Unlock The Scrambler Review

unlock the scrambler review

Review of: Unlock the scrambler

Use: Get out of the friend zone



This program uses psychological technique to reveal what women really want.



The program has the main course and four free bonuses in a digital format for $79



There’s a 60-day money-back in case the program doesn’t meet what it promises.

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Summary: This program uses the most cutting-edge discoveries in modern psychology to eliminate the “nice guy” behavior that’s so ingrained in many men so you can get your dream woman.

Unlock The Scrambler Member’s Area

Do you know you can:

Become a master at attracting high-quality women?

Stop losing women that initially liked you (and get out of the friend zone – for good)?

Pass each and every one of women’s secret tests?

Simply by using the most cutting-edge discoveries of modern psychology.

Without having to change your personality.

Best part is…?

Your age or experience doesn’t matter.

How do I know all of these?

It’s because I’ve used this program myself.

The technique is so simple and predictable that anyone can apply it.

Over 40,000+ men worldwide (including me) have used it to get outstanding results with women, as you’ll soon see when you click on the link.

All it took for me to start getting remarkable results was just a matter of a few days…

For some, a matter of weeks or even months…depending on the individual involved.

Now, it’s your turn…

To join the 0.1% of the extraordinary league of men – who knows the secret of what women really want.

It’s called: Unlock The Scrambler Technique.

You’re probably wondering…

What’s unlock the scrambler?

In just a moment,

I’ll not only show you how you can apply it to your dating life, to better understand women and get the results you want,

But also how you can instantly skyrocket your attraction game.

But first,

Here’s something remarkably shocking…

99.9% of men make A LOT of terrible mistakes with women that are instant attraction killers.

It can be so awful…

And I’ll tell you why.

I remembered what happened to two of my childhood friends that reached out to me…just recently…about their relationship crisis.

Listening to their stories was so heart-wrenching.

However, as someone who was once very sloppy and making mistakes left and right with women, I could relate.

As I write this, the thought of sharing these stories with you makes me cringe.

It reminds me of what can happen if you don’t respect yourself as a man to women, the world, and most importantly, to yourself.

I don’t know what you were taught about women before now, but get this clear…

“Bending over backward and acting nice with the hope of winning women over has never worked, doesn’t work, and will never work.”

I’m talking from experience here.

In fact, it makes them lose respect for you fast – and even kick you to the curb or friend zone you, at best.

When it comes to women:

No respect = No attraction

This is the same reason it seems women are attracted to jerks… and not “nice guys.”

Sadly, many men are confused and frustrated with women and their weird behaviors.

They have no idea what women want.

Even those who think they have them figured out get it all wrong.

(I used to think I’ve them all figured out, too)

You’re probably one of them.

It’s not your fault, though.

Everything you’ve been taught about women is wrong.

And that’s because what women say they want versus what they actually want are different and opposite.

And here’s the kicker…

You’ve been lied to – for too long.

The mainstream media (MSM) and social media haven’t helped and won’t be helping you anytime soon to better understand women.

They keep feeding you lies about what makes women attracted to, fall in love with, and addicted to you.

That’s because they are not interested in your love life. They only want to sell their products to you.

But don’t worry…

In this unlock the scrambler review; I want to open your eyes to what no one has ever told you about women.

See, it isn’t about being the best-looking guy…

Or having the money to buy women whatever they want.

And it’s not even about being amazing in bed (although these qualities certainly help!)

If you want to make women:

Respect you

Get attracted to you

Fall in love with you

Addicted to you,

Like bees are attracted to honey, it comes down to one simple thing…

I’ll tell you what that is in a minute…

But let me first tell you what happened to James, my childhood friend, a successful software engineer.

I believe these real-life examples will help you understand the common mistakes 99.9% of men make with women and how you can eliminate the “nice guy” behavior so ingrained in many men.

So you can:

Gain the respect and attraction of women you want

Project personal power,  

Avoid women treating you like trash and

The “let’s just be friends speech” for good

It all started with James being in a long-distance relationship with Jane in another city.

They had met at one of James’ coworker wedding party. And they instantly hit it off.

By the way, judging from the emails he sent me and the conversations that followed, I could tell he’s absolutely in love with this woman.

He cherishes her. Buys her whatever she wants to please her.

He almost always agrees to everything she says. He’s quick to return her calls and hungry for her approval.

