cute names to call your boyfriend

145 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend Every Girl Should Know

Cute nicknames for boyfriend

Wondering what nicknames to call your boyfriend?

Then this article is specifically for you.

There are nicknames for boyfriend you can use.

If you’re dating a guy, I mean, in a serious relationship, it’s not strange to give your boyfriend nicknames.

What are some pet names to call your boyfriend?

For example:

Bear, Honey Bee, Tiger, Honey Bunny, etc.

There is a list of cute nicknames for boyfriend like…sweetie, baby, babe, etc.

I bet you’ve seen lovers that use ‘Baby’ in every sentence to address each other.

Like, “Baby, can you please help me with my phone on the table?” or “You look stressed. What’s the matter, baby?” and so on…

And if that’s what works for you, great!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using “baby” as a nickname for your boyfriend – or for each other.

But it turns out that these nicknames aren’t just cute. I mean, they’re too generic. Perhaps you want something unique or cute or even flirty.

There are unique nicknames for boyfriend you can use. Even flirty nicknames for boyfriend too. Yea, funny pet names to call your boyfriend as well.

So, there’re hundreds of options out there if “baby” just isn’t your thing.

Now, pet names aren’t exclusively for women, as some people are made to believe. Men also love to be called cute nicknames by their significant order.

While giving your boyfriend a cute nickname is a display of affection from you, accepting it is an expression of vulnerability by him.

Nicknames are also supposed to be humorous. It’s an easy way to flirt with your partner.

Whether you’ve been together for five years or recently became exclusive, calling your boyfriend nicknames works – every time.

It’s playful, implies trust and intimacy, and makes your man feel special.

But keep in mind, calling him pet names doesn’t necessarily keep your relationship afloat. So, don’t get too worked up in making sure you and your partner have nicknames.

You can show him love and affection in a lot of ways.

Less I forget, make sure your boyfriend likes the nickname you’ve given him.

Now, you may be wondering,

How do I come up with a good nickname for my boyfriend?

Because you can’t go around using the same pet name just for everyone. Not a great idea, trust me. Your boyfriend may not like it.

Most people don’t.

I’ll answer that question shortly, but first…

What special name can I call my boyfriend?

So, if you’re searching for unique nicknames to incorporate into you and your boyfriend’s routine, you’re in the right place.

155 cute nicknames for boyfriend you can use.

25 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

1. Cutie pie (When he looks cute enough that you want to eat him.)

2. My Heart (This shows him how much he means to you)

3. My love (This is a sweet nickname for boyfriend when you’re feeling romantic)

4. Fave (Use this to remind your boyfriend of how special he is to you)

5. Pookie (Whenever he’s being goofy and adorable)

6. Hotshot (This is a cute nickname to call him when he’s acting extra confident)

7. My world (This reminds him that he’s your everything.)

8. Babe (This pet name is classic for a reason. Only use it for someone special.)

9. Sexy (This is one flirty nickname for boyfriend. It’s used when you’re ready to flirt)

10. Light of my life (When he’s your sunshine and makes your world shine so bright.)

11. Naughty (Looking for naughty nicknames for boyfriend? Then call him naughty.)

12. Sweetie (This is a sweet nickname for boyfriend when you’re in a ‘lovey dovey’ mood.)

13. Handsome (Call him this nickname when he’s all dressed up, looking sharp and his best.)

14. Boo (When he’s special to you)

15. Sunshine (When he makes everything better and brighter)

16. Sweetheart (A perfect nickname for boyfriend with a kind heart)

17. Adorable (When he makes your heart melt)

18. Ace (This is a cute nickname for boyfriend who’s a genius)

19. My anchor (For a boyfriend who’s a faithful companion and supportive)

20. Apple of my eyes (This is a cool term of endearment for boyfriend you love)

21. Cowboy (Appropriate nickname for boyfriend that is wild and rugged)

22. Dearie (Don’t want to sound too cute? Then call him dearie)

23. Heartthrob (This is a sweet nickname for boyfriend that makes your heart skip a bit)

24. Honey (This is a classic nickname for boyfriend. It’s charming.)

25. Hero (A unique nickname for boyfriend that’s brave enough to catch a grenade for you.)

What are unique nicknames?

Here Are 25 Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning

unique nicknames boyfriend with meaning

26. Alpha (You can call your boyfriend this unique nickname that other women will find attractive. Alpha means first, head, etc.)

27. Angus (This is a cute name to give him if he has an alluring aura)

28. Autumn (A term of endearment for boyfriend that makes you happy)

29. Askim (This is a term of endearment in Turkey. It means “MY.”)

30. Brainiac (When he’s super smart and sweet)

31. Brave Heart (A unique nickname for a guy that’s admirable and fearless)

32. Buzz (When he excites you all the time)

33. Captain (Is your boyfriend handsome and reliable? Then this is a sweet nickname you can call him.)

34. Captain black (This is a unique nickname you can call a dark-skinned boyfriend. But make sure he likes the nickname: otherwise, stop usage.)

