Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs

There’s no easy way to say this: a long distance relationship is hard.

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be challenging; you are in a relationship but always flying solo.

You are the go-to person when your single friends want to hang out and the “crowd” when your friends hang out with their partners.

When your friends are out for dinner, you are at home watching Netflix and having Skype sessions.

As the relationship continues to rely on skype and facetime to survive, the temptation to cheat increases every day.

In case you’ve been looking for long distance relationship cheating signs, then this article is for you.

In a long distance relationship, you are putting enormous trust in your partner, and your partner is doing the same.

There is no sure way to determine if the trust will not be broken; even if it’s broken, there’s no easy way to find out.

Unlike conventional relationships, face to face meeting is a luxury in long distance relationships; you would hardly see your partner physically to trash issues out.

It also makes it easy for your partner to hide the truth for a long time without hassle.

Without being physically around your partner, it’s hard to determine if they are playing games or some other issue is taking their time.

If you are in a long distance relationship, the thought that your partner is cheating on you has crossed your mind at least once, right? According to research, cheating does not occur more in a long distance relationship; the researchers concluded that the risk of cheating depends on the quality of the relationship and the personalities of those involved…That’s Good News That Should Put Your Mind To Rest.

Here’s The Bad News…long distance relationship makes it easy for your partner to hide the truth for a very long time. I know that might upset you, but relax, you will soon discover the long distance relationship cheating signs you need to watch out for.

But First…

Let’s Define Cheating

Cheating is a relative term; it does not mean the same thing to everybody. According to the Wikipedia definition, “cheating is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional or sexual exclusivity.”

Here’s My Definition

Cheating refers to the violation of specific rules that both partners consider “out of bound” for the relationship.

By the definitions above, many actions fall under cheating, which includes double dating, kissing someone else, having a romantic session with someone, etc.

If you have been trying to find out long distance relationship cheating signs then you are in the right place

If you are ready…

Let’s dive into it.

7 Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs You Should Know

1. Avoid Communication

avoiding communication is a long distance re

Communication is the lifeblood of a long distance relationship; it’s almost impossible for the relationship to succeed without effective communication.

When your partner starts cheating, they begin to avoid communication; it’s possible they are just busy with work or having a tight schedule. When they make it a new habit to give excuses when it’s time to communicate, something is wrong.

When someone who used to spend hours with you on the phone but can no longer stand you for ten minutes, that’s a red flag right there.

I remember when my ex-girlfriend started dating someone else; our communication was the first hit. Before that time, we would talk and chat for hours, but when she started seeing someone else, it was hard to get her online; even when we chat, it wouldn’t last more than five minutes.

It was disturbing for me who wanted more communication, but she didn’t seem interested in communicating more.

Whenever it was evening or she was with the guy, she would switch off her phone; she did everything possible to avoid communication.

If you are experiencing a similar attitude from your partner, it might be that they are cheating on you.

2. Visiting Each Other No Longer Interest Them

Discussing when next you will visit each other is always an interesting point in a long distance relationship.

Expectations are high; both of you look forward to it.

When your partner starts cheating, visiting each other will no longer interest them.

They won’t even talk about it. You might be the one trying to bring up the issue, and they would keep replying with, “I don’t know yet.”

In my case, my ex, who was always excited to visit, suddenly went cold and hardly visited me anymore; it was like she had lost enthusiasm and didn’t care if the relationship worked or failed.

You can call it “I don’t care attitude,” but it got me frustrated because I was trying to figure out the change in attitude. If your partner suddenly doesn’t give a damn about you or the relationship that’s a cheating sign, be on the lookout!!!

3. Consistent Quarrels

Fights are frequent in a long distance relationship; the distance can sometimes create tension in the relationship. But constant quarrels for no valid reason are a red flag that something could be going on.

If your partner suddenly begins to resent you or both of you quarrel over everything, it time to evaluate it.

My partner and I didn’t have any fights for two years from when we started dating, but when another guy was in the picture, we quarreled every day.

It was like whatever I said got her angry, and she didn’t care how she spoke to me, sometimes it was quite rude, which was very unlike her.

