Long Distance Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

Long distance relationship can be challenging; the distance apart is already an issue.

Because your partner is not around, there is bound to be temptations and suspicion from both parties as per what the other is doing right now.

Long distance relationship could get complicated and if not properly handled can cause tension in the relationship.

Just like any area of life with challenges, long distance relationship is no exception.

Long distance relationship problems arise due to many factors which we would cover in this article.

Misunderstanding in a long distance relationship can be hard to resolve due to the physical absence of both partners; this could lead to silent resentment and avoidance in terms of commitment.

I would show you long distance relationship problems that you might not have been aware of and ways to solve them.

Many people couldn’t handle the challenges associated with long distance relationship; hence it didn’t work

It’s important to always prepare for the problems that may arise in your relationship and get the information needed to overcome it.

7 Long Distance Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

1. Miscommunication

It’s easy to misunderstand each other in a long distance relationship, and not say what should be said or get a wrong understanding of what your partner said in the first place.

Miscommunication is one of the most significant problems of long distance relationship; it makes both partners keep issues to themselves and not say how they feel, which can lead to bitterness and resentment.

I encourage partners in a long distance relationship to discuss everything and have nothing hidden because what you hide can destroy your relationship.

I understand that some of the things you would say might not be pleasant to hear, sometimes it might even threaten the relationship, but your partner should know you as a person of integrity.

Since both partners live far from each other, there’s a high tendency they would misunderstand each other often because living in a different location would affect your thinking.

Your partner not always being around or available when they are needed can bring anger which can lead to miscommunication.

In any relationship there would always be situations of miscommunication, both partners must take time to discuss whatever might be causing tension.

Unsaid words generally lead to miscommunication, talk to your partner about everything, including what they might not want to hear; this helps to keep the relationship healthy.

Whatever you are not comfortable with let your partner know about it, please don’t assume your partner knows they are hurting you because they might not.

Assumption can spell doom for any long distance relationship; let your partner know about your feelings and what might be the cause of it.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy is something that spares no one, and it could cause severe tension in the relationship if not properly handled.

In long distance relationship, the tendency to be jealous is high, seeing your partner hang out with someone of the opposite sex could instantly spark flames of wrath.

Many promising relationship have ended because of jealousy.

Jealousy could make you do irrational things to your partner like calling them every minute or telling them never to hang out with anybody except when you are around.

This could make your partner feel they are in a prison of some sort and urgently need freedom.

Give your partner room to breathe, or they would soon get tired of the relationship because nobody likes to be in prison.

According to the long distance relationship rules having a very close friend of the opposite sex in the same city where you live might not be the best thing to do.

A close friendship with the opposite sex while your partner is not around could bring temptation and compromise.

Keep jealousy in control by not feeding it, concentrate on building trust in the relationship and never let jealousy overpower you, it could make the relationship very frustrating. It might even make your partner take actions they didn’t intend.

3. Loneliness

loneliness one of the major long distance relationship problems

For someone who has been in a long distance relationship for three years, I can tell you it could sometimes be lonely, and loneliness can bring all kinds of funny thoughts.

Sometimes you wish your partner was close so you can visit each other regularly and during special celebrations like Xmas you would want your partner around.

The truth is long distance relationship is hard; you have to think of ways to keep the relationship going.

Loneliness can come in different ways, for instance, you want to talk with your partner but they are busy at work, or you want them on the phone, but they are feeling sleepy.

Both partners must understand the need for compromise to reduce the effect of loneliness.

Do your best to be available when your partner needs you either to talk or to know that you care.

Participate in long distance relationship activities and have the best of fun you can, this would help strengthen the bond of relationship and guard against temptations that loneliness might cause.

4. Time

At the early stages of a relationship, time is an essential factor in helping the relationship grow and become strong as deeper issues are discussed; this allows knowing each other better.

What many people don’t know is that time could also spell doom for a relationship, and for a long distance relationship, it’s even worse.

Time could make you feel like you made the wrong choice of being in a long distance relationship.

The longer you have been in a relationship, the higher the chance of taking the relationship for granted.

At the beginning of every relationship, there is great excitement but with time, boredom and familiarity sets in which can make the relationship uninteresting.

Make efforts to keep the relationship satisfying this can help overcome the effect time has on every relationship.

The longer partners are in a long distance relationship; the more they think many things they used to do is no longer important.

The early morning calls, the kisses through the phone, the consistent affirmation of love and the surprise gifts seem to disappear, and they both start to behave like they are single again.

Most people complain that the older a relationship, the less attractive it becomes, this is not true if you can find ways to spark things up.

One of the ways to spark things up is to participate in long distance relationship activities and refuse to take your partner for granted.

5. Growing Apart

This is one of the hardest long distance relationship problems to handle because it’s not apparent at the beginning.

Partners can slowly grow apart, even without knowing.

When there’s no longer interest for what you used to do together, or you are no longer happy with your partner on the phone that could be a sign you are growing apart.

Growing apart happens over time, and it’s the reason why you have to be on guard.

There are a few factors that can aid growing apart, and they are listed below:

i. Refusing to tell your partner what they did wrong

ii. Feeling that you are sacrificing too much to make the relationship work

iii. When both partners no longer see value in each other

iv. When you haven’t visited each other for a long time

v. Feeling you know your partner too well (familiarity)

vi. When your partner keeps repeating the same mistakes

Identify the reason for growing apart, communicate it clearly with your partner and take urgent steps to fix the issue.

6. Nothing To Talk About

In long distance relationship, it’s quite easy to run out of topics for discussion, and because both partners are not physically around, it makes it even more difficult.

Unlike a normal relationship where you can communicate without talking that is almost impossible with a long distance relationship.

In a normal relationship, you can be together and watch movies without saying a word, even the physical presence of your partner is some form of communication.

But in a long distance relationship it’s different, there’s virtually no form of communication that doesn’t involve talking.

Trying to force conversation and ensuring there is always something to talk about can be harmful.

Issues which should have been forgotten are brought up for discussion, and this can quickly bring arguments.

Partners must look for creative ways to communicate with each other than talking on the phone.

Days will come that there would be nothing to talk about, and that’s fine do your best to replace those things with activities that will add value to the relationship.

7. Having No Goal

It is quite common for people not to take a long distance relationship seriously. They quickly give up in their hearts but continue to play along with the mindset that it won’t work; most people in long distance relationships double date with someone who lives nearby.

Having a goal for the relationship can help overcome the temptation of living apart from each other.

A defined goal helps reduce the loss of interest from both partners; this would help keep things exciting.

Having no goal would do the opposite; it brings boredom and lack of interest.

Goals such as the date of the next visit, when will you guys eventually get married or live close to each other, are a great motivation to help both partners keep pushing for the relationship’s success.

Discuss with your partner and clearly define the relationship’s goals, and you would be amazed at what a difference it would make.

Joseph Moore is a dynamic relationship coach and motivational speaker, Who has been speaking on relationship and leadership for some years with a commitment to ensure people get it right. Joseph is CEO at viral digital marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to startups and small business.

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