What Women Want In A Relationship

Ladies, teach the men in your lives what you want in and from a man.

Do you know what really feels good as a man?

I’ll tell you for free…

“It’s being in a romantic relationship with a woman who’s insanely and head over heels in love with you. I mean; a relationship with a caring, affectionate and incredibly beautiful, yet a loyal woman who literally treats you like her king. Her desire is to spend the rest of her life with you and just be happy.”

What’s that look on your face? 

Oh! Do you think it’s not possible?

Well, let me tell you, this has nothing whatsoever to do with your financial status, sexual appeal, height or background, and every other thing in between that fashion magazine teach you about women.

By far, ladies are attracted by a man’s personality and character than by his looks, achievements or possessions (and I’m not in any way saying these things are not necessary.)

When it comes to identifying what women want in a relationship, most men are completely clueless. 

They think that all women want is “hot sex,” fat bank account and the likes.

Not really! 

 All she truly desires is to be happy just by being in your presence for no apparent reason whatsoever. 

Really? Oh yes!

You see, this woman wants to find her fulfilment in making you happy. Not only does she wants to see you succeed in life, but she also wants to be part of your success story. She sincerely wants to help you become the man you can be.

What more can you possibly wish for as a man?

I’ll tell what else feels good…

“It feels incredibly wonderful to wake up every day beside the woman you deeply love with a fantastic amount of security, self-confidence. Simply because you know (without any iota of doubt) that you’re with a woman that wholeheartedly cherish, loves and respects you as a man.”

Believe me; there’s this beautiful feeling you have when you know that no matter what happens(come rain, come sun, and through thick and thin ), no other man out there can compare in any way to the man your lady is with (that’s YOU).

Yeah, you read that right.

Anyways, what I’m about to reveal about what women want in a man will blow your mind. They are nowhere close to what you’ve been taught or read in the pages of fashion magazines or romantic novels.

I should know this because, for quite some time now, as a dating coach, I’ve worked (and still working) with lots of men and women.

 Trust me on this one; if you don’t read this article from start to finish to know what women want in a man, you’re going to miss out big time. I guarantee you!

As a woman, you should also take out time to digest this article. I mean it! Know what you want in and from a man. Lots of women live in a world of fantasy all their lives.

I know what I’m talking about here…

I should be honest with you, though. If what you seek is a long-lasting, loving and fulfilling relationship, you won’t be happy if the kind of relationship you desire doesn’t become a reality.

When women don’t get their needs met in a relationship, they feel disappointed and become resentful. They suffer. And when that happens, they close off to their men.

You don’t want that to happen in your relationship, do you?

In any case, you shouldn’t worry. With everything I’m going to share with you in this guide, you’ll able to become the kind of man that knows what that special woman in your life wants. 

At this point, I should say this…

Please don’t get me wrong. Becoming the kind of man who knows what women want has nothing to do with being flawless or superior to others in any way.

Becoming a better man is about transforming yourself into the kind of man that is perfectly right for the woman that you’re already with or want to attract into your life.

Becoming this kind of man is a journey, a never-ending process because, as a man, there’s always room for improvement and growth.

 This is about masculine maturity and genuine commitment.

And the more you commit to this transformation, no matter how daunting or difficult, the more you’ll reap the immense reward in other areas of your life, not just in your relationship.

Now, before I begin to explain what I believe women want in a relationship and the keys to attracting and keeping a great one in your life, let me make you understand something vital.

What this article isn’t…

This is not about bending over backwards so that a woman always gets what she wants from you.
It is not becoming a love puppy that gives candy or flowers in hopes that she will love you forever.
It has nothing to do with being a doormat that she uses to get her way all the time.
It isn’t about being a “nice guy” with a heart of gold that desires her affection and love. We all know nice guys finish last.
It isn’t even about being a domineering man that rules her with an iron fist.
it’s not some character in a movie that goes through the extra length to rescue his woman from harm

OK, maybe it has little to do with the last point, but I’m sure you get the message.

Moving onward…

A few weeks ago, I got talking with a friend about this same topic; the question he asked me was the same old-aged question that men continually ask in different parts of the world.

As you’re about to see in a moment, I’m confident that you, too, have asked this same question (perhaps out of the frustration from dealing with the women in your life).

Honestly, the answers to this question are endless. Simply because there are hundreds of thousands of women all over the world, and they all don’t just want the same thing. 