35. Captain awesome (When he’s so fantastic)

36. Champ (This is a perfect unique nickname for a guy that always has things under control. It means champion.)

37. Prince charming (When he’s like magic in your eyes)

38. Chuf chuf (Wondering a funny nickname for boyfriend? This is perfect for a guy that does funny things.)

39. Chum Chum (A funny nickname for a boyfriend that’s chubby and cute.)

40. Chocolate drop (When your boyfriend is handsome and dark-skinned)

41. Chocolate (A unique nickname for an attractive African-American boyfriend)

42. Commando (When he’s confident)

43. Cuddly (When your boyfriend is pleasant to cuddle and soft, this can be a perfect unique nickname for him.)

44. Curls (Does your man have cute and curly hair? Curls can be a perfect unique nickname for him.)

45. Cuteness (A term of endearment for a boyfriend that’s full of an embodiment of adoration)

46. Cutie Boo (A great nickname for an attractive guy that is so adorable)

47. Cupcake (This is a perfect unique nickname for a boyfriend you find irresistible and sweet.)

48. Flame (A hot and glowing guy)

49. Genius (A nickname for an extraordinarily intelligent guy)

50. Haven (A cute nickname for boyfriend with a heart that radiates warmth and bliss.)

What are some flirty nicknames for guys?

15 Flirty Nicknames For Boyfriend

51. Playboy (This is a cute nickname to call a flirty boyfriend)

52. Poo – Boo (When you love to spoil an adorable boyfriend, this can be a perfect term of endearment for him.)

53. Punkin’ Butt (A perfect flirtatious and playful nickname for boyfriend)

54. Pump Truck (When he’s sexually appealing and wild)

55. Pum Pum (Flirty nickname for a boyfriend with an enticing sexual organ)

56. Sexy Bear (A hot and flirty nickname for your boyfriend)

57. Sexiness (Call your boyfriend His Sexiness. Just make it funnier)

58. Sexy pie (When your boyfriend is smoking hot)

59. Sexy Devil (A flirty and hot nickname for a cute boyfriend)

60. Sexy pants (A term of endearment for a boyfriend with a great body)

61. Smoochy Poochy (Looking for some funny nicknames for boyfriend? Then Smoochy Poochy is the perfect nickname for him)

62. Smoochy (Fun nickname for an attractive guy who loves love-making)

63. Snicker Doodle (When he enjoys wild sexual acts)

64. Teddy (Flirty nickname for very sexy boyfriend women find to resist)

65. Wink – A – Dink (When your boyfriend loves sex, this can be a cute flirty nickname for him.)

What pet names can I call my boyfriend?

25 Cute Pet Names For Boyfriend

66. Bear (A cute pet name for a boyfriend that’s hot and huge.)

67. Blueberry (A sweet nickname for a handsome boyfriend)

68. Boo bear (When he enjoys cuddling)

69. Agapi Mou (This is a Greek term that means “My Love.”)

70. Ahuva (It means “Dearly loved.” It’s a Hebrew term.)

71. Butter Babe (When your boyfriend is sweet and kind-hearted.)

72. Candy (A cute and sweet term of endearment for a hot boyfriend)

73. Cheeky Monkey (A cute pet name for a crafty and smart boyfriend that’s full of awesomeness)

74. Cuddle Muffin (A pet name for a sweet boyfriend you love to cuddle with)

75. Cuddly Bear (He’s sweet, huge, and loving.)

76. Cutie Pootie (A great pet name for boyfriend whose charming is so striking)

77. Dirty boy (Does your boyfriend have a kinky mindset towards sex? Then this is a great dirty nickname for boyfriend for him.)

78. Dork (A boyfriend who doesn’t care what others think, and always himself.)

79. Dragon (When he often changes into something better)

80. Dovey (A sweet nickname for boyfriend whose kind is rare)

81. Ducky (Unique pet name for a charming boyfriend)

82. Enigma (A term of endearment for a mysterious and weird boyfriend)

83. Flower (When your boyfriend is innocent and stunning)

84. Fruit cake (Sweet guy)

85. Goldie (This is a cute nickname to call your boyfriend when he’s always cheerful and there for you every time you need him.)

86. Heartstopper (When he’s the type of boyfriend you can’t steal just one glance at.)

87. Honey Bagel (A cute term of endearment for an affectionate boyfriend)

88. Honey bee (A great nickname for boyfriend who creates sweet and unforgettable memories in your life)

89. Hot papa (A nickname for a hot boyfriend)

90. Honeybird (When everyone sees him as a leader)

If you want to know cute nicknames for boyfriend in different languages, there are a lot of them.

