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10 Important Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs

Breakup is one word most people in a long distance relationship don’t want to hear.

The mere thought that your relationship is ending could give you sleepless nights.

Psychologists have discovered that breakups trigger the same part of the brain as when you experience physical pain; that’s why breakups hurt that much.

When my relationship was about to end, I couldn’t sleep for two days or even eat because I wasn’t feeling hungry.

I know you would call me Mr. Lover man, but the truth is, no matter how strong you are, breakups have a way of making you breakdown.

As someone who has been involved in a breakup, I can tell you that sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.

Someone can leave you for reasons best known to them; the only thing is to prepare yourself when you notice long distance relationship break up signs.

It’s hard to accept that the long distance relationship you are in right now can come to an end, but denying it doesn’t remove that possibility.

Many people have been severely hurt, and some have even committed suicide because they didn’t heed the warning signs that their long distance relationship was heading for the rocks.

In this article, we would explore ten long distance relationship break up signs.

My goal is to ensure you confront the reality in your relationship without sentiments.

If you are set, let’s dive in.

10 Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs You Must Know

1. Your Instincts

I am not in any way asking you to become a psychic who can tell the future, but your instinct is vital and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you continually feel something is “off” but can’t tell what it is, pay close attention.

When I started feeling that something was wrong with my ex, I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew something wasn’t right, although she said everything was great between us.

Eventually, I caught her cheating with someone she said was “just a friend.”

If you feel this way about your long distance relationship, then it’s time to “investigate.”

By investigating, I don’t mean sneaking up on your partner when you are together or checking their phones without permission.

It just means paying closer attention to their attitude and observing their actions more.

There’s more than one way to confirm that your partner is about to leave the relationship.

By the way, please pay them a surprised visit, it helps.

2. They Don’t Just Care

a girl not caring about her man

You know that “I don’t give a damn about you feeling” that’s a breakup sign staring at you.

When your partner doesn’t seem to care about what you do or how your life is going, that’s a sign that the relationship might be ending.

When you are in love, even if it’s long distance, you are excited to participate in your partner’s daily activities.

But when that excitement fades out either from you or your partner, then it might be time to say goodbye.

As my relationship with my ex was in its last days, I noticed she didn’t give a damn about me. She was hardly concerned about my welfare.

It’s a sad feeling when you know you are not on your partner’s priority list.

3. Hardly Any Communication

Communication is the bedrock of every successful long distance relationship. Without it, the relationship is doomed to fail.

One long distance relationship break up signs that can’t easily be ignored is lack of communication.

It becomes even worse if one or both partners are not willing to work out the communication issues.

Communication helps create an atmosphere of understanding because it allows you and your partner to speak your mind.

But when there’s no communication or the communication gets boring, that might be a sign that things are coming to an end.

The lack of communication may be due to your busy schedule, but that should not be allowed to ruin your relationship.

It’s also possible that communication is getting boring due to lack of long distance relationship activities to spice it up.

My ex and I had a superb communication style until the relationship was about to end.

It was hard to get her online. Her number was often switched off, and when she eventually comes online, she doesn’t spend up five minutes and disappears.

The attitude made me worry, but she, on the other end, didn’t feel anything was wrong with our communication.

The moment it seems like your partner has entered “ghost mode” that might be a subtle sign that’s it all over.

4. The Relationship Is One-Sided

Every relationship is a two-way street. You and your partner make up a team and are responsible for the long distance relationship’s success or failure.

A situation where only one person is doing everything to keep the long distance relationship going that a subtle breakup alert which should not be ignored.

A one-sided relationship can be very depressing, and this can affect your self-esteem.

If you are the only one doing the calling, the first to initiate a conversation, bring up a conversation about when you would see each other, etc. that’s a sign that the relationship is about to end.

No one can effectively do the job that is meant for two.

A one-sided relationship often makes you feel alone and single.

If you continuously feel that way, then it’s time to have a serious conversation about the relationship.

5. No Discussion About The Future

Plans for the future are among the most exciting things that can help keep a long distance relationship fulfilling.

It makes you look forward to the future with hope and excitement, but when the relationship is no longer working, the future is hardly talked about because it’s no longer real to both partners.

When you and your partner hardly talk about the future, that’s one of the long distance relationship break up signs that should be taken seriously.

The conversation about the future in a long distance relationship is a source of inspiration and determination to reach the desired goal.

6. Constant quarrels

constant quarrels is one of the long distance relationship cheating signs

I had enough of this one; constant quarrel with my ex.

It was frustrating. The more we didn’t want to quarrel, the more we did, and to make it worse, it was over the phone.

Irrespective of the “resolution” made by both of you, constant quarrels are an obvious sign that the relationship is about to end.

Many people ignore it and conclude that it’s due to the long distance.

Misunderstandings are part of a relationship and can occur once in a while, but if it happens almost daily, that’s a red flag.

7. No talk About Visiting

You know that excitement when your partner informs you that they are visiting?

The opposite is when you and your partner don’t talk about visiting each other anytime soon.

That could bring severe issues in the relationship due to the high possibility of yielding to temptation.

Lack of consistent visits is already one of the problems of a long distance relationship. No visit means the relationship is about to come to an end.

It is wise to ask your partner why things are like that, but if you get a response that is not satisfactory, then it might be time to end it.

8. Toxic Behaviors

If you are experiencing a toxic attitude from your partner, then it’s time to take a walk.

Tolerance to toxic attitudes could be fatal for your health and sanity.

Such attitudes include verbal abuse, attack on your self-esteem, domineering, jealousy, and a continuous torturing with your past. All these are break up signs.

Nobody should be in a toxic long distance relationship for any reason due to the adverse effects it has on your general well-being.

9. Lack Of Trust

There’s the simplest way to put it No Trust No Relationship.

If you’ve been having trust issues with your partner, which makes you worry and have sleepless nights, then it’s best to end the long distance relationship.

No relationship can survive without trust; it’s only a matter of time before things fall apart.

Anyone who has trust issues shouldn’t start a long distance relationship in the first place because it requires a significant level of trust to keep it going.

10. A Track Record Of Cheating

One of the fastest ways to sink into depression is to endure cheating; seriously, it’s not worth it.

If your partner cheats consistently, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Tolerating a cheating partner would not only give your sleepless nights but possible high blood pressure from thinking where they are right now and what they are doing.

Cheating is due to a lack of respect and a subtle way to tell you that “you are not good enough.”

Tolerating cheating is a sure way to destroy your self-esteem and shatter your self-confidence.

Before you and your partner agreed to long distance, you would have been aware of the challenges, long distance should not be an excuse to cheat.

Joseph Moore is a dynamic relationship coach and motivational speaker, Who has been speaking on relationship and leadership for some years with a commitment to ensure people get it right. Joseph is CEO at viral digital marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to startups and small business.

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