It’s basically the ‘nice guy’ approach to dating.

However, after three years of dating, she throws him a curveball and accuses him of cheating when he hasn’t.

She ended things with him.

But James continued to pursue her. Beg her for forgiveness (when he had done nothing wrong.) And even stalk her on social media.

On several occasions, he traveled down to see her. He bought her things with the hope of convincing her that they were met for each other.

He even told her that his life was over without her in it.

Can you imagine…?

Jane continued to ignore and didn’t want to see him.

However, a year and a half later, they begin to communicate again. But this time, things became a little different.

Or I should say, worse.

She refuses to speak to him no longer than two minutes on the phone.

Shortly after, she maxed out his credit cards – which he’s given to her as a safety net.

She calls him a loser… Told him he’s boring and that he’s not worthy of her.

Clearly, James was knee-deep and emotionally invested in this woman that obviously wanted nothing to do with him.

Now, you’re probably thinking…

What does this have to do with me?

I’d never let things go this far: let alone allow a woman to treat me like shit.

I’ll explain shortly…

But let’s take a look at Bob, who got friend-zoned by the girl he was madly in love with.

There was this coworker Bob was attracted to. He really liked her.

And from what he told me, it was obvious she liked him, too.

Her name is Kate.

Sadly, Bob misinterpreted Kate’s clues out rightly

Every day, Kate would visit, and they’d go on breaks together.

This went on for a while to them hanging out every day and talking on the phone whenever they weren’t together.

Bob confessed to me that he was head over heels in love with Kate.

On a couple of occasions, she even hugged and kissed him. So he was sure they were pretty much dating.

Oops, he was wrong.

He did nice things for her and was a great friend. He even helped her with work-related assignments and projects…

Shockingly after a while, however, Kate started to see some other guy.

That really crushed him. Bob was hurt because he was in love with her…and even thought they were dating.

He would spend the entire night crying over his unrequited feelings and affections for her.

Seeing the other guy pick her up after work and flirt with her drove him crazy.

So after a while, he tried to weasel his way into a relationship with Kate.

Bob was afraid of rejection. And hoping this was the best way around it.

When it inevitably failed, he couldn’t blame himself, so he blamed her.

He blamed her for not seeing him as a great choice for a boyfriend…and for only liking jerks.

After all, he’s such a nice guy to her.

But, of course, it was entirely his fault.

Now, let me explain what just happened:

For James, the problem started not when Jane started to treat him like trash…

Or when Kate started going out with some other guy…

It began when James was the “perfect boyfriend…”

Bending over backward and saying ‘yes’ to everything Jane asked of him without standing up for himself.

And Bob lacked the confidence to express his feelings for Kate…particularly after much obvious clues that she liked him.

Here’s why…

Bending over backward and being nice to a lady (like James did) without maintaining your masculinity,

With the hope to make her feel something for you, is the easiest way for a woman to not only become un-attracted to you…

But also lose all and any respect she had for you.

See, a woman could never respect a man that doesn’t respect his own worth.

You should also know that…

Ladies are only attracted to nice guys – with strong backbones – with wimps – or someone she can walk all over.

And for Bob’s case,

Kate gave off subtle and apparent signs that she liked him,

But because Bob didn’t know what these signs meant,

Or I should say because he was afraid of rejection,

He couldn’t maximize the “window of opportunity,” and as a result, he got friend-zoned.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

What can you do to make things like this never happen to you?

That’s where the scrambler technique comes in.

Unlock The Scrambler Review: 6 Facts To Know

Overview Of Unlock the Scrambler Technique

There’s this painful prison most people find themselves.

Like Bob…

It’s such a terrible place because nobody wants to be there, to begin with.

Unfortunately, it happens to guys, mostly.

You may have been in this zone before (or even experiencing it right now.)

To the naive, this zone sounds like a myth: a strange zone concealed in mystery.

Sadly, it’s very real. And getting out of it (when you lack the necessary skills) can be difficult.

The pain that comes with it can be hard to forget.

That feeling you experience when you’re into someone really bad and want more than ‘just friends’ connection can leave you feeling like crap, a loser, undesired, and defeated.

(Especially when they’re dating someone else and you’re aware of it all.)

If this is what you’re experiencing at the moment, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

It’s painful to have feelings for someone, only for them to see you as ‘just a friend…’ and nothing more.

