how to make your boyfriend want you

8 Exciting Ways On How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

Are you beginning to feel like your boyfriend is losing interest in you?

Is he pulling away?

Constantly ignoring your text? Or is he taking more time to text back – unlike he used to?

Does it seem like you’re fighting for his attention?

If your boyfriend is avoiding you or displaying even the tiniest hint of disinterest in your relationship…

And you’re wondering whether he’s still deeply in love with you or not….because he doesn’t seem to be

In this article, I’ll show you 7 secret ways to make a man deeply obsessed with you using psychology.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You? 7 Secrets You Need To Know

1. Learn To Communicate Your Standards

make him obsessed with you and only you

But first,

Let me explain a crucial concept that is used in the food industry.

When food is processed, they aim to find the ideal balance between salt and sweetness to prevent you from feeling full.

This prevents you from feeling satisfied. This makes you desire more…your appetite remains unquenchable and you continue to eat.

It is known as the bliss point.

This concept is applicable in dating.

What is the ideal balance between salty and sweet in your relationship with men?

How do you keep your partner from getting bored with you and still make him want more of you?

I think one of the main problems women have with men is communicating their standards.

They’ve never really defined what is acceptable or not when they are dating a guy.

What exactly am I seeking?

How should I expect to be treated?

And even if they are aware of these standards,

How do I express them to a guy without coming out as pushy, harsh, or too demanding?

I understand people are scared of confrontation.

Even though you might not agree with what your man just did, you are hesitant to call him out because doing so could lead to awkwardness or conflict.

Although many women won’t confess it aloud, that’s the truth.

While communicating values and standards can be challenging, it is one of the most fascinating things you can do.

If you can communicate your boundaries without being rude, you’ll be able to captivate a man’s attention in a way that no other woman can.

2. Support His Goals And Make Him Feel Valued

How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

This is one hardwired psychological secret that’s widely overlooked and underrated by many women today but very powerful.

Most women are looking for men who are already successful in a way.

There’s nothing wrong with that in itself.

You probably think it’s better to be with a successful man than be with someone who needs your support, only for them to start going after other women when they’re now successful.

Your fears are valid.

But scratch that.

Only a man who doesn’t know himself will do that.

If you want to make your boyfriend obsessed with you,

Then support his goals and be his number one cheerleader – especially at the beginning when he hasn’t yet proven himself.

Because believing in a man before he can prove himself is the key to influencing him…And making him obsessed with you and keep coming back for more

Men gravitate towards women who believe in (and make) them feel valued.

You should never date a man you don’t believe in to begin with.

Let me share a story to drive this point home for you.

I read a book, “$100M Offers” by Alex Hormozi. If you’re an online marketer, you probably know him or read his book.

You see, at the early stage of his business, Alex was struggling to make headway.

It got worse that he was at the point of bankruptcy.

He got home that day, and worked up the courage to speak but stared at the floor, embarrassed as he spoke to his girlfriend, Leila.

“I’ve got nothing,” he said. “I’m a sinking ship, and you don’t have to be with me.”

Leila did something rather strange…

She didn’t abandon Alex in his dark moments.

Instead, she grabbed Alex’s chin and pulled his face towards hers so she could look into his eyes.

“I would sleep with you under a bridge if it came to that. I believe in you. And I know you’re going to figure this out, too.”

During those tough times, Leila continued to support and believe in Alex.

Long story short, they have built several business ventures together worth billions of dollars ever since.

And the amazing part is…

They’re now married with kids.

Alex loves her like crazy and continues to obsess over her till tomorrow.

If you want a man to obsess over you, believe in him. He’ll never forget you. And even if he did leave you for someone else, he’ll regret it.

I promise you!

3. Be Passionate About What You Love

Passion is contagious. And people can feel it.

If you’ve wondered, “how do I stay on his mind?”

Speak about the things you love when you’re with your boyfriend – and speak about them with utmost passion and enthusiasm.

They are the things that make you unique and special.

For example:

If you have a melodious voice and are great at singing, don’t hesitate to sing in front of him.

Or it could be that you’re an artist. Surprise him with your painting of his portrait.

Talk about your future goals, dreams, and aspirations.

When your boyfriend sees that you’re passionate about your skills and talents,

And that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve and make yourself better,

with or without him, he’ll become completely obsessed with you.

The psychology behind this is very simple.

Demonstrating your passion communicates that he’ll never find someone like you.

And you’re not going to give up on your goals and skills because you’re in a relationship with him.

Never lose your identity because you’re in a relationship.

Have a life of your own. That’s how you make a man go crazy about you.

4. Give Balance To The Relationship

Don’t play hard to get. Instead, play hard to forget.

I see a lot of women who attract the wrong men because they play hard to get.

Playing hard to get doesn’t make a man obsessed over you.

There will be problems if you show a man that you’re overconfident (arrogant) and don’t ‘need’ him, and you appear to have many options.

Yes! If you act like you’re not fussed about having someone there for you,

You’re going to be an attractive choice for a guy who is not serious about commitment

In my opinion,

It’s never a good idea to hide your feelings from your partner.

If you’re the busy type and can’t meet up with him, that’s a pretty different story.

But playing hard to get with your boyfriend’s emotions because you think it’ll give you the upper hand is a terrible waste of time.

Sure enough, this behavior makes you more desirable in the short term.