However, a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. There are specific things that both women and men want that are non-negotiable.

The question is; 

What is it that women want from men in a relationship?

Sounds familiar, huh?

I believe you can better phrase the question according to a woman’s basic needs and desires. 

Why? Well, as human creatures, there are built-in needs that arise from both our human nature and desires.

If we should base our inquiry on human character and instinct, it’ll become relatively consistent in evaluating what it is that every woman wants in and from a man.

The question that men should ask is this;

What are the qualities women want in men that you can consider as primary, non-negotiable and universal?

Now that we know what the right question is, let me provide the answers.

But before I do that, here’s something you shouldn’t forget as you read the remaining part of this article.

“The most important thing a woman wants from a man is to feel like a woman expressly. That is, she wants to move with the rhythm of life, embrace her creative energy. And the only way to make her experience this feminity is for you to act like a real man.”

There you go!

Candidly, I just saved you (from years of frustrations and confusion).

You’re welcome. Thank me later, though!

I should ask you still,

Are you meeting her deepest needs in your relationship?

The thrill that one experiences at the beginning of a romantic relationship are perhaps the most fantastic feeling in the world.

You know that right? I hope you do.

Suppose you have been there (which I believe you probably have), you’d know that everything feels anew and intriguing at the beginning. In your eyes, your woman seems perfect, and so do you.

Everything begins to change once the dust settles down as the excitement fades away. As the man, it’s up to you to take the relationship from “everything is so perfect stage” and fantasy to a more profound, enduring love and attraction.

And it’s impossible to achieve that if and when you don’t know what a woman wants from and in a man.

Well, that’s what I’m about to reveal.

Are you ready?

OK, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

31 Things To Know About What Women Want In A Relationship

1. She Wants To Feel Safe

what women want in a relationship

Safety is critical to a woman. 

This happens to be a quality that women look out for in a man subconsciously because they always want to feel protected. It’s how they’re wired (not their fault).

You probably already know what I’m about to say; I’m just going to say it anyway;

More women struggle with low self-esteem than men.”

You see, from a very young age, there’s a massive attack on a woman’s sexuality, self-esteem and safety. This is primarily due to the barrage of discouraging messages women receive regarding their sexuality.

 (Adam was even guilty of this when he blamed Eve for his disobedience, she became unsafe with him).

The woman in your life needs to have a safe space where she feels she can trust you wholeheartedly. 

And she’s never going to feel safe around you if she doesn’t trust you enough to handle whatever she shows you (mainly the more vulnerable stuff).

You have to make her feel like you will not judge her even if she asks for or do something crazy. 

It was Bruce Bryans who once said, “The safer a woman feels with a man, the more she’ll open up to him. And she will open up to him in mind, body and soul while being more than willing to follow his lead as long as she can place her complete confidence in him.”

Trust me, by creating a safe space and environment for the woman in your life to open to you emotionally, and you’ll be giving her a potent gift, a gift that’ll allow her to grow within your relationship and gradually heal from old emotional wounds.

2. She Wants To Feel Attractive Around You

Before you ever dreamt of meeting the woman in your life, she spent a lot of time making herself look attractive. (By the way, if she wasn’t, how else would you have noticed?)

She wears make-up, fixes her nails, makes her hair, dressed in sexy clothes and do much other girly stuff just to achieve one primary goal, which is;

“To attract the kind of man who would not only appreciate her but would also take the time to make her feel even more attractive and sexy in his eyes.”

And here’s the big catch…

“Even though a woman might be extremely beautiful and exceptionally gorgeous; yet, deep down, most women feel insecure about their attractiveness to men.”

So, my friend, you see why it’s entirely up to you (as the man) to continue to make her feel beautiful and special as though as the day you first set your eyes on her (even if she’s put on a bit of weight).

If you can’t see her as being pleasing and pretty and then stops doing all the things (like flirting with and kissing her) that made her feel attracted to you at the beginning, she’ll start to feel unloved, and of course, unattractive.

If (and when) this continues to happen, it’s just a matter of time before she will naturally and slowly begins to pull herself away from you and the relationship. 

And before you even realize it, it’ll lead to a sad, unhappy and low-spirited relationship or worse, a breakup.

