The Ex Factor Guide Review: Get Your Ex Back

The Ex Factor Guide Review

Review of: Ex Factor Guide

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the strategies are unique and can be easily applied.



The program and it’s bonuses cost $47.



The program offers a 60-day money back.

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Summary: The ex-factor guide is a dating and digital program designed by Brad Browning who uses unique techniques and strategies to specifically show you how to win your ex back.

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Main E-Book table of content (Boyfriend Version)

Main E-Book table of content (Girlfriend Version)

“It’s been proven severally that more than 90% of all broken relationship can be fixed. 

But, only if you know exactly what to do…”

These were the exact words I said to Newton 9 months ago (as at the time of writing this) that transformed his failed romantic relationship-for good.

You see, a month before contacting me, 

Newton had just experienced a breakup that shattered his heart and left him with a sense of disappointment, grief and abandonment.

His girlfriend with whom he dated for a year and seven months had fallen out of love.

Everything he tried to get her back failed and he was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. 

He was completely hopeless about his situation because he didn’t know what else to do.

As I stood at my balcony listening to Newton narrate his breakup ordeal over the phone, 

I knew exactly how he felt and what he was going through.

I’ve been through my share of a bad breakup.

It was a horrible experience that knocked off my confidence and left me questioning my self-worth and identity. 

My shared hopes and dreams about the future were completely ruined. And I was afraid of moving from “we” back to “me”

In my dark moment, I soon realized that sometimes, a breakup can be for the best. 

But at other times, it can be a wrong move…in the sense that, 

you two are meant to be together and live happily ever after- in the long run.

This epiphany made me embark on the quest to win my ex back. 

I read every article on Google on how to get your ex back. 

I was looking for ways to make her understand how deeply I still care and love her.

However, after making several mistakes in my attempt to win my ex back, 

with lots of frustration…and no sign of success, 

I almost gave up the chase until I came across an online program that changed everything for me.

It’s called the ex-factor guide.

In this the ex factor guide review, 

I’m going to share with you a no-nonsense and unbiased opinion on everything you need to know about the ex-factor program,

So you too can get your ex to obsess over you while making it look like it was their idea.

This same program helped newton salvage his broken relationship.

Let me guess, you are in a similar situation right now. 

You’re looking for how to overcome and get through a difficult and devastating heartbreak.

And you seriously want to get your ex back.

I’ve been there, too. 

I know how it feels to miss someone so much, 

that you’re willing to do almost anything to win them back.

I know how it feels like to go to bed at night with eyes full of tears,

thinking you’ve lost someone you care about so much, 

And if only you could get a second chance to make thing right. But, this time, for good.

Despite what you might be feeling right now; I’ve good news for you.

You may think it’s impossible to get your ex back, 

but give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you how powerful this program is,

that helped me and Newton to get our exes to fall back in love with us again.

But before I begin to show you how effective this program is, I want to make something abundantly clear…

The ex-factor guide isn’t for everybody.

It’s only for those who believe in a second chance at a relationship, 

and want to get back together with their ex, rekindle the attraction in their broken relationship, 

ready to put in the required work, 

and ultimately experience the happiness, joy and love they truly desire and deserve.

However, the Ex-factor guide isn’t for you if…

If any of the above sounds like you, you might as well STOP reading, right now…and close this window.

But, if not, then keep reading…

Now, What’s The Ex-Factor Guide Anyways?

The ex-factor guide is a dating and digital program designed by Brad Browning,

who uses unique techniques and strategies to specifically show you how to win your ex back –either boyfriend or girlfriend.

There are two separate programs,

One specifically for men who want to win back their ex-girlfriends and another one for women looking to win back their ex-boyfriends.

Brad Browning who’s a breakup and divorce coach (I’ll tell you more about him shortly) is just like you. 

He’s had his fair share of a bad breakup.

When his long-term sweetheart dumped him for someone else a long time ago, 

he wished there was a guide just like this he could use to win her back. 

But, unfortunately, there was none.

He made terrible mistakes in his desperation to win her back that yielded fruitless results.

Same mistakes you’re probably making right now.

Imagine if Brad had gotten a program like this: they probably would have still been together, right?

So, Brad’s passion to help clients go through a devastating breakup period and get the love of their life back is rooted in his own experience.

Over the years, he’s used his blood, sweat and tears to test, tweak, and perfect every single technique and strategy he’s outlined in the ex-factor guide.

He’s done a perfect job by breaking down human psychology to its very core.

Ex-factor guide is a PDF e-book with 14 chapters. 

Each with detailed step-by-step advice and methods,

on how to identify the psychological buttons you need to push to engage with your ex’s hard-wired feelings and desires.

These psychological buttons are the keys to winning your ex back.

And if you are like me who prefers videos and audios, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

The e-book version is strengthened by an audiobook version as well as a video series of the PDF.

You can also have access to a set of audio and video bonuses (worth $289.) 

These bonuses address a specific element in relationships; 

such as how to re-wire your mind to be mentally prepared before meeting your ex, 

10 commandments of sexual attraction, 7 steps to sex appeal, How to read a man, Why men pull away…

The amazing part is that everything is online. 

The videos, audiobooks, and PDF can be accessed via mobile phone or computer at the moment (whether it’s 2 am lying in your bed or 2 pm at the office).

What the ex-factor guide covers

Below are some of the chapters it covers

And many more…

The Ex Factor Guide Review; Here Are 3 Facts To Know

Fact #1:  In your present state; lonely, emotionally stressed and possibly needy, you aren’t in the right frame of mind to convince your ex to come back.

