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21 Exciting Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Looking for ways to spice up your relationship?

Maybe you’re also thinking of ways to spice up your love life. I mean, you want to know some fun games to play with your boyfriend to make him happy.

Well, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will give you a collection of different games to play with your boyfriend.

Games to play with your boyfriend

But first:

Have you noticed that most relationships get stuck in a rut after a few months of dating?

It’s mainly because the relationship becomes boring. And that’s one of the primary reasons most partners break up.

Communication gradually dwindles because they don’t know what to talk about after running through their list of essential topics.

They get too comfortable after a while. And so, the romance and the spark start to fizzle out. More often than not, they aren’t even aware that their bond is weakening.

They get so complacent. And stop trying altogether after some time.

What games can I play with my boyfriend?

Mary, one of my clients, was in a similar situation.

She and her boyfriend had been together for two years.

For the first 1.5 years, it was all fun and exciting. But then, they began to coast. The relationship became boring. And she hated it.

It got to a point where she didn’t want to hang out with him because they didn’t have any fun or talk.

All they did was hang out for the sake of sitting in the room together –not because she wanted to be there.

They lie in bed and watch Netflix. Besides that, they watch football together on Saturdays. It was a cycle.

It became too monotonous for her liking.

Things have become so bad that she gets annoyed whenever she sees his name pop up on her phone.

She loved him and cared about him. But she just wasn’t feeling those butterflies…fun and excitement.

So, she asked, “What game can I play with my boyfriend to spice up our relationship?”

Games you can play with your boyfriend.

There are a lot of games to play with your boyfriend over text. There are games to play with your partner over the phone. There are plenty of flirty games to play with your boyfriend as well.

The list is endless.

It could be anything from question games to video games to card games.

Basically, anything you and your partner can do together while having fun and excitement is a game.

Fun games to play with your boyfriend will bring you closer together.

And if you’re already married, you aren’t left behind. There are plenty games couple can play together.

What games can couples play together?

You can play games over the phone. But it’s better to play games while you’re together –in the same home.

There are plenty of great games for couples out there. For example, there are board games, video games, or anything that requires just the two of you.

Generally, anything you and your partner can do to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company is worth trying out.

With that said, below are some fun games to play with your boyfriend.

21 Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

1. Movie Quiz

boyfriend and girlfriend games

This is one of the simplest but most fun games to play with your boyfriend.

You could either come up with some of the most iconic movie quotes from romantic movies, comedies, or horror films or create a PowerPoint presentation of movie images depending on your boyfriend’s favourite genre.

When you don’t have anything else to talk about, this is one great and fun way to spark conversation and get to know your boyfriend’s movie knowledge.

You can also set a reward for whoever wins to make it more exciting.

2. Never Have I Ever…

The “never have I ever…” game is a popular game. And there are hundreds of “never have I ever” questions out there to help keep things fun.

Here’s how it’s played if you aren’t familiar with it.

Either you or your boyfriend asks a question framed with “Never have I ever….”You can do this while sitting back to back or blindfolded while playing the game.

Here’s a G-rated example:

“Never have I ever kissed before.”

So, anyone guilty (either you or/and him) must take a sip of their alcohol.

You can even decide to take these questions deeper and discuss your experiences. Either way, it’ll help you learn more about one another.

Nothing stops you from playing the booze-free version, though. But to be honest, the booze version is where things get truly wild…

Just make sure you take it in moderation.

Here are some other variations of the never have I ever question.

Never have I ever played hooky from school or work.

Never have I ever stolen anything.

Never have I ever missed a flight. Etc.

3. Play The No Response Game.

Wondering what fun games to play with your boyfriend?

Consider the “no response game.”

This is a perfect game because it only requires two people to play. And it’s a game that can get you emotional and intimate with each other.

It’s also a game that requires a drink (a sip or three at most).

All it takes is for each partner to ask the other a question, and if you’re up for it, you take a sip. And if not, you leave the drink.

4. Two Truths And A Lie

This is a fun and exciting game for couples. And it’s somewhat self-explanatory.

You need to ask your boyfriend to make three statements – two truths and one lie and write them out. You can as well decide who goes first.

If you go first, his job will be to guess which statement is the lie.

Playing this game will help you learn about your partner –especially his past and exes.

This is the perfect game to play when you’re insecure about your relationship and need reassurance.

5. Baby Picture Questionnaire

Send him 10 baby pictures and ask him to say one fact about each. And vice versa.

At the end of the game, ask your boyfriend about each picture you sent him to see if he can remember the remark he gave to each.

Obviously, this tells you if he was really attentive during the game.

6. Truth Or Dare

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this game.

It’s a variation of the two truths and one lie game. The only difference is that you and your boyfriend will have to come up with just one truth and one lie.

Then, you have to guess what he’s lying about and telling the truth about. The same goes for him too.

This is a perfect game if you’re trying to know each other.

