How To Get A Guy To Ask For Your Number

7 Exciting Ways On How To Get A Guy To Ask For Your Number

There’s this guy Mary has a crush on that works at her local grocery store.

They see each other practically every day. But he started to talk to her just recently.

All the guy says is, “How are you?” he makes eye contact and smiles at her.

Of course, she always responds with, “Thank you. I’m fine.” And smile back at him.

They speak almost every day now.

But a few days back, she decided to speak first.

She complimented him on his hair, and he complimented hers. And they smiled at each other and walked off.

Then they started hanging out and spending time together.

“How to get a guy to ask for your number” was what she was yet to figure out.

Maybe you’re in a similar situation.

And you want to get the guy you’ve been eyeing for a long time to ask for your phone number.

Or In case you run across a guy you like.

I won’t lie; getting a guy to ask for your number can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, it is possible.

I’ve always discovered that all it takes to pique a guy’s interest to ask for your number is to give off a few subtle signs that you’re into him.

The emphasis here is ‘subtle.’

You don’t want to come across as being overly forceful because that can give him the impression that you are desperate, and it might just scare him away.

But don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

You should be able to get a guy to quietly ask for your phone number if you follow these simple 7 steps.

How To Get A Guy To Ask For Your Number: 7 High-Value Ways To Get A Hot Guy’s Number

1. Show The Guy You’re Interested

how to ask a guy for his number

Let’s assume you’ve been seeing this guy for some time now.

First off, you must demonstrate you’re interested in him.

Do not appear overly pushy, though. You can express your interest in him in the following ways.

Slight Touches

Subtly touching him is an excellent way to let him know you are interested.

You don’t have to be seductive with this just yet; you can be playful with it.

For instance, touch his arm while laughing at a joke he just told, as opposed to caressing his arm and gazing intently into his eyes.

This is a more subtle approach to convey to him both your interest and the fact that you find his jokes hilarious.

You can dance with him in a nightclub as long as it’s lighthearted and fun rather than seductive and sexual.

You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

Instead, show the guy that you are a fun girl to have around.

Flirt Gently

Flirting is another subtle way to show a guy that you have feelings for him.

And it doesn’t have to be noticeable.

For example: laughing at his jokes, gently twirling your hair while he is staring, and lightly brushing his arm are all much better ways to flirt with a guy.

You can also express your admiration for him, but not to the point you’re gushing over him and feeling smitten.

But don’t hesitate to compliment him on his smile, his shoes, or anything you know will make him feel good about himself.

When you compliment him or speak to him, try to speak in a low, almost whispering tone to compel him to draw closer to you.

You may need to rehearse this a bit before doing it because you don’t want to come out as shy.

Body Language

It would help if you learned body language, which you can practice at home because sometimes actions can speak louder than words.

This doesn’t imply that you should start twerking in front of him, but rather subtle things like how you conduct yourself and look at him.

Both of these actions will assist you in communicating your interest in him.

The first thing to do when speaking to him is to stare into his eyes, though you should break eye contact if things become too tense.

Another thing you can do is to lean in closer to him while he is speaking or sitting next to you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should encroach on his personal space.

Ask Questions

Being genuinely interested in a guy is a great way to let him know you are thinking about him.

You can accomplish this by asking him some questions, but under no circumstances should you make it into an interview.

Asking these questions should not be forced; instead, they should be natural.

If you run into him on a night club or bar, find out what his favorite drink is,

What genre of music he enjoys, and perhaps which clubs he frequents.

Being genuinely interested in him is the best way to convey your attraction to him without coming across as desperate.

It’s also one of the ways how to get a guy to ask you out.

2. Use The Time-Tested Napkin Technique

Okay, you don’t have to use a napkin.

But let’s consider the old-school scenario where you have to write your number on a handkerchief (or napkin) and give it to a guy.

No, you don’t have to use a napkin. It could be anything from a piece of paper to a business card.

Let’s assume you haven’t met this guy in your life.

But you think he’s attractive when you see him in a restaurant or anywhere else.

You could say, “You are quite attractive to me, and you exude a lot of energy.

I figured I’d offer you my phone number and see if we could talk on the phone.”

Nothing awful can happen. The worst case scenario is that he chooses not to call you.