But, when you truly love the woman in your life (and she loves you back), believe me, no matter how both of you change over time physically (weight gained, grey hair etc.), the love and deep attraction you feel for each other will only grow stronger with time.

The more you do the things that made her attracted to you, the more attractive she’ll feel, and she will do her best to make you happy.

3. Real Conversation

“Studies show that lots of people (particularly men) are scared of real (intimate and emotional) conversation with their partners.” 

You see, communication is the life-blood of any relationship. Here’s how I like to put it…“What oxygen is to the soul is what communication is to any relationship.”

I wish this weren’t true, but it is!No relationship can survive without it.

I believe there’s no greater turn off for a woman than a man who just can’t hold a serious conversation.

In case you haven’t noticed, women love to talk. The woman in your life has probably used this phrase more than you can remember; “I want us to talk!”

When a woman is in search of a potential partner, she wants someone who won’t freeze or take flight in times for real conversation.

Don’t get me wrong. When I say conversation, I don’t mean talking about the latest news around the world or what happens on her way to the office.

While nothing is wrong with holding discussions on any of these issues, a woman is genuinely interested and looking for more in-depth conversations; those discussion that reveal your vulnerability, further the relationship, and solve serious emotional problems.

Real conversation reveals the “heart” of both partners, which leads to trust and helps build a stronger bond and deeper connection.

OK, I get…

At times though, it can be pretty easy to become overwhelmed by all that goes on in a woman’s mind. But the good part is that, if you’re able to push past that and spend just a few moments connecting with her on a deeper level, you’ll automatically become her hero.

Here’s something to chew on;

“The success of your relationship is largely dependent on how well you can hold and handle the naked conversation.”

That said, don’t let your communication centre on the job, weather. If that happens, just know that your relationship is heading to the rocks.

The thing is, there are many things to talk about beyond simple matters.

Partners must discuss their feelings and emotions regularly. These kinds of in-depth conversations are the “glue” that will hold you together and create the intimacy you and your partner desire.

 So, take the time to listen and respond to what your partner they have to say.

And remember, the goal of communication shouldn’t be to agree but to understand.

4. Can She Count On You

There’s no denying, life gets messy at times. 

It is no wonder Scott Perk affirmed, “Life is hard.” And I believed him.

(By the way; the earlier you realized this, the better for you)

Being madly in love with a woman doesn’t isolate you from life’s difficulties and challenges. Sooner or later, your relationship will experience its fair share of life’s unavoidable trails. 

In all of these, what matters most is…” do you bend over backwards and rise to each occasion when under pressure or do you just break and run.”

The woman in your life wants to know that you can handle the relationship when negative things happen.

She wants to know that you won’t just run away and hide when life happens or when she gets a bit “too emotional.”

The question is;

“Can she count on you when life happens?”

The truth is, the hard time comes to test what you’re made of and your leadership qualities (I’m going to talk about that in a moment.) but for now, know that your job as the man is to provide hope, direction and support.

She begins to lose trust in your leadership when you become emotionally unavailable during tough times or when you say you’ll do something and end up not doing it.

By the way, this is also applicable to the seemingly little things. 

Let there be consistency in your words and action. That is, mean what you say and say what you mean.

5. The Need To Be Heard

Let me say it as it is (no sugarcoating whatsoever), “most men don’t listen to their partners enough.”

And, this can be disheartening for her. It can be painful for a woman when she shares her ideas, feelings or thoughts with her partner and then realizes he never actually listened to her.

One primal need of a woman is the desire to be heard. She wants to be sure you’re listening to her – not only with your ears but also with your heart.

And as such, you must be open to what she has to say through verbal and nonverbal means – even if you don’t entirely agree with it.

If you’re the overly busy type, create “us time.” Let’s say 2 hours every day for communication.

Studies show that “men who respect their partners’ viewpoint have a much happier relationship.”

To make her feel heard, focus your attention on her as she speaks. Let go of every other thing you’re doing at that moment. Don’t ask unnecessary questions, just listen.

Also, appreciate her for sharing her thoughts and feelings with you. This only allows her to open up more to you about how she feels and also the relationship.

6. Acceptance

I’m yet to meet the person who doesn’t thrive in an environment where they’re accepted – for who they are.

While self-acceptance is the foundation of any relationship, accepting others for who they are is the pillar that sustains a lasting relationship.

I’ve said it many times; let me reiterate it here…“It is not our job to change others.” It isn’t in our job description on earth to change others.

