things that guys like to hear

19 Exciting Things Guys Love To Hear

Things Guys Love To Hear

“What do guys like to hear?” You ask.

Well, there are sweet compliments for guys.

Even though most men struggle to find the perfect words to say at times, women sometimes have the same issue.

They often say they men who are not romantic are boring, but women don’t say nearly enough to men about the things guys love to hear from them.

Men, in general, aren’t hard to please.

Sadly, most women don’t know the right things to say most times.

Women overestimate what guys want and need to feel appreciated and loved in a relationship.

So, here are just a few things guys love to hear if you want to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face.

19 Exciting Things Guys Love To Hear

1. “I’m So Lucky To Have You In My Life.”

Things Guys Love To Hear

If you think your boyfriend is a great catch. And you feel fortunate that you’ve found him, and he chose you among other girls. Never keep those feelings to yourself.

Develop the habit of expressing those thoughts to him every time.

Guys take great pride when they know and feel that they’re contributing something positive to improve your life.

This is one of the things guys love to hear from their girlfriends.

2. “You Look Sexy.”

Let’s be honest:

Telling a guy he’s handsome isn’t the same as (and doesn’t have the same effect as) telling him he’s sexy.

When you tell a guy he’s handsome; it’s like saying, “You tidy up really great.” Which is good.

But when he thinks you believe he’s sexy, it’s like saying,

“You’re getting turned on by him.” It means you find him attractive, and he’s capable of provoking your feelings.

This is how to be flirty with a guy. You can even send it as a cute message for him over text.

3. “Babe, I’ll Pay The Tab This Time.”

A lot of the time (if not all the time), when a guy asks a girl out on a date,

It’s the guy that does all the legwork. This includes everything from footing the bill to looking for a nice restaurant to transportation.

But if you genuinely want to express how much you care about your boyfriend, sometimes, agree to pay the entire bill when you’re out.

I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

4. “I Love You.”

The 3 words every man wants to hear, “I love you.”

This common phrase is one of the things that guys like to hear from their girlfriend.

Though it is expected, it remains top of the list of things guys love to hear over text.

Your boyfriend may sense the love in the relationship, but he wants to hear it all the time for reassurance.

He wants to know that your feelings for him haven’t changed and that you’re still madly in love with him.

5. “I Appreciate All You Do For Me.”

Men love to be appreciated.

Everyman, particularly in a romantic relationship, must firmly believe that his effort is worthwhile.

Love changes. And desire may fade over time.

But letting your boyfriend know how much you appreciate him for all he does for you and the relationship encourages him to keep up the excellent work.

6. “You Look Buff.”

Your boyfriend finally started to stick to his New Year’s goal to go to the gym and he has been consistent for the past seven months

He switched from a bagel to a protein drink for breakfast

He may not yet look exactly like Zeus, but he’ll keep trying with a bit of motivation.

From the start, when he’s most tempted to give up, an arm massage coupled with “you look so great” will encourage him.

7. “You Make Me Laugh.”

what do guys like to hear

What do guys like to hear? You ask.

Well, have you tried telling him how funny he is?

By the way, who doesn’t like to have a good laugh now and then?

The truth is, guys put a lot of effort into impressing their girlfriends.

They feel proud of themselves for being able to make you happy.

So, don’t you think it’s vital to tell him how much he makes you laugh?

It confirms that he is doing an excellent job which motivates him to do even more.

8. “I Believe In You.”

Men are under a lot of pressure to make meaning out of their lives.

Mostly, they desire to be regarded by the feminine gender, so they work hard to achieve several goals.

So, it’s natural for them to grow frustrated and disappointed if they can’t attain their objectives or ideals.

As a result, telling your boyfriend that you believe in him will motivate him to persevere.

9. “You Are Handsome.”

This is one of the compliments guys like to hear about their appearance.

Your boyfriend’s confidence will soar if you pay attention to their appearance.

It’s also the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Because your spouse craves your undivided attention above all else, you must cater to his needs in the tiniest ways.

