How to make him your boyfriend in 30 days

18 Irresistible Ways On How To Make Him Your Boyfriend

Why do guys never want a relationship with me?

“I’m just a girl who desires to be loved by a man. Is that too much to ask?

Did I piss off someone in any way I’m not aware of?

It hurts because the last time I had a real relationship was almost a decade ago.

Perhaps, I offended the cupid goddess or something to make me deserve my share of rotten luck with men.”

Josephine reflected as tears started to well up in her eyes.

I felt for her. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Like most women, Josephine stumbles in the dark when it comes to finding love and Mr. Right.

She has trouble keeping a guy interested in (and around) her – for long.

Either they say they need space or aren’t just ready for commitment.

They always come up with some lame excuses or something.

For many years, it’s been from one dead-end relationship to another.

Just the same patterns and cycles over and over again.

And after a couple of weeks of having very hot and heavy relationships, they collapse like a pack of cards.

The guys are soon out of the door… into other women’s arms.

Her experiences in the dating pool have been choking.

And now, she’s sinking – gasping for air – and about to get drowned.

She came wanting me to help her.

Why doesn’t he want me?

The last guy was Ronald. And like the other guys she dated before,

Things immediately burned and collapsed before they could even get off the ground.

They went out on a couple of dates. Had fun, but the spark fizzled out just like before.

Ronald suddenly became aloof. He stopped replying to her texts and calls.

She’s seriously disappointed and starts to get depressed and desperate.

And worse of all, she thinks something is wrong with her.

So, she wanted to know…

How to make him want you

You’re probably in the same boat as Josephine.

You yearn for that magical connection with the guy you have a crush on.

Or perhaps a guy you’re already seeing.

You like him a lot. And you think he’s a great match for you.

And you want to make him your boyfriend.

How to make him your boyfriend

But you’re scared…because you’ve been disappointed by men in the past.

And besides, even if you’re ready to give it a shot, you’ve no idea how to make him your boyfriend.

And keep his heart burning with ferocious passion just for you.

How do you show him you’re the right girl for him,

The woman he should commit to without coming off as desperate?

How do you show him you’re the woman he can never do without?

There’re secrets to turning a man on like crazy you can learn.

Yea, how to make your boyfriend crazy about you, but…

The trick, however, is to make him feel things he’s never felt with any other woman before. Do that; then he’s as good as YOURS.

Time to stop wondering…

In this article, I’m going to let you in on 18 incredibly effective ways on how to capture his heart and love you forever.

The same tips Josephine applied that transformed her love life – forever.

18 Incredibly Effective Ways How To Make Him Your Boyfriend

1. Don’t Lose Hope

How to make him your boyfriend in 30 days

There’s a reason I’m starting off with this point.

It’s natural to get disappointed, discouraged, and lose hope when things aren’t working out the way we want.

Trying to find a guy and make him your boyfriend isn’t any different.

Dating is difficult.

And finding Mr. Right is even harder – especially if you’ve suffered countless heartbreak from men.

Like Josephine, you may even think something is wrong with you.

Like, maybe there’s a cupid goddess somewhere you pissed off, and now she’s trying to pay you back by frustrating your love life.

So, the natural thing to do is to become skeptical and completely give up on love.

Women often say things like, “Nah! This love thingy isn’t for me. I’ve had enough.”

It’s not your fault you feel this way.

It’s normal. After all, you want to protect your heart from further heartbreak.

But, think about it…

You could become one of those bitter girls out there who use rejection as an excuse to become a man-hater and a bitch.

Girls who harass guys online just to feel OK

However, if you’re interested in finding love again, you’ve got to keep hope alive.

Love may feel hard to find, but remember,

Meeting that one amazing person who becomes your life-long teammate only needs to happen once.

This is where most women get it wrong. They just shut down their hearts,

Become defensive with their walls up, and become extremely negative.

They become monsters, victims, villains and extremely bitter. For them, it’s payback time.

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you,

You must realize that hope is so important because it keeps you believing that there’s a man somewhere for you regardless of your past experiences.

Someone who would love you like crazy. Be excited about you. Obsessive with you.

Who can’t wait to see you, be with you, spend time with you…and commit to you…

Worship you, be devoted to you, and adores you.

And make you his girlfriend.

If you’re asking, how do you win a man’s heart?

Being hopeful and positive about men, love, and life is the first step on how to make him your boyfriend.

No man wants to be with a bitter woman.

Now, being positive and hopeful doesn’t mean you should be unreality.

It simply means you believe love can still happen to you or find you regardless of your past experiences.

If you don’t keep the hope of finding love alive, every other point you’ll read in this article won’t help you.

I guarantee.

But if you’re open to something amazing happening to you, and you’re wondering,

How can I turn him into my boyfriend?

How can I make him fall in love with me forever?