Unlock the scrambler is a digital program that can help you solve this problem with women…and even more.

It’s specifically designed for men who are tired of being categorized as “nice guys.”

Or being friend-zoned or worse, being ignored or ditched altogether by the women they want.

This program teaches you a proven scientific method and mindset you must adopt to get anything you want when dating.

It teaches you simple little known secrets of breaking free from the friend zone,

Turning a cold girl into an obsessed lover and getting almost any woman you want to chase you and working hard to win you over.

The amazing part is…

Everything is done by using the most cutting-edge psychological tools and techniques that trigger specific responses in women to get the result you want.

Now, before I let you in on what you can learn from the scrambler technique, It’d be best if I first tell you who needs the program.

Who Needs the Unlock Her Legs Program?

As I mentioned, most men make terrible mistakes with women because of the “nice guy” behaviors ingrained in many of them.

They don’t understand women, let alone what they want.

Also, no matter how good you think you are with women or what you know; this program will benefit you, too.

It’ll help up your game with women.

If you happen to be in any of the categories below, this program is a must.

  • You’ve been friend-zoned by the girl you’re romantically interested in.
  • You’re afraid (or find it hard) to approach women, let alone start a conversation.
  • You’re scared of rejection.
  • You want to get good at playfully teasing, bantering so you can instantly flirt with any woman without struggle so she can see you as a potential sexual partner.
  • You want to become more confident and become the best version of yourself so women will respect you more.
  • You want to keep the attraction in your relationship so it won’t get stale.
  • You want to get your ex back.
  • You want to avoid being ghosted by women.
  • You want to become a master at texting women.
  • You want to pass the women’s secret test.
  • You want to gain women’s attention, get them attracted and addicted to you.

More so, if you’re confused about what women truly want, then this unlock her legs review gives a detailed explanation of what you need to know.

How Does The Scrambler Technique Work?

This technique has five main principles and phases that help in eliminating “nice guy” behavior that deludes most men using the most cutting-edge discoveries in modern psychology.

These principles are:

Mystery and uncertainty

This is the first phase of putting this technique into action.

In this phase, you learn how a woman sees you and use it to your advantage.

There’s nothing that builds curiosity as mystery and uncertainty do.

It bores women to death when you come across too nice, predictable, and way too easy to catch.

And for women,

Boredom = Death.

Being predictable kills your allure fast.

The authors who created unlock the scrambler have a saying that…

“Once a woman figures you out, it’s over. And you’ll never have her.”

This phase creates suspense about you by introducing the following:

Identify her current perception of you.

Use a pattern interrupt to break the link.

Introduce confusion and uncertainty

Rebalance and The Re-Engagement Text Sequence

The second core principle this system anchors on is establishing your new ‘ranking’ in her eyes.

Women are never attracted to men they can walk all over.

They want someone who can lead and dominate.

This phase teaches you how to slowly get the woman you want to see you as slightly “above her.”

And it consists of three actions:

Identify the power dynamic and silent rules.

Begin breaking small rules

Increase the emotional intensity of rule-breaking


This step lets you in on the specific strings you must pull to give the woman you desire validation about herself when she’s around you.

And also get her addicted to that feeling.


This is the phase where you get her to be entirely consumed with you by using specific psychological techniques by…

Tapping into her psychological desires and attaching them to you

Sweep her up in various emotions

Build tension by sending mixed signals


And then move into the final step of the program, where you learn how to take your relationship to a physical level called intimacy.

Now that I’ve answered the ‘How does the scrambler technique work” question, It’s time to let you in on the advantages of the program.

What Can I Learn From Unlock the Scrambler

Here’re some features and benefits:

Stop losing women’s interest early on.

The scrambler technique gives you everything you need to hold a woman’s attention and keep the attraction alive without coming on too strong you scare her away.

Build rock-solid self-confidence

Women test men to see how confident they are. And once you fail her test, it’s over.

Learn how to become confident and pass each and every of her tests.

No more friend zone

The scrambler will teach you how to reset a woman’s perception and opinion of you.

So you can have a second chance to start over and finally escape the dreaded friend zone.

Understand the psychology of women

Women can be a huge mystery to men and impossible to figure out.

This program will get you inside a woman’s mind, know exactly how to attract her, what turns her on, and keep her coming for more…To the point that she becomes addicted to you.