Acknowledging how handsome he is or admiring his attractive qualities would light up his mood more often than you’d think.

10. “Thank You.”

‘Thank you!’ is another beautiful yet simple and sweet compliment that will delight your boyfriend.

It demonstrates your gratitude for the little effort he puts into the relationship. It also offers him optimism that everything will be well.

11. “You’re Different.”

Acknowledging your partner’s uniqueness strengthens your attraction for him.

It lets him know that you don’t perceive him as everyone else does. Even more so, you’re bonded to him for a reason.

If he doesn’t believe he has a special position in your life, he may grow distant over time.

But giving him reasons for your connection, however, fixes the situation as quickly as possible.

12. “I’m Sorry.”

sweet compliments for guys

Saying sorry to your boyfriend doesn’t diminish your self-esteem instead it makes you more matured and responsible.

You must remember that when silly situations turn into unreasonable arguments,

The smartest thing is to say, “I’m sorry,” before it turns into something worse

Most times, your boyfriend isn’t always your adversary.

So, saying, “I’m sorry,” is one of the things guys love to hear from their girlfriend.

13. “I Need Your Advice.”

Another thing that guys enjoy hearing from their girlfriends is when they ask for their opinion on various topics.

Even though most men like independent women, they want to feel important in their lives. As a result, asking your boyfriend for advice regularly will make him feel needed.

14. “I Feel Safe With You.”

Every man thrives on a hardwired drive called the ‘hero instinct.’

Your boyfriend wants to be your prince charming and desires to play an essential part in your life.

This primal desire enhances his masculinity and gives him a sense of significance.

If you can make your boyfriend feel like a hero in your presence, he’ll value your relationship.

15. “You Make Me Happy.”

Nothing is more reassuring to a man than knowing he can make his woman happy.

Men enjoy being praised for their efforts, so do everything you can to make your boyfriend feel special.

He’ll be happy to learn that he’s made a positive difference in your life. This sweet compliment will also give him a sense of accomplishment.

16. “I Respect You A Lot.”

Respect is vital in any relationship because it reveals how much one person values the other.

Men, in particular, are terrified of their girlfriend losing interest, so you must always emphasize his importance in your relationship.

Reminding him will show him how much you value him. Ensure you take action in response to this statement.

17. “I Trust You.”

Any relationship requires trust.

It establishes that two partners can cohabit and that their bond is genuine.

You must acknowledge that you trust your man to reinforce your feelings for him.

This statement demonstrates your willingness to work together to make the union work, which he will appreciate.

18. “You’re A Great Man.”

Men enjoy hearing their female partners discuss their personalities.

They’re looking for more than simply attractiveness; they’re looking for all-around attraction.

Complimenting your boyfriend on his actions can make him feel special.

Tell him how much you admire him as a person and how much you appreciate his compassion. Discuss any unique attributes you’ve noticed about him.

19. “I Missed You.”

You must give your man space, but not to the point where the relationship is jeopardized.

Telling your boyfriend that you miss him is a simple way to rekindle your relationship after some time apart.

You’re assuring him of your attraction while also stressing your shared connection. It also demonstrates how significant his presence is to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Guys Like Hearing From Their Girlfriends?

Compliments are something that guys appreciate hearing from their girlfriends.

They want to know that their girlfriends are physically and mentally attracted to them. So, you should always comment about your boyfriend’s unique physical attributes and unusual personality.

What Compliments Do Guys Like To Hear?

Men appreciate being complimented on their knowledge in a variety of areas.

They adore women who compliment their successes, from mundane duties to their skills. They also enjoy it when women express their desire for them. It makes them feel fulfilled and increases their ego.

What Words Do Guys Like To Be Called?

There are a lot of nicknames guys like to be called. E.g., baby, sweetie, honey, etc.

What you call your boyfriend can have a lasting effect on him. Please give him a personal term of endearment by emphasizing his positive attributes.

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