At least some women only appreciate the thrill of the chase,

But I tell you this;

Suppose you’re genuinely looking for a long-term and committed relationship,

Aman who craves you emotionally. In that case, you need to be able to challenge men to see your value naturally.

And you do that by making him feel wanted while making it clear that your energy is precious.

Tell him you miss him. Tell him the qualities you like and admire about him. Don’t hide your emotions.

One psychological secret you should always keep in mind that will make your man deeply in love and obsessed with you is balancing…

Balance being challenging and making him feel wanted.

5. He’ll Be Obsessed When You’re YOU

Be authentic. Be real. Be YOU.

This may sound like a cliché, right?

But it works.

And here’s why…

The love that you have for yourself would determine the love you can receive.

That’s why you need to accept and love yourself first.

If you really want your boyfriend to be crazy about (and deeply obsessed with) you,

You must fully accept yourself and just be yourself when you are around him.

Love your imperfections with your full chest.

Self-deprecation shoves your nose in the dog shit and says, “please love me anyways.”

It would help if you tried to cultivate true self-love even in the more difficult moments in your life.

 To do this, you must start seeing yourself through a different lens.

Imagine somebody you love coming to you during a difficult time in their life and saying:

“I’ve messed up and I need your advice.”

“I made this huge mistake and I don’t know what to do.” “I’m really struggling with insecurity and my confidence is so low right now.”

You intuitively know how you’d treat that person you love and care about.

You’d treat them with love, kindness, and support.

You see their potential. You become a teammate in helping them figure it out.

You are an ally who lifts them, not a ruthless judge who sentences them to more days, months, or years of feeling bad about themselves.

 That’s the kind of relationship you need to start cultivating with yourself that would make your boyfriend wonder about the kind of woman you are.

If you want him to chase you and crave you emotionally, first accept your imperfections.

6. Text So Good He Can’t Ignore You

how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you over text

According to a recent dating survey, texting your boyfriend significantly affects your communication and your relationship.

When done poorly, a text can send the wrong impression and cause a guy to be completely turned off …

Or it can have a significant effect, making him dwell and think about you constantly, every day.

However, texting doesn’t come naturally to a lot of women.

There are a lot of text messages to make him think about you template out there. But to help you get started, here’s something important you need to understand.

Your text must be…

Sweet, sexy and flirty

To ensure your text messages have maximum impact and be the right one for the moment, consider how you want him to feel and the vibe you want to convey.

Here are examples of sweet texts to make him obsess over you:

“How do you manage to make me giggle so much even when you aren’t around??”

“Whenever you’re with me, I feel so safe.”

Sexy texts to make him obsess over you:

“It got so hot in my room last night that I had to take of all my clothes to sleep. Can you imagine that?”

“I have no clothes on right now. I’m about to take a shower. Please come help me shrub my back?” (With a winky face)

You can add a twist to any of these or even come up with your own. The goal is to keep it sweet, sexy, and flirty…

Because it’s not what you text—it’s how your text makes him feel.

7. Your Biggest Enemy Is Neediness

If you want to make your boyfriend obsess over you, then it’s crucial you never come across as clingy or needy.

Get a life outside your relationship.

And when all else fails, you have to be the one willing to leave when things aren’t right.


Because a man will only become obese with (and choose) you when you choose yourself first.

And choosing yourself involves getting busy working towards your personal goals and dreams.

Above your need for any man should always be the need to do what’s best for you,

To live according to YOUR purpose and values, and not settle for any treatment that is beneath what you’re worth.

Remember, no man will treat you how you deserve to be treated until YOU determine your worth.

Of course, you should make him feel loved, valued, and wanted but…

Don’t be pushy. And never be needy.

8. Be A Little Mysterious

You want a guy to know you’re not a jerk…

…So you jump straight into building a sincere emotional connection.

You tell him EVERYTHING about yourself.  

Here’s the problem…

That might be authentic…but when we’ve only just met, it’s unsexy.

Too much information, too soon, is like telling us how the film ends while we’re just getting settled in our seats.

You need to keep us guessing instead if you want to turn us on.

Consider James Bond. 

He’s got international assassins hunting him down daily.

Ever see him moan to Miss Moneypenny about it?

Of course not!

NO ONE knows what Bond thinks or feels.

That’s his entire modus operandi.

He gets women hot by being … cold. 

He draws them in by being … distant.

There’s a wall of mystery around him. 

A wall every woman he meets is desperate to rip down.

So while most men are open books… Bond uses the remarkable power of curiosity to attract women.

It works just as well for women in real life too.

So be like Bond. 

Pump him full of curiosity… 

Crank up the tension…  

Make your boyfriend feel something big is at stake. 

Because when you do that, he’ll think about you… A LOT

Men’s Psychology is Easy!

As I mentioned previously, men’s psychology isn’t hard at all.

With these few points, you can see that you don’t have to play hard to get for your boyfriend to fall deeply in love with you or become obsessed with you.

Tell us in the comment; has a guy ever lost interest in you?

What did you do to get him obsessed with you again?

Share your experience with other amazing women.

Nelson Whetat is a dating coach who is fascinated by human psychology and passionate about helping single women understand men, increase their desirability and attractiveness so they can get their dream man. He’s also a marketer and direct response copywriter who enjoys crafting attention grabbing and emotional compelling content and stories to sell digital products

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