When you judge, criticize and always find faults in others, all you’re saying is…” they are not good enough.”

When the woman in your life sees that you accept her for who she is (despite her glaring imperfection), she will open up to you and become more comfortable around you. 

By the way, “Not being perfect is the true perfection.”

However, if you keep trying to change her into who she’s not (because you want her to fit in), she will resent you.

You may want to keep that in mind.

7. Emotional Presence

Women are naturally more emotional than men. So, as a man, her emotions can be challenging to tap into at first.

To handle this, you’ve to be more willing to discuss how she feels and perhaps what triggers her emotions.

Don’t stare at the television or your cell phone while she’s talking. Rather focus on her.

Inquire about her feelings, stay engage and be attentive as she shares her worries, and concerns.

In a nutshell, here’s what being emotionally present means;

You’re attentive
You’re responsive
You’re engaged

It’s typically standard for your partner to feel unsure or insecure during uncertainties. But when you address these feelings with understanding, compassion and reassurance, she’s more likely to be comfortable and feel secure again.

In other words, “emotional presence is the cure to insecurity.”

8. A Good Sense Of Humour

Who wouldn’t love someone that can make them laugh things off once in a while?

I bet you do. And so do women.

The woman you’re in a relationship with wants to know that no matter how potentially tricky a situation is, you’re able to overcome it with a positive mental attitude.

Even the best of us don’t always have an overly optimistic attitude on life at all times. However, one quality women find hard to resist is a good sense of humour.

Being able to laugh things off and quickly move past them with optimism is a rare quality that can be very helpful in building a healthy relationship. 

And to bring smiles and cheerfulness into other people’s faces (in this case, your partner), you don’t have to be a comic wizard.

Women enjoy it better when they are being lifted out of a bad emotional state, sometimes with gentle teasing or with a smile.

Understand that not all situations warrant jokes. Be careful when approaching tense situations with humour.

9. Expressing Your Love For Her

Every one of us wants to know that we’re loved and valued. Women rarely get tired of hearing it.

There’s powerful magic in saying these three words to the woman in your life, “I love you.”

 But the magic is more in showing than in telling.”

It may sound cliché after all, but it’s true, “actions speak louder than words.”

Don’t get me wrong here, showing your partner how much you feel, love and care about her is equally important as telling her.

As a man, you should be sweet in your words and kind in your deeds.

Never miss an opportunity to express how much you love and value her. She wants to know, hear and see it in your actions.

Whether you’re dating (newly married or have spent 25 years together), one of her non-negotiable needs is love and affection.

Not feeling loved is the genesis of almost every relationship problem.

By the way, the best ways to show and express how much you love her are usually in simple and seemingly unimportant things like holding hands, warm hugs etc.

So the need to feel loved is what women want in a relationship.

10. Affection

How often and quickly do you give your partner an unexpected kiss or say these words, “thank you or please?”

Sadly, lots of people neglect the specific things they relied on at the beginning stage of their relationship. They don’t realize that the key to a successful relationship hangs on the hinges of affection and generosity towards one another.

You see, studies show that the frequency with which you receive affection and express affection to your mate is proportional to your satisfaction and commitment. 

That is, the more affection she receives, the more satisfied she’d be. And also, communicating affection increases commitment.

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11. She Wants Quality Time

You probably already know that there’re five love languages (according to Gary Chapman.) And that every person has a primary and secondary love language.

But here’s what I’ve observed…

“Every human being on the surface of the earth is a quality time person to some degree.”

It may not be their primary love language, but deep down within each of us, we feel love and connection when others find us interesting- by wanting to spend time with us.

Women love to talk, and one way you can do that is by spending quality time with them.

Problems enter the relationship when you don’t pay attention or even listen to what they have to say.

Quality time isn’t quality time per se. The level of genuine interest, attention and energy is what determines quality.

Create time so you and your partner can engage in bonding activities. Never be too busy for her. 

Think about this for a second…

“If Adam were to be available (I mean, engaged in common activities with Eve at the garden); who knows, maybe she wouldn’t have been available for Satan to tempt her.”

Anyway, that’s just my thought.

12. Forgiveness And Understanding

Rick Warren, at one time, said, “Marriage is the union between two great forgivers.”

 Believe me; there’ll be a lot of times when your partner will be challenging to get along with or make mistakes. At some points, even the best of women make silly mistakes.