We would always settle our dispute quickly and promise each other we wouldn’t have any more fights, but that didn’t happen; the next day, we would have another fight. If you are in this kind of situation, you have to figure out what’s happening.

4. They Don’t Acknowledge You On Social Media

I understand that not everyone wants to showcase their relationship on social media, but when you love someone, you have no problem acknowledging them on social media.

When your partner starts to cheat, they want to keep an open book about their relationship status.

They won’t want to acknowledge you as their partner so as not to offend the other person; your partner can bring all sorts of excuses to justify why they want the relationship kept secret from people.

I remember my ex refused to put my picture on her WhatsApp profile with the excuse that she didn’t want her uncle to know about our relationship funny right, but that was what she told me.

After we broke up, it wasn’t up to one month before she uploaded the other guy’s picture on her WhatsApp profile; it was now easy to know why she was giving excuses.

5. They Keep Talking To/About A Particular Person

If you notice your partner keeps talking to/about a particular person


Just the same way your partner was excited when they started a relationship with you; they would also be excited when they start a new relationship with someone else.

The feeling of excitement of the new relationship would make them consistently talk about a particular person with the guise that they are “just friends.”

If you notice your partner keeps talking about a specific person when you are together, something is likely going on.

Whenever my ex visited me, she was always talking about one particular guy and how nice he is and how he was different from other guys she has met.

When she’s on the phone with him they will talk for almost an hour, I didn’t suspect anything because she said he was a nice guy and has a girlfriend, but eventually It was the opposite…they were dating.

6. Their Stories Is Inconsistent

Inconsistency in your partner’s stories is one of the long distance relationship cheating signs to observe.

When your partner starts to cheat, their stories are not always consistent.

If what your partner said before and now is conflicting, that might be a red flag.

It may be because they are lying or they’ve been stressed and mix things up, nevertheless if your partner’s stories are not always consistent or it seems they are surprised when you remind them of certain things they have said, that might be a sign they are cheating.

I called my ex one night, and her phone was switched off (that was one of the signs remember) then I called her cousin that lived with her.

The cousin said my ex went to do her assignment in one of her classmate’s house; I was surprised because they had finished the semester.

Which assignment again? I asked myself

The next day I called my ex, and she acted surprised and said she was in the room with her cousin sleeping.

I related to her what her cousin told me and she said her cousin was lying. I had to let the issue go because I trusted her.

I later found out she went to spend the night in the other guy’s house.

The inconsistency between her story and what her cousin said was a red flag I didn’t notice.

7. They Start Keeping Secrets

When your partner is not cheating, it’s easy for them to tell you almost everything from what they are currently doing to what they intend to do.

But when you notice that your partner hardly discusses anything of significance with you that could be a red flag.

If they make decisions without caring about your opinion, it could mean they have already gotten it from someone else.

It’s essential to take time and observe why your partner suddenly starts keeping secrets.

When your partner starts going to places without telling you or just becomes unreachable for no reason and later tells you, “I am not your prisoner” just know that troubled times are ahead.

When my ex bought some new things without telling me, I wondered how she got them she said it was from her brother.

Later I found out how she got it. I know what you are thinking, and you are right…it was from the other guy.

What To Do Next…

If you notice the listed long distance relationship cheating signs don’t freak out relax and don’t immediately assume your partner is cheating.

Here Are The Steps To Follow…

Assess the situation

Thoroughly investigate the issue and consider the evidence in order not to accuse your partner of cheating wrongly.

Go On A Surprise Visit

Going on a surprising visit was how I caught my ex I went to visit without telling her I was coming and boom I caught her red-handed and she couldn’t deny it.

Decide If You Will Forgive

After you have confirmed that your partner is cheating, decide if you will forgive and continue the relationship or end it, that entirely up to you. But mine ended.

Joseph Moore is a dynamic relationship coach and motivational speaker, Who has been speaking on relationship and leadership for some years with a commitment to ensure people get it right. Joseph is CEO at viral digital marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to startups and small business.

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