Then keep reading to discover how to make a man want you bad

2. Communicate Your Standards In Sweet And Salty Ways

Here’s what I mean:

The bliss point is a concept in the food industry. Basically,

It’s the point where the optimal salt-sweet ratio prevents you from becoming satiated.

This prevents you from feeling full. This makes you want more.

That point at which you continue to eat without losing your appetite

So, what does the bliss point mean in terms of a relationship?

And, more importantly, how do you make him your boyfriend while also keeping him interested in you?

It’s easy:

By communicating your standards in sweet and salty ways

One of the most difficult issues I believe women face with men is communicating their standards.

The first issue for many women is that they are unsure of their own standards.

They’ve never really thought about “what is acceptable and what is not acceptable” for a guy to do around me.

And, even if they are aware of the standards,

How do you communicate them to a man without coming across as a nag, being overly stubborn, or being overly demanding?

Many women are reluctant to admit it, but it is true.

Here’s how to make a man fall deeply in love with you by communicating your standard.

For example:

Say no to sex.

I don’t advise you to sleep with a guy when dating especially if you’re looking for a serious and committed relationship.

Sex should be on the back burner. (I know many women ignore this advice)

Instead, I advise that you get to know each other on a mental and emotional level before trying to tear down each other’s clothes.

That said, let’s assume that this is your standard.

So, how do you tell a guy you’ve just met about it?

“Do you want to go home with me?” a guy might ask at the end of a first date.

Regardless of how he says it

I considered two types of women who misunderstand this.

The overly aggressive woman is one type of woman.

She is the one who says something to the effect of…

“Are you serious?” Do you believe I’d return to your home after just one date?”

That’s the woman who provokes him, bruises his ego,

And makes him feel as if he never wants to risk anything with her again.

Then there’s the lady who is far too sweet.

She is excessively passive.

She might say to him or make excuses like,

“What do you think? I have a lot of work to do in the morning.

I also need to get up early. As a result, I can’t. But I hope to see you later this week.”

So he never realizes how fast-paced it was for her.

He only knows she made an excuse. He has no idea whether it was legitimate or not.

He has no idea what her standard is.

The other type of passive or sweet woman follows him home, despite the fact that it is not her style to do so.

Because she likes him, she may think to herself,

“Yeah, I like him and want to be close to him.”

So she goes back to his apartment. Maybe she had sex with him, or maybe not.

But she gets taken into a situation she doesn’t want.

Many women have ruined their chances with men this way.

As a result, neither of these works very well.

The assertive woman demonstrates her standards but does not maintain the tension in a positive way.

On the other hand, a woman who is overly sweet does not inspire respect.

The woman who is overly aggressive is a little salty.

She didn’t elicit any interest. She didn’t arouse any further desire..

Here’s how to make a man fall in love with you psychology you can apply.

However, there is a woman in that situation who reaches the bliss point.

She’s the woman who tells a guy…

“What do you think? A part of me wishes I could go home with you because you’re so attractive.

But it’s not in my nature to move so quickly. I’m not that quick.

However, if you want to take me out later this week or next week, I’d be delighted.”

You know what? A part of me would love to go home with you because I think you’re really attractive.

But that just isn’t my nature. I don’t move that quickly

But if you want to take me out this week or next week, I’d love that

This is the bliss point.

Firstly, you show that you want him.

“I’d love to go home with you because I find you attractive.”

We like people who find us attractive.

Secondly, you communicate your standard. ‘I don’t move that fast.’

And lastly, you open the door for him to step up his game.

So you say…

“But, if you want to do something this week or so, I’d love that.”

So, attractively communicating your standards gets a man to be obsessed with you.

He thinks you like him. And want to see him again.

That forces him to step up his game. He can’t resist that. He’s hooked.

If you’ve been wondering:

 How do you make him crazy about you?

This is one way to do it.

Remember, the goal is to make him experience something he has never felt with any other woman in his life.

3. Show You’re Confident.

Confidence is so sexy. And everyone is attracted to it.

Unfortunately, many women try to make a career out of playing the role of a girl in distress or victim so they can catch men.

Does it work?

Yes, but not for too long because nobody wants to be with someone who constantly needs saving or reassurance.

No one wants liability.

It’s draining.

Without a sense of confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table,

You run the risk of being left behind. Of being ignored.

Men want to be with a woman who knows herself and worth and not a helpless female.

This is exactly the piece of advice that changed Josephine’s love life forever.

I coached her on how to make him your boyfriend in 30 days

I helped her work on her self-esteem and confidence for 30 days.

Helped her gain clarity about what she wanted out of her life and her priorities.

And she began to work towards it daily. In 30 days, her attitude towards life changed.

But more importantly, she fell in love with herself.

Her attitude towards herself also changed.

James, her new date, couldn’t resist her at this level.