She wants to know that in her seemingly “not too good” days you would understand her and forgive her for any wrongdoing.

Remember, there are no perfect partners anywhere. “A great marriage is the union between two imperfect people who just know how to forgive each other when they screw up.”

Have you thought about the verse that says, “Husbands live with your wives with understanding?”

Probably not!

She wants you to understand that sometimes, her hormonal fluctuations get the best of her mood.

As a man, you’re going to have a hard time if you don’t understand the different cycle women go through.

 The least you could do is to be empathic.

13. Nurturing

The desire to nurture is weaved into the very fabric of every woman’s soul just as the man has a desire to protect.

No matter how macho your displays are, your partner wants to see you for who you are (not what you pretend to be). She wants to see right through the cracks in your defensive shield. 

Simply put, she wants you to be vulnerable enough to open up to her (because she knows that sometimes, it’s OK not to be OK).

As a man, I know you’ve been told to “act” tough, so people don’t think you’re a weakling.

You’ve probably heard this phrase countless times, “men don’t cry.”

Well, let me burst your bubble, “it’s a lie”

From my observation, one of the reasons relationships suffer is a lack of authenticity and vulnerability. People just want to act smart and tough as if they have everything going together for them.

The truth is, a lot of us don’t!

Lots of men are dying on the inside, but they just keep acting tough because they don’t want to appear weak.

I get, being vulnerable can be scary; you’re afraid they might not like you for who you are. I’ve seen lots of men who can’t open up to their partner about how they feel.

But the truth is, your partner wants to work with you. She wants to shower you with love and acceptance so you can thrive and become the man you were met to be.

That can only happen when you open up to her and allow her to nurture you.

So don’t hide anymore. She wants to bring out the best in you.

14. To Feel Sexually Desired

What is that “holier than thou” look on your face? 

Of course, sex is as essential to a woman as it is to a man. It’s one of her non-negotiable desires.

She doesn’t want sex. She needs it.

(Hello, don’t get your hopes too high, I’m not in any way endorsing sex before marriage here).

All I’m saying is that it’s great to have a partner with whom you’re sexually attracted. (You won’t go to hell for that). It’s called chemistry!

She wants to be with a sexually active man that can give her the pleasure of mating. 

There’s no denying; if you’re able to satisfy a woman’s sexual desire, there’s no telling how much spark and romance your marriage life can have (Great sex can keep the spark alive when you eventually become marriage partners).

Always make her feel sexually desired. Praise her body very often. Hold her and communicate that you see her as a sexual being (because in the first place, that’s what she is.)

15. Make Her Feel Important

When the pressure of life hits us, one area that often suffers is our relationships.

For instance, when partners experience financial struggles in their relationships, it isn’t uncommon for the man to want to put in more work so he can provide for the woman he loves.

This could involve him working longer hours, taking extra jobs, staying late into the night etc.

To a man, this is his way of making sure he provides for the woman he loves to secure their future.

However, this usually doesn’t go well with the woman.

In her eyes, she feels he prioritizes his work above her. And as a result, she begins to feel unloved, neglected and that everything else matters more to him than she matters to him.

As a man, understand that it’s perfectly normal to want to provide for the woman you love, so you both can have a better future together. But you’ll be making a terrible mistake if you fail to notice that she’s becoming unhappy.

And if this continues for too long, just know that there won’t be any future between you again.

Take this simple advice to heart; 

“No matter how important other things are to you or how busy you get, if you so desire to build a loving and lasting relationship, you must put your woman’s need first in your life.” 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should sacrifice yourself just to please her.

All I’m saying is, you should put her feelings into consideration and do whatever it takes to make her feel loved, cherished, heard, valued.

16. A Bit Of Admiration

Here’s a quick one for you;

“Bring out a pen and paper and write down 10 qualities you admire in your partner.”

And don’t even say she has no positive and admirable qualities. I can look straight into your eyes and call you a LIAR. Just kidding!

Your partner has excellent qualities in her that other men would probably die for. So what’s stopping you from seeing them?

Well, one fact about humans is this;

Whatever you focus on magnifies. If you focus on the positive qualities of your partner, that’s all you’ll see. Likewise; when you focus on the negative.”

So my friend, look for the seemingly underrated and straightforward qualities your partner possess and praise them. And you should be specific while doing this.

