What does dating mean in a relationship

What Does Dating Mean To A Guy: 9 Weird Facts

I overheard three friends discussing ‘dating’ the other day…

They had different perspectives about dating.

One said he considers it a period where you get to know someone before deciding whether or not you want to pursue it any further.

Like, asking the girl to be your girlfriend…

The other said it’s a period to hook up. While the last guy considers dating as “being exclusive”

And these different perspectives got me thinking and wondering what other views guys might have of dating.

So, in this article, I want to share with you the different perspectives guys have as regards dating.

What is dating, really?

Does dating mean boyfriend and girlfriend?

What’s the difference between dating and being in a relationship?

What does dating mean to a guy?

Let’s face it:

Nowadays, dating is becoming more and more complex.

There have been times when some women (perhaps you) believed they were in a committed relationship with a guy,

Only for them to realize they were casually dating or only interested in just hooking up.

The word “dating” has become quite challenging to understand.

Nowadays, dating can signify a variety of things, from simply hanging out to being in a committed relationship.

So, “What exactly is dating?” given that guys have a different understanding of this term.

What Does Dating Mean To A Guy: 9 Things Dating Mean To A Guy

1. Trying To Explore Their Options

What Does Dating Mean To A Guy

Many women have asked John, “how many women are you dating?” and whenever he says 1-5 every month, the women get surprised.

His definition of dating is going on multiple dates.

Here’s what that means, according to him…

Sometimes, when he goes on a date, and it doesn’t work out, he moves on to the next girl.

He talks and texts them simultaneously and tries to meet them physically to decide the one he’s interested in.

In other words, he’s keeping his options open.

His approach is to reduce the number of options to one that he’d like to test out for a while and see what happens.

Recently, he was chatting with several women on various dating apps.

He went on first dates with four of them.

For the first woman, after the first date, he was sure there wouldn’t be another. Nice girl. However, there was no connection.

The second one was undeniably a click. Funny girl, but she lacks professional ambition. He said he would give it another go and see what happens.

Third, it was impossible to get a date set up at first. They finally had a date, but there was no spark.

And the last woman was charming, energetic, and he was going to explore more with her because she fit into what he was looking for.

Now, you get the idea.

 Although it may seem silly, not all men know the qualities they seek in a partner. Dating will enable him to recognize the qualities he would desire to find in a partner.

He might begin dating other women until he finds the one he can commit to. This enables him to explore his options and learn more about the attitudes of the ladies he is seeing.

Ultimately, the woman he could relate with the most while dating eventually becomes the one he wants to be in a relationship with.

2. They Want To Sleep With You

Does Dating Mean You're Single

Does dating mean sleeping together?

Well, a lot of guys believe so.

When I asked a guy about his views on dating, he said, “just having fun and f*cking.”

Sadly, he isn’t the only guy with this mindset.

This may sound like a disgusting motive, but some men go on dates because they want to have sex with you.

In a survey to find out what dating means to men, several of them mentioned that the purpose of dating was for them to have sex.

While this may not seem like a horrible excuse on the surface,

It can be incredibly unsettling to learn that your time spent getting to know someone was really simply an attempt to get into your underwear.

Only a tiny percentage of guys openly state that sex is their only desire.

That’s why you should strive to see the warning signs, like they always mention how attractive you are, ask you to sleep over or encourage you to drink more.

He only wants to sleep with you, so don’t be fooled.

3. Trying To Connect Emotionally

When people go on dates, they look out for emotional connection or what some people call ‘chemistry.’

The fact that we are social beings is one of the uncomfortable truths that many of us find difficult to accept.

We yearn to connect emotionally and with other people.

Although this denial affects people of both sexes equally, I can tell you that it is much more prevalent in men.

A guy looking for intimacy in a girlfriend will probably keep that information to himself as he asks you out.

This kind of guy views dating as a chance to assess a partner’s mental and emotional compatibility,

With a potential romantic connection as the desired outcome. A guy like this is often genuinely curious about you.

4. In search of SO (significant other)

Some men’s definition of dating is…

“Dating is when you are consistently or regularly seeing someone to make that person your significant other but you haven’t had the official conversation yet”

Others say:

“Dating is the process of finding your potential wife…courting.”

Some men actively search for women who fit their requirements. It is clear from this that they intend to have an exclusive relationship.

These men are undoubtedly seeking a connection because exclusivity distinguishes dating from being in a relationship.

So, whenever they go on a date with a woman, they try to check off all the boxes that fit their list of preferences.

