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Review of: Save the marriage system

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Summary: Save the marriage system is an online program created by Dr. Lee Baucom to help couples having trouble in their marriages to overcome the challenges and stick together.

The E-Book Introduction

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This Is A True Life Story

Abigail met her husband when they were in college.

She didn’t like him at first. There was nothing wrong with him; she just didn’t like him.

But her husband Michael was a friend to Abigail’s roommate in college.

He begged her roommate Jessica to convince Abigail on his behalf.

Abigail, who just came to college, told Michael she was not interested in any relationship.

But Michael kept persisting and wouldn’t give up.

He would send gifts that she rejected. He did all he could to get her into a relationship, but it failed.

On one occasion, Abigail accused him of stalking her and threatened to call the cops.

But that didn’t deter Michael. He kept asking and hanging around Abigail until she was about to graduate from college.

Abigail convinced herself that the man must genuinely love her; that’s why he kept persisting for so many years without giving up.

She then decided to give him a chance, and that was how their relationship started, and they later got married.

You think this is a happily ever after story, right? Wrong…

In fact, when they got married, things turned in the reverse direction.

Michael no longer cared or had regard for Abigail.

He was cheating consistently on her and was also abusive to her verbally and domestically.

Abigail was always crying herself to sleep on many occasions.

Michael even called her a liability of a wife.

Abigail knew that the marriage would come to an end at some point if she doesn’t do something to save it.

That was when she came across the save the marriage program.

 After eight weeks of implementing the strategies taught in the program, Abigail turned her home around from constant fights to an atmosphere of peace.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am Abigail…

In this save the marriage system review, I would share my experience about the program.

Save The Marriage System Review: What You Really Need To Know

What’s Save The Marriage System?

Save the marriage system is an online program created by Dr Lee Baucom to help troubled marriages get back together again.

As taught in the program, Dr Lee’s techniques are entirely different from what many marriage counsellors teach.

I dragged my husband to marriage counselling, and despite what we spent, we didn’t make headway.

Going through the program, I could easily understand why it didn’t work.

While most counsellors teach you to focus on communication and nothing more

Dr Lee tells you to work on perception.

That was when I started to pay attention to communication and how my husband would receive and interpret the information I gave.

Whenever I felt he could misunderstand me, I would explain better. And boom, our relationship improved significantly.

Then he started to tell me why he used to act the way he does.

How some of the things I said to him at the lowest point in his life (when he had no job) hurt him, and he made up his mind to treat me bad. I was shocked to my bones.

What’s Inside the Save the Marriage System

The save the marriage program has the main e-book titled “save the marriage” it has 17 chapters, two bonus e-books and two bonus audiobooks.

I know that might look like a lot but trust me, it isn’t too much to save your marriage.

The main e-book is divided into sections, namely:

Part 1

Why Traditional Couple Therapy Fails

Most people who are on the verge of divorce are currently seeing a therapist.

Research has it that over 50% of couples who go for counselling still end in divorce.

In this section, Dr Lee shares insight into why you shouldn’t waste your money on marriage counselling.

He also shows you why counselling doesn’t work. In case you’ve been going for counselling without seeing any improvement.

Part 2

Moving From You And Me To We

Admit it, most of us are used to “ME” then we get married and have to change to “WE.”

That’s one of the most challenging aspects of marriage.

It was difficult for me to adjust to “WE.”

I have always been a stubborn and independent girl; from childhood, adjusting to “WE” was not easy.

When my husband told me some of the things I did to hurt him, I was surprised because it was apparent that I was thinking only about myself at those times.

This chapter teaches you how to make that transition.

Part 3

Recipe For A Successful Marriage

This section teaches you how to navigate the troubled areas like sex in your marriage.

Why perception and clear communication is important.

Chapter 15 is titled “Sex Is We” in fact; sex was one of the reasons why my husband started resenting me.

That’s a story for another day.

The book has checklists at the end of chapter 6, 7, 8, 9.

About The Product Creator Dr. Lee Baucom

Save the marriage system was created by Dr Lee Baucom, a marriage therapist who has been practising for the past 22 years.

Dr Lee is a doer of what he preaches and has been married for over 20 years with two lovely kids.

He holds a masters and PhD in marriage and family counselling. His commitment is to help save as many marriages from divorce.

Save The Marriage System Review: Pros And Con



Do I Recommend This Program?

Heck Yeah. It saved my marriage. Today 2 years after taking the program, we are still in marital bliss.

We have continued to reference the save the marriage system program to make our marriage the best we can have.