what to do when he ignores you

3 Exciting Ways On How To Attract A Guy Who Ignores You

He’s ignoring me.

Jane, 25, has been casually seeing Luke, 29, for about three months.

They texted every day and saw each other a couple of times a week for the entire time.

They knew they weren’t going to see each other for at least a week on their last date because of their busy schedules. 

So, they both agreed to delete their Tinder accounts because they’ve been extremely comfortable and confident with how things have been going.

Jane said she had never experienced things going so well so soon when dating someone.

They made sure not to rush into anything but have remained very transparent with their feelings and how much they like each other.

However, as the week progressed, she noticed that she’s been hearing from him less and less.

She even tried reaching out to confirm the plans they had. She sent him a couple of texts and tried calling to know if he was okay.

Yet, nothing.

The funny thing is that Luke’s been posting on social media.

Not that they fought or anything. No bumps whatsoever.

Jane really likes him. But now, she doesn’t know what to do.

He’s ignoring me what should I do

Being ignored sucks.

Doesn’t it?

In this article, I will share with you how to attract a guy who ignores you and give you three powerful things you can do to ignite his attraction and help you stay grounded and confident.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why is he ignoring me all of a sudden

What he is thinking when he ignores you

What to do when he ignores you

How to attract a guy who ignores you

But first:

When a guy ignores you

I’ve observed that when men start to ignore women, women will often go into this place of forensic detective mode where they start analyzing…

“What was it that I said right before he started ignoring me…before he dropped off?”  And they’ll start trying to dissect it and figure things out.

Like an FBI agent investigating a crime scene.

So, you go to your text and try to figure out what you said that exactly turned him off and caused him to pull away.

Let’s face it:

It must’ve been something you said. It looks like this…

He texts you and says, “Just saw the new Will Ferrell movie “The House.” So, funny, have you seen it?”

And you say, “No, not a huge fan of Will Ferrell.”

He says, “Whaaat?!! He’s so funny. Have you seen Taladega nights?”

And you reply, “Nope, haven’t seen that one either. But heard it was great.”

He says, “Ohh, you’re missing out. We should go see it sometime.”

And you say, “Cool, I’m up for that.”

And it’s been a few days or even weeks or longer that you’ve heard from him.

Before I tell you what he is thinking when he ignores you, below are 3 powerful ways how to win back someone who lost interest

3 Powerful Ways How To Attract A Guy Who Ignores You

1. Remind Yourself That It’s Going To Feel Easy With The Right Guy

How To Attract A Guy Who Ignores You

I can’t tell you how many women have come to me complaining about guys who pull away and vanishes. It’s like this constant state of uncertainty.

And then, they shift what they’re doing, their vibration, how they’re thinking, and how they’re using their minds.

And before you know it, they meet a guy who is totally into them, and their response is always something like this…

“Oh my God, this feels so easy. It feels so natural. We’re texting one another. There’s no game. He’s pursuing me and planning in advance and prioritizing me.”

So, let me tell you this:

When it’s the right guy, it will have this natural flow and ease to it.

By the way, what does that even mean?

If it doesn’t have a natural flow and ease to it, chances are, he’s not the right guy.

And so you can clear the way and let him go so you can make room for the right guy to come into your life.

Like I always say, “the quicker you get rid of the wrong guys, the faster it is to meet the right guy.”

Now, to do this is challenging.

You’ve to believe down to your bone that love is in store for you, that your destiny is to be in a deep, loving relationship you desire.

That’s why it’s difficult.

But once you believe that, you’re one step closer.

2. Match His Level Of Investment

when a guy ignores you

Now, there’s a human dynamic….

A human influence trigger that we all have is that when someone starts chasing you, or pushing you; the natural feeling is to pull away.

Well, the reverse happens as well.

If someone starts to pull away, our natural inclination is to start chasing them.

And the reason why that is because we’re all triggered by an influencing principle called scarcity: we want what we can’t have.

So, as he pulls away, here is a couple of things to consider.

As he starts to pull away, you want to match his level of investment…because the tendency will be to overinvest…

To start double and triple texting him or calling him or chasing him.

Don’t do that.

Instead, match his level of investment.

If he pulls back, stops calling, stops texting, you pull back, stop calling, and stop texting. And that does a couple of things.

Here’s what it does.

As you reduce your level of investment, subconsciously, in your mind, it tells you, “Oh, this guy is less important to me.”

It’s going to reduce your level of desire—the amount of time you spend focusing on him and that eventually calm your mind.

Because when you start chasing and investing in someone, you’re pouring more energy in, your mind automatically thinks,

“Wow, this is important to me.”

When he pulls away, he becomes scarce. And since we want what we can’t have, there’s another trigger where we feel more desire for the person who pulled away.

So, with your awareness, you can become clear,

“Oh, wow, I might not like him as much as my desire or attraction is right now because it might just be that I want what I can’t have, and I want that.”

And as soon as you have it, your level of attraction dials down a little bit.

What is great about this is that you can keep a realistic perspective of how interested in him you are – without being sucked in by this scarcity trigger of attraction that we all have.

And, here’s what is beautiful about you matching his level of investment:

Because as you become scarcer, you’ll trigger his attraction trigger for scarcity since he also wants what he can’t have.