For example, tell her how her bright smiles make your day. Let her know how good a cook she is. Appreciate her for being there always for you. Thank her for her immense contribution to the relationship.

 Every time you do this, your small words of admiration and appreciation make her happy.

17. Be Sensitive To Her Feeling

Sensitivity and a bit of spontaneity can work wonders with a woman. 

You’ve got to pay close attention to her nonverbal communications like mood, tone of voice, body language etc.

Don’t make her feel she doesn’t have the right to feel the way she did. She will resent you for invalidating her feeling.

And again, sometimes, even the independent, strong and sassy woman wants to be pampered.

18. Maturity

Believe it or not, no woman wants to spend the rest of her life with a 3-year-old kid in a 30-year-old body.

She wants a matured man. 

Do you have a handle on your emotions?

Are you responsible?

Can you handle a difficult situation?

Are you self-lead or you weaver between people’s opinions?

Women know that maturity is often a function of stability- stability in thoughts, mind, spirit and soul.

You’ve to become a master at making intelligent decisions in the face of conflicts and become secure in your ability to handle your emotions.

The woman in your life wants to know that you can take responsibility not just for yourself but also for her and the relationship.

19. Honesty

Trust and honesty are the glue that makes relationships trustworthy. Without them, a relationship is as good as dead.

No woman can accept infidelity in her relationship with a man. Dishonest behaviours destroy her trust in and respect for you.

When you’re always honest with her, she feels secured and relaxed. Having a man she can have to herself (without having to compete with other women) is every woman’s dream.

20. Confidence

A woman is biologically designed by God to avoid men who lack self-confidence. She can’t just stand an indecisive man. These qualities are a complete turn off for her.

When a man comes across as timid and anxious, it makes a woman cringe and runs off in the opposite direction. A man who lacks ambition has little or zero chance with a great woman.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you…

It’s because all these qualities indicate that he’s insecure, that he cannot make a quality decision for himself (let alone for some else). It shows he can’t commit to anything (and that includes her).

A woman is designed to get attracted to a man who possesses self-confidence because she knows that if she (and her offspring) is to survive, it in her best interest to find a man that has self-confidence.

When (and if) a woman is uncertain about your ability to love and meet her physical and emotional needs, she’ll eventually lose the desire and respect she has for you.

You mustn’t mistake self-confidence with arrogance. She doesn’t want to be with an intimidating and cocky guy because she knows that arrogance is often a sign of insecurity.

The primary reason she seeks out a confident guy is that she needs security.

21. Give Her Space

Her entire life doesn’t revolve around you, you know! Her life isn’t all about you or the relationship.

Like you, she too wants to spend time doing other things she loves.

For example, time with her friends, pursuing her passion, hobbies that interest her, entertaining and fun-filled activities (like seeing movies).

Your partner deserves her private life too.

22. Surprises

I know what you’re thinking…

“Must I buy her expensive gift – for her to value it?”

Not really, though!

If you’ve been thinking like this, you might be wrong. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. 

What makes a gift valuable isn’t how expensive it is, but the thought behind it. A gift says more than its price tag. In other words, it is the ‘thought” that counts.

Buy her flowers and watch her glow with excitement. Also, you could make the evening worthwhile after a tiresome day by planning a simple candlelit dinner and invite her to join you.

The bottom line is, you have to be very creative but not extravagant. Believe it or not, simple gestures like these can make a significant impact on your relationship.

23. Believe In Her

Here’s what I tell guys, “Who your partner becomes is a reflection of who you are as a man…period!”

You should be your partner’s number one fan at all times.

Believe in her. If she’s aiming for a five-figure digit job, make her understand she’s settling for far less than she deserves. Encourage her to go for a seven-digit job.

You see, “people become the kind of conversations you have around them.” 

Help her break limiting and disempowering beliefs because women naturally struggle with low self-esteem.

Build her up. Turn her into a giant slayer. Focus on her strengths and help her see them until she realizes her true potentials.

It’s your job as a man to bring out the best in your partner. And one way to do that is to believe in her (and communicate it as often as possible)

24. She Needs A Leader

If you think leadership is about being bossy or commanding your partner (to do stuff for you), then you have it all wrong.

It also doesn’t mean you do all the work. It merely means that you’re the one to go first.

Let me explain;

“Leadership is about service.” 