7. Mystery Sound

games to play with your boyfriend

This game is pretty straightforward.

Send your boyfriend voice messages of melodies from movie themes, songs or TV shows and see if he can guess the name.

And he can also send a different one to you to guess.

This is one of the greatest games to play with your boyfriend long distance. It’s a great way to think about one another when you can’t see each other every day.

And it’s a perfect game to play with your partner over the phone.

8. Dare And Remove It

This is like truth or dare, still. But it requires that he take off a piece of his clothing and send you a photo or show it to you if he can’t do the dare.

And he takes the regular truth or dare further, switching things up a bit to make it sexy and exciting.

9. One Word Answer

Say a word to your boyfriend, and he has to guess the exact memory associated with the said word.

It could be a memory associated with something you did together. And it’s a way to recall past experiences like your first date, when he asked you out or when you fell in love with each other.

10. iMessage Games

This is perfect only for those who use iPhone. There are plenty of games in the messaging section called “Game Pigeon.”

Game Pigeon has numerous games like Connect 4, Pool, UNO, Darts, card games, etc.

This app helps facilitate games between couples when you’re not together.

11. Would You Rather?

You’ve got to set up two weird scenarios to play this game and ask your partner which he’d rather choose.

It helps to spark conversation on what he would rather do and why he’d do it.

Please don’t take any of it too seriously. Remember, it’s a game.

12. In character

Call out some bunch of phrases from a celebrity and have your boyfriend guess who you’re mimicking.

This type of game doesn’t require planning. You could break out into character at any moment’s notice.

Spontaneity makes this game more fun.

13. Backward Texting

This game can get on your boyfriend’s nerves or even yours, but it’s something worth trying –especially when you’re bored.

Texting each other backwards is a fun way of testing his patience to see how long he can go.

14. Trivia

This game is the same as other trivia games you might have played at happy hour or even seen on television.

Test your boyfriend’s knowledge about politics, pop culture and more. Besides, when you’re stuck at home and have nothing else to do, you might learn a thing or two.

15. Emoji translation

Use emojis to create a story and ask your partner to figure out the meaning.

This is a perfect game to play when you’re far from home or together.

16. Video Games

Video games can be a bonding experience when played together –especially after a long hectic day or busy week. video games like call of duty.

17. Twenty Questions

If you’re looking for games to play that will help you learn more about your partner, question games are just perfect.

The exciting thing is that it can be played in person or via text.

There’s no better way to know your partner on a deeper level other than to ask him questions about himself and have him answer.

18. Board Games

Whether you’re looking for date ideas or want to bond with your boyfriend, board games are always a good choice.

Scrabble, checker, monopoly, life, and chess are all great options. Plus, these games can be fun and exciting.

19. Card Games

This type of game is great for passing time.

When there are no board games or video games readily available, card games can also be a great option.

20. Scavenger Hunt

Playing scavenger hunts with your partner is a way of building intimacy and bonding with him.

Since a relationship is about teamwork, this game helps to strengthen your team spirit, and it’s a great way to solve a mystery together.

All you have to do to be successful at it is to play on each other’s strengths and encourage each other – like you’d in your relationship.

21. Twister

games to play with your boyfriend over text

This game is a great way to have fun together because it’s hilarious. Plus, as you tease each other, it helps test your flexibility without falling over.

Think of it as foreplay. It’s an exciting and enjoyable game that allows you to spend an evening with your man.

Frequently Asked Questions

What game can two couples play together?

Well, there are emoji games, iMessage games, question games, and more…

So you know, many new games are coming out every day. Even the app store has plenty of options to choose from.

What about mates who live together? You ask.

What can couples do for fun at home?

Let’s be honest; relationships can be sometimes difficult. It’s not every time you find subjects to easily talk about.

So, it’s pretty easy to get stuck and become bored. However, playing games can sometimes take your mind off stress and worries.

As a couple, you can exercise together, give your home a complete look, and even outperform each other with new cooking recipes…

But there’s a certain level of entertainment and joy that games provide –but these other activities can’t.

Plus, the fun you derive from playing games reminds you how much you love your partner –and being together.

What can I do to entertain my boyfriend?

Great question:

It seems the guys get bored first. So, to entertain your boyfriend, you could join him on the sofa to play video games –if you’re up for it. 

Many two-player games will bring out your fun and competitive side. And who says a conversation between you and someone else can’t involve friendly competition and a good laugh?

Go through the above list and find the perfect games that would suit you need.

So, there you have it: fun games to play with your boyfriend.

Got other fun games you can play with your boyfriend?

Please do let me know in the comment section.

Nelson Whetat is a dating coach who is fascinated by human psychology and passionate about helping single women understand men, increase their desirability and attractiveness so they can get their dream man. He’s also a marketer and direct response copywriter who enjoys crafting attention grabbing and emotional compelling content and stories to sell digital products

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