Tiny progress is all it takes.

Here’s the thing:

Research shows that tiny progress is as powerful as huge breakthroughs in work and life satisfaction.

The number one cause of job burnout?

It’s when you’re not moving towards anything in life.

It’s torture.

The new field of positive psychology has revealed the number one greatest secret to happiness and self-confidence.

And it wasn’t what people expected.

Because researchers were looking for life circumstances that correlated with happiness.

What did they find instead?


People feel happiest when making tiny progress towards a goal they have decided is worth going after.

Do you want to feel confident and happy today?

So you can be attractive to the guy you’re seeing…and make him obsessed with you and want to make you his?

Then set some small goals and don’t worry about achieving them. Just focus on making a little progress each day.

The happiness and confidence you feel from doing this, oozes and emanates out of you and spreads to others like an electromagnetic field.

It makes you irresistible. It’s the magnet and charm that draw others to you.

The more you like and love yourself, the easier for him to fall head over heels for you.

That brings me to this next point on how to turn a guy into your boyfriend.

4. Be Nurturing

Allow me to explain:

Right from childhood, men are trained to be stoic.

They’re practically raised not to appear weak. And I’m sure you’ve heard them say, “Only weak men cry.”

So, they appear to have everything under control –even when deep down within, they have no slightest idea of what to do.

But they have to appear strong for the people they love, says society. After all, women aren’t attracted to weak men.

And because of this, men compartmentalize their feelings and emotions.

You aren’t allowed to show any sign of weakness, remember?

Women complain about this a lot. They say something along the lines of…

“He doesn’t open up to me.” “He’s emotionally unavailable.” “He doesn’t tell me things.” Etc.

Now you know why most men act that way.

But here’s what you need to do to make him your boyfriend and how to make a guy want you

You’ve got to escalate emotionally to create intimacy and loyalty.

What do I mean?

If you can help a man bring out his emotions and create a safe space to express them without being judgmental or critical,

You’d have given him a rare gift, and he’ll repay you with loyalty and affection.


Because most women out there don’t know how to make men feel safe around them.

They nag, whine and complain almost about everything.

They don’t know the raging war within a man’s soul.

And like I mentioned before, to make a guy your boyfriend,

You’ve got to make him feel something he’s never felt before with any other woman.

Creating a safe space for him to be vulnerable with his emotions is one of them. And I can stress this enough.

5. Develop Good Character

I can’t stress this enough.

Want to know why most girls are still single?

Not because they aren’t pretty.

Heck, not even because they aren’t enough men out there.

It’s because they lack character.

This isn’t me trying to put women down or something. It’s the reality of life.

Many of them lie, cheat, and are plain arrogant and rude.

They are selfish and self-centered. To them, a relationship is transactional.

But I know you aren’t one of them.

So, let me say this:

It isn’t enough to be beautiful. A lot of pretty women I know are still single till tomorrow.

Of course, men are attracted by what they see. They’re visual beings.

Your beauty can be your access point, but it isn’t enough for a man to make you his girlfriend.

As Lewis Howes rightly puts it,

“It’s one thing to be drawn to someone’s beauty.

However, being drawn to someone’s way of thinking, healthy habits, loyalty and honesty, inner peace and self-esteem, generosity and kindness,

And ability to give and receive love is a whole different level of attraction.”

In other words, making a guy your boyfriend has less to do with your looks but more to do with who you are as a person.

Your character. Your values.

Sure, they can sleep with you if you’re beautiful,

But they don’t want anything long-term with you.

That’s why many pretty girls settle for a “fling” or “situationship.”

No man wants a woman who can’t be trusted or an immature woman.

Bad character doesn’t attract any man. It repels them.

Learn to respect yourself as a woman. Respect people too. Be kind.

I know this advice seems out of fashion, but no man wants to be with a woman who lacks character.

Without good character, you’ll remain single for a long time. In fact, forever.

6. Support Him

Does the guy you’re seeing have any project he’s handling?

How about any presentation coming up? Is he an entrepreneur?

Is he having a rough week?

Learn to support him. Constantly encourage him.

Wish him luck and let him know he’s always in your mind.

This one way on how to get a boyfriend fast

For example, you can send your man something like this (Just one sentence to make a guy fall in love with you)…

“Good luck with your presentation. You’re going to crush it. I believe so much in you.”

Give him an experience of what it would feel like to have you as his girlfriend…As his teammate.

Because, in the grand scheme of things, a relationship is a team sport.

And if you can show a man that you believe in him no matter what, he will fall for you.

I bet you.


Because you’re helping him accentuate his masculine energy.

Most men are dying to hear the words, “I believe in you.”

You could express interest in how things went. But don’t make it an obligation.

Because demanding that he gives you feedback of how his day went can just be another problem in itself.