Transform into a more attractive version of you

Women don’t judge a man’s attraction based on his physical traits like we judge a woman.

Women judge a man based on how she ‘feels’ when she’s with him and how much she thinks about him when he’s not around.

The scrambler will teach you how to get a woman…even if you’re not her ‘type’ physically.

What more…?


The right way to play hard to get

Conversation and flirting tricks and tips

No more wondering how she feels about you.

Reset her opinion of you

There are more features and benefits you’ll get from this program.

Bonuses (Free Gifts):

These bonuses contain everything you’ll need to become the man women choose from the crowd and want a relationship with.

Free Bonus #1: The scrambler interview companion manual (worth $97)

Free Bonus #2: Invisible Escalation (worth $97)

Free Bonus #3: She’s sending you signals manual (worth $37)

Free Bonus #4: 12 conversation topics that have her fall in love (worth $97)

Features and Benefits:

Get it all…

Videos, audios, reports, bonuses…everything you need!

You’ll gain immediate access to unlock the scrambler and all of these free bonuses when you purchase the program.

Since it’s a digital program, you can access the materials online or download them into your personalized gadgets.

The download is available in video, audio, and PDF format.

How Much Does Unlock The Scrambler Cost?

The main program, plus the four free bonuses, is worth $79 only.

Now, unlock her legs – the scrambler method would not be complete without me giving you the pros and cons list…

Unlock the Scrambler Pros & Cons

Advantages of the program:

I love the fact that the program is specifically for men.

A lot of men make terrible mistakes with women.

So, I love that this program drills down into female psychology to understand women better, how they think and why they behave the way they do.

No more confusion for men.

It comes in a video, audio, and PDF format

This really makes the program very easy to use based on where you find you.

You could use it anywhere…

It comes with a full refund policy.

Knowing that a 60-day money-back guarantee backs the program also helped with the confidence factor.

No matter your personality or age, this program works.

You can apply and use the technique inside this program on any girl you want.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re shy, introverted, or even old.

Get more out of your love life.

It is a highly affordable way to get more out of your love life and relationships.

Disadvantages of the Program

It might take a while for you to read through the PDF material.

No hardcover. Only available in digital format

Reading or listening to the program isn’t enough. You have to practice.

It might take some time for you to perfect the techniques.

You have to master the mindset and make it part of who you are.

This can be frustrating, particularly if you’re impatient.

And that takes me to the point where I have to tell you who created Unlock the Scrambler.

About The Authors of Unlock the Scrambler Program?

About the author:

Bobby Rio teamed up with Rob Judge to create this program.

Most men know them as top dating coaches worldwide, but their lives didn’t always look like this.

In fact, Bobby Rio confessed that he spent most of his life as the ‘typical’ nice guy stuck in the friend zone…

Confused and frustrated that he was always single and alone.

And worst of all…

Like most men, he spent those times thinking it was because he wasn’t overly good-looking, rich, or charismatic…and that he didn’t deserve the kind of women he always wanted.

However, things have changed for them.

Over the past ten years or so, they have worked with thousands of in-person clients worldwide, and now tens of thousands (over 40,000+) of men have used their program to land their dream women.

In this course, you’ll discover the powerful secret that can quickly change your dating life at any age.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re old, shy, or even inexperienced.

Everything inside this program is so effective and easy to learn by anyone.

Is Unlock the Scrambler Legit?

It’s no longer news that 99.9% of men don’t understand women.

They blame women for not reciprocating their feelings and affections after being nice to them.

But it’s really because they have it all wrong.

However, here’s what this program emphasizes…

“Attraction is not black or white.”

This simply means that a woman’s opinion of you can change by the year, month, week, day, and even hour.

The good news is that:

Even if you didn’t make a stellar first impression, you can still win her over and get her wanting you…

Even if you’re not her ‘type’ or she only sees you as a ‘friend.’

Even if you’re already messed up

Even if she’s dating someone else and acts like you don’t even exist

You can still win her over when you practice and master the core principles in this program.

Imagine when you master these principles and mindset…

Won’t you become the talk of the town…?

I mean, ladies and your friends will start whispering about you and asking how you’re able to get women attracted and addicted to you.

It’s the best feeling in the world any man can get.

But in case you’re still wondering…

One of the FAQs I often get is this…

Will Unlock The Scrambler Program Work For Me?

My answer is always…Yes, this program works.