5. To Enhance Their Egos And Social Standing

Does dating mean sleeping together

Many guys will never admit to this, but it’s why many of them date.

Strangely enough, some men still see dating as an ego boost.

Male ego fragility has existed since the beginning of humankind.

A guy might take you out on a date, especially if you’re on their list, so that they can brag about it to their friends.

If you can, avoid these types of guys since they have no interest in pursuing anything serious or long-term with you.

6. For Fun

Some guys want to have fun with the opposite sex.

It could mean spending time with them, whether it is by going out to lunch or dinner,

Hiking, movies, watching a show or sporting event, going for a walk and engaging in pleasant conversation, or any combination of these activities

Dating is an opportunity to go on a first date, get to know someone, and have a great time.

These guys might not be interested in relationships since they are looking for an escape or momentary solace.

Official Dating Meaning: The Real Purpose Of Dating.

Here are 3 meaning of dating:

7. Dating Time Is Data Collection Time

Dating time is the time when you get to know someone personally. It’s a fact-finding mission.

It only makes sense that you should get to know someone before you start a relationship, right?

This is when dating becomes necessary.

You try to determine your compatibility at this point.

You might want to hang out with them frequently.

When you date, you have deep conversations, laugh, ask questions and observe their behaviors.

You want to get a sense of who they are.

It is your responsibility to get to know the other person,

Determine whether you are compatible, have similar interests and values, beliefs, world views, and if you are attracted sexually.

 You’ve got to gauge how you feel both together and apart.

It involves little to no commitment. It doesn’t imply exclusivity.

8. Dating Takes A Short Time

Dating isn’t forever.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s no specific time frame for this.

What makes up that cut-off depends on the two of you.

How fast you connect, if the guy is ready and willing to move things forward, etc.

The key is to be clear about your standards and what you want before meeting guys to ensure that you get what you want and avoid time wasters.

Dating is an opportunity to observe how various people think, feel, and behave. And that brings me to this important point…

9. You Can Date More Than One Person At A Time

I know a lot of you will probably frown at this, but hear me out.

As I said, it isn’t advisable to go on a ‘date’ with the mindset that it will automatically lead to something serious.

In other words, you aren’t supposed to label a guy as boyfriend material when he hasn’t even gotten the chance to show you that he is.

Granted, I’m not saying you should negatively view a guy whenever you go out. You should be warm and open to the possibility of a committed relationship.

But you’ve got to observe to see if the guy has the qualities you’re looking for.

What if he doesn’t?

Is he looking for the same thing as you?

It isn’t about how you feel about him…whether he has potential or you’re falling for him already. It’s about how he treats you and his intentions.

Mind you; attention isn’t intention. The fact that a guy gives you attention doesn’t mean he wants the same things as you.

Don’t assume that everyone has the same priorities.

All possibilities are still on the table when you’re dating.

A non-exclusive relationship suggests you are learning about the guy.

Both parties are still “on the market” at this period; thus, seeing other individuals is okay –especially when the guy hasn’t said anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dating Mean You’re In A Relationship?

Not really.

Although dating is a form of relationship, it doesn’t imply exclusivity.

The key distinction between dating and being in a relationship is how committed you are to your partner,

And this usually involves having an open and sincere conversation.

As you get to know someone, you can have a non-committed relationship with them

How Do You Tell If A Guy Wants A Relationship Or A Hookup?

Even though we all know that some men are merely looking for a hookup, it’s not always easy to tell which ones those are.

Some guys are very frank about their intentions.

Others consciously or unintentionally transmit contradictory signals.

No matter how he says it, some men are not prepared for a committed commitment.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Wasting Your Time Or Interested In Something Serious?

Here is how to tell if a guy wants to date you or just sleep with you

1. He’s more interested in your appearance than anything else.

2. He doesn’t want to go out with you on dates.

3. He claims he isn’t interested in a committed relationship right now.

4. He only makes himself available when he wants to hook up.

5. He continues to use dating apps.

6. He openly flirts with other women etc.

Does Dating Mean You’re Single?

Dating does not imply you’re in a relationship. Depending on your definition of “single” and how long you two have been dating,

Some people interpret the term “single” to mean single. And that’s what it is.

You can probably conclude that you are not single if you have been seeing the same person for a while.

But you’re single, until he puts a label on it or ask you to be his girlfriend.

You can’t just assume you’re in a relationship when he hasn’t asked you to his girlfriend.

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