Sadly, in this state, it’s very easy to make mistakes.

So, you need time to analyze the relationship and ask yourself some thoughts provoking questions.

questions that would force you to look past the surface but into the very core of your being.

This can’t happen if you’re trying so hard to contact your ex. 

At least to tell them how bad you miss them or can’t live without them or how miserable you would be without them in your life.

This is the reason you need some time off.

 Fact #2: You need to strictly adhere to the no contact rule.

The ex-factor holds the 30 days (or 31 days, however long the month is) sacred.

It’s a period where you are not to initiate any form of contact with your ex.

This rule is majorly for you.

It helps you to detoxify yourself and reset your brain against everything that would cause you problems in winning back your ex.

People are most emotionally vulnerable during a breakup. 

So, this period helps you to develop a strong emotional foundation,

which helps to prevent your ex from using you as an emotional crutch that they can dispose of at will – when you finally win them back.

Rather than being needy, you want to develop yourself during no contact. 

You want to become the kind of person your ex will be proud of and won’t be able to resist once they see you.

You want to develop yourself into the kind of person who’s capable of building healthy relationship,

free of cheating and lies and every other issue that led to your breakup in the first place.

Fact #3: The best time to respond to or initiate contact with your ex.

The truth is, to win your ex back, build a healthy emotional connection, 

you need to erase every negative thought and emotion they have of you…

And replace them with positive ones.

At this point, you focus on crafting out a non-date “dates.” 

And to do all these, you must be able to tap into their primal desires, subconscious feelings

and plant seeds of romance, passion and sexuality while proving to them that you’ve become an irresistible catch.

After this, the program explains how to lock down the relationship. 

It emphasizes the need to avoid sex before officially getting back together.

so your ex doesn’t use you as a sexual outlet.

The program also deals with some “worse case scenarios.” 

For example, what to do in a situation where your ex refuses to respond to your contact initiation.

At this point, I should be HONEST with you…

Like every other product or e-book program in the digital space, the ex-factor guide also has its downside.

However, if you truly love your ex –as you claim, 

you want to win them back, and you’re convinced they’re “the one,” 

then the things I’m about to say shouldn’t stop you…

1. Lengthy

As I’ve mentioned previously, the ex-factor guide is a comprehensive guide with 14 chapters. 

And it’s necessary that you patiently read through and take it to heart.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t patient or doesn’t like to read, 

you could make use of the audio or video versions instead.

Whatever version of the program you settle for, understand that patience is key to getting the best out of it.

2. No overnight success

There’s absolutely nothing of great significance that happens overnight. 

Same with winning your ex back. 

You need to carefully execute the author’s step-by-step strategies and methods – over time.

It took me about 3 months to begin to see tangible results after consistently implementing Brad’s strategies daily.

Every broken relationship is unique. 

Therefore, I can’t categorically tell you exactly when you’ll begin to see tangible results in your case. 

As this program doesn’t guarantee instant results or cure.

However, how fast you see results is dependent on how resolved and willing you are to implement the author’s ideas.

3. Effort is required

No effort, no results. It’s pretty simple.

If you aren’t ready to invest the required effort on your end, 

no one is coming to do the task for you. 

That’s why I always advise people to own the idea of winning their ex back.

Let it be your idea and not someone else’s. 

If it isn’t your idea in the first place, 

you’re going to give up too soon on the quest to rekindle your damaged relationship and eventually win back your ex

particularly when you aren’t seeing the result.

The truth is, along the line, your resolve will be tested. Prepare your mind to do the required work.

Meet The Author/Coach: Brad Browning

Brad Browning is a “relationship and marriage geek” who lives in Canada and specializes in breakup and divorce.

He studied at the University of British, Columbia with an educational background of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

He’s skilled in numerous relationship aspects but his major focuses are on reversing breakups, 

mending seemingly unredeemable relationships, and stopping divorces.

He has worked with thousands of couples around the world to help fix their broken relationship and build healthy ones.

Brad’s recipe for success came from his personal breakup story. 

This experience has fueled his passion to help others salvage their broken relationship. 

And it has taken him years of learning and testing to get it right.

This highly acclaimed geek is the author of two best-selling guides: 

“The Ex-Factor Guide” and “Mend the Marriage” that have helped thousands of users around the globe.

He also has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos on relationship and breakup advice. 

Besides, he also contributes to popular dating sites like YouTango and love learning.

By now, I know you’re probably wondering,

How Much Does Ex-Factor Guide Cost?

The program, including the audiobooks, videos and bonuses cost $47 only.

And it’s a one-time payment backed by 60 days 100% of your money back guarantee,

if after applying the step-by-step guide your love isn’t the strongest as it’s ever been…

As someone who has applied every strategy and advice in the program, 

I’d say the price is well worth it. Honestly speaking, the program is worth even more.

If you’re like me who…

  • Couldn’t have been able to forgive me if I had allowed my ex (whom I truly loved) slip out of your hands-forever
  • Couldn’t even imagine seeing my ex spend the rest of her life with someone else other than me.

Then my honest advice is for you to invest in this program. 

After all, you have nothing to lose. 

Don’t forget that the 60 days money-back guarantee means there are zero risks.

You can sign up and try it out.          

My Final Verdict: The ex-factor guide review

There are several programs online that operate in the “win your ex back” space. 

However, I would recommend the ex-factor guide again and again for two reasons:

  • I’ve bought the program myself and it worked and I have recommended it to several other persons – just like you that it worked for, too.
  • If you do well to apply Brad’s methods and strategies, you’ve got a great chance of winning back your ex.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Try it out for yourself.