So, if he does have a level of interest for you, you will find out what it really is.

Because maybe he’s just been distracted, but as you become more scarce in his life, he’s going to think,

“Hey, where did this texting go? Where did all this attention go?”

And his natural interest in you will increase, and he’ll start pursuing you.

In other words,

This isn’t about playing games, but this is about being congruent with the level of interest and investment in the guy you’re interacting with and matching that.

And this brings me to the next point on how to attract a guy who ignores you.

As you’re matching his level of investment or reducing your level of investment to match his,

3. You Want To Focus Forward

what he's thinking when he ignores you

Focus on your life.

Focus on the opportunities ahead of you, and make sure you are living an amazing life.

And here’s why:

As you focus your attention on him and what’s missing in your life, naturally, what happens for us is we feel discouraged.

We start to feel depressed. We start to look for what’s missing in us.

And all that drags our emotional state down.


If you focus forward and on the opportunities you have in your life.

If you focus on all the things that are going right and the amazing qualities you have in yourself, you open yourself up to better opportunities.

Because here’s the deal:

If this guy isn’t interested in you, there’s a guy who is. There’s a guy who wants to prioritize you.

And so, when you do these three things:

When you focus on and believe that the right thing is going to be easy and that it’s out there for you.

When you match his level of investment and when you focus forward…

You open yourself up for the right and amazing guy into your life that will prioritize you, pour into you, and plans things with you.

And here’s something amazing…

You deserve that kind of a guy. You deserve that level of relationship…because you’re amazing, incredible. And as you own it, you’ll call it in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is He Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden?

Guess what?

Your paradigm will try to convince you that you did something wrong. It’s going to try to tell you,

“Oh, maybe you shouldn’t have texted that.” Or “you weren’t funny enough,” “you weren’t interesting enough,” and that’s what caused him to pull away.

That it’s some flaws in you.

What I want to tell you in this article – and I hope you get it –down to your bones. And let it sink in through your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind and your entire being…

It’s not your fault.

“It is really hard to screw up the right thing.”


When it’s the right guy, it’s going to flow. It’s going to feel easy. He’s going to pursue you and engage in interactions.

By the way,

What Is He Thinking When He Ignores You

Here’s what is going on:

When a guy is ignoring you, his level of interest just wasn’t that high to begin with. In fact, he isn’t thinking about you when he’s ignoring you.

Chances are, this is what he isn’t thinking.

“Man, I’m so in love with this woman. I’m so into her. She’s awesome in every way. She’s sexy, beautiful and amazing. But, you know what? She doesn’t like Will Ferrell.”

Okay, that’s what he isn’t doing.

When a man is ignoring you, he isn’t thinking about you because his level of interest isn’t just high enough.

He’s just not that into you.

I know that’s hard and harsh, but it is an empowered place to be when you can see something for what it really is.

What he’s thinking about, though, is his life, work, and friends. Chances are he’s texting and dating other women.

So, here’s a reminder again:

“You didn’t do anything wrong. And nothing is wrong with you.”

We’re going to have certain degrees of interest with people we are connected to.

What To Do When A Guy Ignores You

You should stop beating yourself up and start looking for a different guy.

And by applying the three powerful ways how to attract a guy who ignores you I shared earlier, that’s how to ignite his interest if he’s the right guy.

Secondly, it also helps you feel more grounded and confident, so it doesn’t drive your attention and pull your focus back to that guy or sink your self-esteem thinking there’s something wrong with you.

When A Guy Ignores You, What Does It Mean?

Now, let me balance this up.

There are a couple of reasons why a guy ignores a woman.

It could be that he’s upset with you and needs you to give him space

He’s losing interest

It could also be that the relationship is moving too fast

He’s playing games with you

He doesn’t value you enough to want to maintain contact

How To Ignore A Guy That Ignores You And Make Him Chase You?

One way to do this is by applying the scarcity principle I talked about earlier in this article.

Here’s how it works:

Invest in a guy only to the degree he’s willing to invest in you. And if he keeps going from hot to cold, turn off the tap.

Match his level of investment and attention.

Since people want what they can’t have, if he’s the right guy for you, he will realize how much you mean to him when you take your attention away and focus it on yourself.

Stop taking the breadcrumbs someone throws at you and using your imagination to make it an entire loaf.

What To Do When A Guy Ignores You After Sleeping With You

Someone asked me a similar question not too long ago.

She said:                                                                                                    

“He slept with me and now he is ignoring me. What should I do now?”

Let me be honest with you here…

He used you. He got what he wanted from you, and now he’s gone.

So, here’s what I suggest you do: next time, be more careful with men.

You learn a lesson.

Now, when next you meet a guy you like, rather than jumping into becoming intimate with him too soon, take the time to really know him. And take the time to see if he wants the same thing as you.

How do you give a man space to chase you?

You give a man space to chase you when you become naturally challenging, not by playing hard to get.

Here’s what I mean.

Focus on your life

Have a great attitude

Don’t play hard to get. Instead, play hard to forget

Confidence is sexy

Show him you’re interested in him

Have standards

Be a person of value etc.

If you have ever experienced a strong connection with a man, only to have him ignore you or pull away in a relationship, I hope you find this article helpful.

Go ahead and share your experience and leave your comments. And I’ll surely respond as soon as possible.

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