7. Be His Pressure Relieve Valve

Are you a girl that’s given to constant emotional drama?

Yea, the rollercoaster ride or cruise as they call it.

Most women are.

To understand how to get a boyfriend,

Keep in mind that whatever emotional baggage you’ve accumulated from childhood and past relationships,

Be sure to work them out soon enough.

Whatever daddy’s issues you have. Whatever trust issues you have.

Whatever resentment and bitterness you have towards men, start offloading them gradually.

Because your success with men depends on it

No sensible man wants a drama queen for a girlfriend.

No man wants to suffer for what someone else did to you 15 years ago.

What stand you out in the dating market are the unique and rare qualities you bring to the table.

A lot of women are prone to the crazy rollercoaster ride.

They say they’re just catching cruises.

Don’t let that be you.

What is the quickest way to a man’s heart?

Be known for peace. Life’s already too hard.

Start your healing. It’s never too late.

You want to be his safe haven, not his nightmares.

8. Never Try To Change Him

Isn’t it funny how most women go into a relationship and then try to change the guy into what they want?

You may have found yourself in this boat.

It’s a wrong move to make.

Before thinking of how to make him your boyfriend, you should first qualify him.

Is he relationship material?

Does he have the qualities you want most in a man…qualities you can never compromise on no matter what?

Stop looking at what you feel for him.

The sooner you get rid of the wrong guys, the quicker the right guy will find you.

Your time is precious. Spending one month of your time with the wrong guy is a waste.

Don’t waste your time or settle for a guy who isn’t right for you because you’re afraid you may never find another.

That’s a scarcity mindset. And it’s deadly.

There are plenty of good guys out there, but it depends on you.

If the guy you’re seeing isn’t meeting you halfway with every effort you put in, then he isn’t the right guy for you.

I know this may sound harsh but kicking a guy to the curb when he certainly lacks some of the qualities you can never compromise on shouldn’t be scary to you.

It doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

He doesn’t just have the qualities you need in a man, simple.

No need to feel remorse or bad about it.

And it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person either.

He should be interested, consistent, reliable, and willing to move things forward.

Sure, you need to be patient with him.

Relationships take time and effort to develop.

But you should never compromise on these four qualities.

And if any of these qualities are missing, the relationship will certainly not work.

Cut your losses and move on.

A one-sided relationship never works.

9. Turn Up The Feminine Energy.

How to make your boyfriend crazy about you

You may consider yourself a strong woman. You may have a good career and make your own money.

You’re financially independent.

Perhaps, you own a successful business, or you’re a CEO.

which is great.

I brought this point up because there’s this temptation to think you don’t need any man in your life.

After all, what do you need a man for when you can take care of yourself? You can provide for yourself.

There are sex toys to meet your sexual needs.

A lot of women have this mindset.

When it comes to dating, women have a primal need for men. This isn’t open for debate.

If you want to make a man fall deeply in love with you,

You’ve got to accentuate your feminine energy and plummet your masculine energy.

Take, for example:

You’ve got to learn how to receive from men.

I know you’re used to working your ass off and providing for yourself.

But this, you must learn if you want to succeed with a man.

Feminine energy receives, while masculine energy gives.

There must be a balance.

And if you act like you don’t need a man in your life, that’s the worst thing you can do to him.

He isn’t going to feel needed. He’ll feel worthless.

As you’re in the dating pool, you must switch on your feminine energy and allow the guy you’re going out with feel that he’s adding to your life.

That’s how to trigger his hero instinct.

It’s a primal desire in every man. Unfortunately, 99.99% of women don’t even know how it works.

I’m not suggesting in any way you act like a damsel in distress or helpless.

I’m advising you to learn how to accept and receive love, support, and care from a man.

Reduce your tendency to be bossy around him. No man wants that. Two captain can’t be on the same boat.

Let your feminine qualities shine through. It’s a nice feeling, really.

Other Ways On How To Make Him Your Boyfriend

10. Stay interesting and interested.

11. Be spontaneous

12. Don’t play games

13. Take the lead sometimes

14. Flirt with him

15. Be unconditionally generous (give, don’t just take)

16. Have deep conversations with him about his goals and dreams

17. Don’t be possessive

18. Don’t try to force things

Final thoughts

Sure, dating is hard.

And finding Mr. Right is even harder.

But there are things you can do to increase your chances of making a guy your boyfriend.

It depends on you.

Dating is a mindset. And if you develop the mindset I shared in this article, you’re sure to get results – like Josephine.

if you have a unique story of how to make him your boyfriend,

Share your story in the comment to help other women.

Nelson Whetat is a dating coach who is fascinated by human psychology and passionate about helping single women understand men, increase their desirability and attractiveness so they can get their dream man. He’s also a marketer and direct response copywriter who enjoys crafting attention grabbing and emotional compelling content and stories to sell digital products

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