of how to get a man’s attention when talking with him on the phone.

Men get bored quickly and can stop calling you because the conversation is no longer attractive.

With this e-book, you can become a goddess of phone conversations and hook a man on the phone for hours if that’s what you want.

The phone game e-book teaches you how to be irresistible on the phone.

Why Men Leave E-Book

Most women need to learn why men pull away without prior notice.

It hurts to find out that the man you have feelings for suddenly disappears.

In this e-book, you will learn why men ghost women.

Amy north would teach you the mistakes most women make that push a man away.

Men often don’t talk about their feelings even when you hurt them; they keep things in mind and suddenly ghost you.

Tinder Success Secrets

Most people use dating apps these days, and you can get a committed guy for a relationship if you play your cards right.

In the tinder success secrets e-book, Amy north teaches you how to get quality men on tinder.

You would learn how to set up your profile correctly to attract high-quality men,

Who are ready for a serious relationship.

About The Author

Amy North is a dating coach and bestselling author based in Vancouver, Canada.

She focuses on helping women worldwide get the man of their dreams.

Two of Amy’s online courses, text chemistry, and devotion system, are among the best and most in-depth dating manuals for women.

Amy north has a YouTube channel of over 600K subscribers where she shares practical relationship advice women can use to transform their love life.

Text Chemistry Texts Examples

In the text chemistry program, you get access to a variety of text messages template you can use to make a man go crazy about you.

One of them is revealed below:

Seduction text example: “I am coming. Take off your clothes.”

As simple as the text message above, it makes a man go crazy about you.

This text excites a man because he’s thinking about what will happen when you arrive.

I often use this text for my man, although I tweak it sometimes, and it works like magic.

Text Chemistry Review: The Good And The Ugly

The Good

Easy-to-use text templates: text chemistry comes with concise and easy-to-use text templates.

The texting principle of the program is straightforward to follow.

The program has video tutorials: some ladies have difficulty reading e-books.

Text chemistry provides videos you can watch and still get what you need from the program.

The videos are short and to the point, and you can finish them quickly.

Money-back guarantees: the program has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can easily ask for a refund if you feel dissatisfied with the program.

The Ugly

Digital formats only: no hardcopy book or DVD video series,

The program is entirely digital and online, in case you like programs that are in hardcopy format.

Some women might not like the tactics: some strategies can appear manipulative to some women.

Some women might be against using manipulative strategies in their dating life.

Try out the program to see if it suits your mindset.

The program is based on the science of attraction which some women can deem as manipulative.

The program should have addressed complicated cases: there are no text templates to win a guy who wants to friend zone you.

Only a few people have a straightforward relationship issue.

Some women’s love story is complicated, and the program didn’t address such cases.

Alternatives To The Text Chemistry Program

His secret obsession: this is a relationship program for women created by James Bauer.

The program teaches women how to trigger a man’s hero instincts.

The hero instinct is a psychological concept that unveils the hidden desire in every man’s heart.

His secret obsession program gives you access to the psychology that would make a man commit to you forever without getting tired.

The devotion system: the devotion system was created by Amy North

The program aims to teach women how to get a man devoted to them using the devotion sequence.

In the program, Amy north teaches you a set of magical words called the devotion sequence, which would make any man burn with desire for you.

You can check out the devotion system review to learn more about the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Text Chemistry Work?

Text chemistry is a program I have used personally to transform my love life.

It’s a program that gave me the text templates that brought my ex back to me.

Yes. Text chemistry works because I have used it, and I got results.

The seduction texts alone brought a never-ending spark to my relationship.

How Much Does Text Chemistry Cost?

Text chemistry costs $49.95, which is entirely refundable within 60 days if the program fails to meet your expectations.

Final Verdict

Text chemistry is a program created to show women the secrets of how to make a guy obsess over them by sending him a simple text message.

You can check out chemistry using the link below.