It’s going the way rather than just showing the way. It’s about walking the talk.

As the head of the relationship, your utmost job is to serve and sacrifice for your partner. And you serve her not by telling but by showing (with your actions).

You should be first to say, “I’m sorry,” “to go the extra-mile,” “to be vulnerable,” etc.

“When the things you do make her dream more, believe more, do more and become more, then, you’re a leader.”

Notice; I said, “the things you do. Not what you say.”

A woman wants to relax into her feminine self – with the mindset that her man has everything under control.

Women are biologically crafted to seek out someone (a leader) to give themselves to both emotionally and physically.

They look to men to provide direction, stability and security.

You see, to influence your partner in positive ways, you must get good at creating a win-win solution when dealing with her and exercising emotional control. 

The moment you become unsure of your abilities and self, she begins to lose respect for your leadership. 

Sharpen your leadership qualities (e.g., stability, emotional intelligence, decision making, vision, purpose, imagination, goal setting etc.) through personal development. And when you develop these qualities well enough, not only will you attract more success into your life, your partner will become naturally drawn to you as well.

25. Encouragement To Go For Her Dreams

Have you ever sat your partner down and ask what dreams are?

You probably had forgotten that before you came into her life, she had dreams.

As a man, you must encourage your partner not only to dream more but also to follow her dreams.

Don’t just make her settle for good enough when you know that she’s talented, intelligent, skilled, creative and capable of more.

If you don’t encourage her, she’ll live with disappointment her whole life.

Don’t be insecure. If you can’t handle your partner’s exposure, success or achievement, I suggest you find ways to deal with your insecurities ASAP.

26. Friendship 

After holding hands, kissing, cuddling and the likes, what sustains a relationship is friendship.

The things I mentioned above (are essential) but can’t guarantee a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Your partner should be your friend. She’s in your life now. And you’re the only one with whom she can share her feelings and thoughts.

27. Financial Stability

Let this sink;

“Money does not make you happy, but the lack of money (in a relationship) can cause unhappiness.”

No matter how financially independent your partner is, she expects you to provide for her expenses. 

Myles Munroe once remarked, “Your partner will always remain secure once she knows that you’re financially stable.” 

Of course, she doesn’t mind lending a helping hand, but she would like to have her man take up the relationship’s financial responsibilities. 

28. Chemistry And Compatibility

Attraction in a relationship is equally as crucial as like-mindedness.

She doesn’t only want to be attracted to you; she also wants to be able to live with you.

Deep within her, she asks questions like;

Do I feel alive and energize when I talk to him? Can I sustain a long conversation with this person? Do we enjoy each other’s company? How well do the both of us get along? Is there an emotional connection between us?

To a large extent, the success of your relationship rests on how well you answer these questions.

29. Be Assertive

Don’t be a pushover. Always ask for what you want.

Make your partner know when her actions and behaviours don’t go well with you. This is one quality that allows any relationship to blossom. 

 You’ve probably heard the statement, “nice guys finish last and single?”

It’s true! Because more often than not, nice men don’t ask for what they want (they just get by with what they’re given) but later complain behind their partner.

Too sad! I hope you aren’t this kind of man.

“Women are far more attracted to assertive men than they are too laid-back, timid and passive men.”

30. Be Curious About Her

Complacency kills more relationships than you know.

Rather than judge your partner’s actions and behaviours, you want to be curious about it.

Why does she dress the way she does?

Why does she act the way she does?

Be curious about her. It creates excitement and hunger to want to know more about your partner.

31. Emotional Intelligence

You can’t change your partner. You can only influence her. And to be able to persuade her, you must be emotionally and mentally aware (first, about yourself and then her state).

Without awareness and influence, change is impossible.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my friend; what women want in a relationship.

OK, I understand that this article is quite lengthy (it took me 96 hours to put everything together). And I want to thank you for reading this piece to the end.

You’re the real deal!

I want to know (in the comment session) some of the things you’re already doing to improve the quality of your relationship or/and what you learned from this article and have decided to implement.

Thanks, I look forward to reading and replying your comments!

Nelson Whetat is a dating coach who is fascinated by human psychology and passionate about helping single women understand men, increase their desirability and attractiveness so they can get their dream man. He’s also a marketer and direct response copywriter who enjoys crafting attention grabbing and emotional compelling content and stories to sell digital products

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