How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Going

Let’s face it; being in a long distance relationship is hard.

I have been in it for the past three years; you need a lot of commitment to make it work.

This article is for you if you’ve been looking for how to keep a long distance relationship going

Many people don’t want to hear anything about long distance relationships; because they believe it always fail or they’ve had personal experiences that were not pleasant.

Others have tried starting a long distance relationship only to be frustrated by the constant feeling of their partner not always being around.

These reasons have made many people decide they will never be in a long distance relationship again.

Unlike when you’re dating someone in your environment or in the city you live in, you can easily visit your partner and have a good time; you can’t do that in a long distance relationship, you might have to go through some stress and travel for hours to see your partner.

The stress of traveling can make you tired and angry sometimes; which could prompt you to ask the following questions

Why travel all this distance for love?

Why am I doing this?

Is this the right thing to do?

Am I crazy or something?

One of the things people hardly want to accept is that maintaining a Long distance relationship Involves sacrifice; if the sacrifice is not appreciated, it can bring tension in the relationship.

A long distance relationship is not the way most people paint it to be, it has many challenges, but it is equally rewarding.

A research published in the journal of communication revealed that couples in long distance relationships tend to communicate better and have a higher level of intimacy than those in normal relationships.

Information like this makes it obvious that how to keep a long distance relationship going is an important issue worth discussing.

7 Tips On How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Going

1. Believe It Will Work

believe is necessary on how to keep a long distance relationship going

This is the foundation that will determine if the long-distance relationship is worth it or not.

Do you believe the relationship will work? If you think the relationship will not work or it’s a waste of time that’s what is going to happen, what you believe will either keep you going or make you quit.

Without the right believes, you will always have doubts and silently ask yourself if you are not wasting time.

Ask yourself as you are reading this article “will my long distance Relationship work

Ask your partner the same question to confirm that both of you believe the same thing.

2. Set Your Expectations Right

One of the significant reasons why long distance relationships don’t work is because; many people set the wrong expectations for their partner.

That is a big mistake that can quickly end the relationship.

Don’t expect your partner to always be around for your birthdays, or should you hope they would always be around for your family celebrations like Marriages, thanksgiving service, etc.

It would be great if they can, but that’s not always possible.

May 1st is my girlfriend’s birthday; I couldn’t be with her to celebrate due to the coronavirus Lock Down, she lives in a city quite far from me.

I called her in the morning to wish her “happy birthday” we talked and laughed, she wasn’t Angry that I couldn’t make it for her birthday

Last year, I was around in person to celebrate on her birthday, and we had a great time

She has also missed being around on my birthday due to circumstances, and I wasn’t angry about it.

What I am trying to say is don’t resent your partner because they missed your birthday and believe they don’t love you anymore, or they’ve started dating someone else.

Although this is not a license for your partner not to always be around for significant life events, but sometimes circumstances might force them to miss it.

A requirement on how to keep a long distance relationship going is to learn how to forgive your partner Ahead of time for any of your essential events they might miss.

Many people have ended great relationships with very Nice people because of Issues like this don’t make that same mistake. Discuss with your partner if they can be available for any important upcoming events, it would be great if they can make it but if they can’t don’t hate them.

3. You Will Need Discipline

One of the psychological facts about long distance relationships is that your discipline will be tested many times.

The temptation to do what you like rather than what is right will always keep coming

You will need to exercise self-discipline every step of the way.

It possible to feel intimidated and lonely when your friends go for parties with their partners or during group outings like going to the cinema to watch a movie or picnic.

The thought of compromising your standard would arise on many occasions; you would even receive counsel to date someone else since your partner is not around

That’s why it’s vital to define strict rules that would help you and your partner stay on guard.

4. Honesty And Trust Is Key

Trust and honesty are essential, especially when starting a long distance relationship.

It will determine if the relationship will work or fail, trusting your partner will help the relationship survive the test of time.

Without honesty, trust, it would be challenging for any relationship to work, you have to trust your partner, and your partner has to trust you.

Without trust, there would always be quarrels, arguments, and the constant accusation of cheating in the relationship.

When trust is lacking, not picking your calls or responding to your partner’s text messages on time becomes an issue

Every male or female contact on your phone is regarded as “the person you are cheating on me with”

Your WhatsApp chats are checked thoroughly to find out if you are cheating, even your social media accounts are not spared.

Actions like this could frustrate your partner, making them feel they Are in prison and need freedom.

Don’t lie to your partner about anything it’s just a matter of time before they finally find out and possibly never trust you again

Trust is earned, and if you want your partner to trust you make it a Resolution to always tells your partner the truth no matter how hard it can be.

5. Visit Often

This is an essential ingredient on how to make a long distance relationship work.

Long distance relationship visits is very important to keep the relationship alive and interesting

Please do all you can to visit regularly, it helps to keep the relationship secure staying apart for too long can be harmful to the relationship

Not visiting each other can make it easy for your partner to forget how happy they are when you are around

The visitation should not be one-sided to avoid making your partner think they are sacrificing too much to make the relationship work.

Create memories during each visit, enjoy the time spent together; go to the movies, shopping mall, get all the fun that will last for a long time.

Ensure you make your partner look forward to the next visit; in long distance relationship time spent together is treasured, endeavor to make the most of it

6. Communicate Consistently

If you’ve been looking for how to stay emotionally connected in a long distance relationship; the answer is communication

Communication is what holds a long distance relationship together.

Because you won’t be seeing your partner often, it’s crucial to maintain an emotional connection through consistent communication.

Create time to talk on the phone, video chat on WhatsApp and Facetime, talk about how the day went, and the challenges Encountered this helps to strengthen the bond of the relationship.

It’s not always possible to spend the whole day talking due To work and other factors, that’s why it’s essential to make the Most of all free time to strengthen your relationship.

Talk about everything, don’t assume your partner knows or should know everything.

If they hurt you, let them know, don’t assume they should know what they did wrong, and never keep your partner’s mistakes to heart that they might not even be aware of.

Try to participate in long distance relationship activities, like reading the same book in your Different location.

7. Have A Goal In Mind

A long-distance relationship can’t remain that way forever.

Plans should be in place to come together in the future; a future goal keeps the relationship exciting.

Discussing the plans for the future is one of the sweet things to do in a long distance relationship.

The expectation that the long distance would soon be over gives extra-motivation to keep going.

Without a goal in mind, the sacrifices of both partners might look like a waste of time.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship without a destination, as it’s the quickest way to feel the sacrifice is of no use.

Please talk with your partner about the goal for the relationship and together make plans to fulfill it.

Joseph Moore is a dynamic relationship coach and motivational speaker, Who has been speaking on relationship and leadership for some years with a commitment to ensure people get it right. Joseph is CEO at viral digital marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to startups and small business.

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