Some ladies would argue that the worst-case scenario is that they would perceive you as being overtly sexual or desperate.

However, you can always address them when they engage with you.

It isn’t a negative thing, though.

Many men are quite appreciative when a woman approaches them in that way since they weren’t sure how to approach her.

Or it’s possible that they never even noticed her.

When you’re giving out your number, they are receiving something from you, but you are not requesting anything in return.

Perhaps you are the lady who says to herself,

“But I don’t want to come across as needy or desperate like I’m the one making the move to ask for the guy’s number.”

It’s not you. Instead, it’s you who gives him yours.

He needs to actually make subsequent investments by getting in touch with you.

3. The Takeaway Sales

Imagine that you are talking with a guy. You could be thinking:

“Is it acceptable for me to request his phone number?

Will that make me seem needy or eager to make things happen as a woman?

There is a technique you can use to accomplish this, such that he still perceives you as very valuable.

For example, let’s assume you enjoy talking with a guy and you are about to leave. You can say to him…

“You’re really a fun guy to talk to. But I really have to return and see my friends.

We’re meant to be together right now, and I might get into trouble for dragging this way too long and wasting their time.

But let’s trade number instead. And when we click over the phone, we could keep talking.”

There are a few aspects of this that I find interesting…

First of all, when you stated you had to go be with your friends,

He immediately felt the urge to act because he knew you would leave and he wouldn’t be able to collect your contact information.

By stating, “But before I go, why don’t we swap numbers,” you made it incredibly easy for him.

He feels relieved now. Even though you’re the one departing, you can still exchange information.

So, it’s not like you say, “Oh, give me your phone number,” as he’s about to leave, is it? Because that could come out as being desperate

Finally, there is a brief statement that states, “If we get over the phone, we can continue talking.”

That creates a small hurdle for him to walk through.

4. The Event Change Phone Number Exchange

Suppose you’re at a party and you run into guy for the first time, and you say things like;

“Hi, how are things going? Are you having a good time tonight?

Then five or fifteen minutes later, you could ask:

“So are you headed home or another place after this?” and if they say ‘yea, we’re going to… place.’ You could follow up with this response,

‘My friends and I were considering going there as well, but we’re not sure how it will be tonight.’

Okay, I think it’d be great to let us know how the place is when you get there.”

Now that he gets the chance, he may say, “Absolutely, I’ll text you when I get there. Give me your number.”

It’s that easy.

5. We Are All Cool Exchanges

I believe that we place too much emphasis on exchanging number.

For instance, you like me. I find you attractive.

Let’s trade numbers and start hanging out. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll have a happy relationship.

Once you realize that they are exchanging numbers to set up a date, things become awkward.

Let’s flip the script a little bit.

I believe there are instances when we can make it a little more relaxed than that.

So you finally get to meet a guy.

He is with his buddies, while you are with your friends. You may say something like…

“You guys seem really fun. We should get together sometime.

Let’s exchange contact information.”

The conversation then switches to “you and your girls, all of you being cool, and he and his friends, all of them being cool.”

That’s a very casual approach to not just give a guy your phone number, but also to get his number.

However, this has the drawback that you have to playfully tease, flirt a little more and banter to indicate your intentions when you start talking over the phone.

So that it doesn’t split into two groups (your friends versus his friends) and he is completely unaware of your feelings for him.

However, from the start, when you need that sort of groundwork for exchanging contact without being overly pushy, this is a fantastic informal approach of doing it.

The issue is this:

Ladies, I am aware that you don’t want to take the initiative.

You want the guy to come to you and ask for your contact details so that it will be simple, but the truth is…

The majority of guys feel a little embarrassed during that stage since they don’t want to appear as though they were simply interested in your number when they initially started talking to you.

Or they’re asking a girl they hardly know for her details.

They desire to appear respectable and regular. They don’t want to appear scary or needy.

However, if you meet the guy halfway,

Whether by flirting or by directly giving him your number, you’re helping him a lot more than you can even realize.

I’m not advocating that you continue doing all the work for him every day because the truth is…

He needs to invest in you when he starts calling or chatting you, but you get to make that decision at that time.

You can check to see whether he is investing, and if he isn’t, you don’t have to put up with him.

However, you do need to exchange information in the beginning to see whether things could progress with someone.

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