If you prefer to call your boyfriend a cute nickname in other languages, here are some Spanish, Italian, and French nicknames for boyfriend you can use.

What are some cute Spanish nicknames?

25 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend In Spanish

cute nicknames for boyfriend in different languages

91. Hermoso (pronunciation: ermohsoh) (meaning: A cute nickname for boyfriend that’s extremely handsome)

92. Nene (neneh) (meaning: nene is an informal way to call a boyfriend in Spanish

93. Osito (ohseetoh) (meaning: A little bear)

94. Papito (pahpeetoh) (meaning: This is another way to call the nickname “Papi.”)

95. Bebé (behbeh) (meaning: baby)

96. (Mi)tigre (teegreh) (meaning: Another nickname for tiger)

97. (Mi)Romeo (rromeoh) (meaning: Romeo)

98. (Mi)Amor (ahmohr) (meaning: “love.”)

99. (Mi)Alma (ahlmah) (meaning: “My soul.”)

100. (Mi) cielo (theeelleoh) (meaning: “sky”)

101. (Mi)corazón (kohrathon) (meaning “Heart.”)

102. (Mi)hombre (ohmbreh) (meaning “my man.”)

103. (Mi)príncipe (printheepeh) (meaning “my prince”)

104. (Mi)rey (ray) (meaning “King.”)

105. (Mi)Tesoro (tehsohroh) (meaning: “treasure.”)

106. Azúcar (ahthukar) (meaning “sugar.”)

107. Caramelito (kahrahmelitoh) (meaning candy.)

108. Cariño (khareenyoh) (meaning “care.”)

109. Cari (karee) (meaning: boyfriend)

110. Churri (choorree) (meaning: boyfriend)

111. Luz de mis ojos(louth deh mees ohjos) (meaning “light of my eyes.”)

112. Papi (pahpee) (meaning: favorite guy)

113. Precioso mío (prethiosoh meeo) (meaning: “my beauty.”)

114. Tío bueno (teeo booenoh) (This is slang in Spanish used to address an attractive person)

115. Runga (rroungah) (When your boyfriend is lovable and sweet.)

What are cute Italian nicknames for boyfriend?

15 Italian Terms Of Endearment

116. Amore (meaning “Love.”)

117. Bello (meaning “ Beauty.”)

118. Cucciolotto (kuccholotto) (meaning “darling boyfriend.”)

119. Gigio (jijo) (meaning: “sweet boyfriend.”)

120. Orsetto (meaning: “little bear.”)

121. Pimpi (meaning: “prince.”)

122. Tesoro (meaning “treasure.”)

123. Pupo (An Italian term of endearment for “baby.”)

124. Topino (This is an Italian word for “Mickey Mouse.”)

125. Trottolino (Cute Italian nickname for a sweet boyfriend)

126. Stella (This is an Italian word for “star.”)

127. Pimpi (meaning “prince.”)

128. Orsacchiotto (orsakkiotto) (Cute nickname for a hairy boyfriend)

129. Micio (micho) (Sweet boyfriend)

130. Cioccolatino (chokkolatino) (It means cutie)

What are some cute French nicknames for your boyfriend?

15 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriends In French

131. Mamour (meaning “my love.”)

132. Kiki (A cute term for darling)

133. Boubou (It means “boyfriend” in French)

134. BG (A short term for ‘beau Gosse,” meaning hot guy.)

135. Calinours (When your boyfriend is adorable as a teddy bear)

136. Choupinou (A sweet nickname for boyfriend)

137. Chouquette (When boyfriend is a sweet and tasty as chocolate)

138. Mec (It’s refer to as boyfriend)

139. Mon bichon (It means “sweetheart.”)

140. Ma poule (It’s a French slang for “my sweetheart.”)

141. Mon biquet (Nickname for a loved one)

142. Mon cum (meaning “my man.”)

143. Mon chéri (It means “baby boy.”)

144. Mon précieux (A term of endearment for a precious one)

145. Zeus (You can name your boyfriend after a Greek God.)

Frequently asked questions

How Do You Come Up With A Nickname?

1. Give your boyfriend nickname based on his physical characteristics

2. Look at his personality

3. Modify his name and come up with something unique.

4. Based on what he does for a living.

5. Look at his mannerisms and quirks

6. Hobbies and favorite things are a great way to start.

7. Does he have something similar to a famous person or celebrity?

8. Look for cute nicknames for boyfriend from TV shows, Songs, Movies, etc.

How to avoid picking a bad nickname for boyfriend

1. Nickname shouldn’t be difficult to pronounce. Choose something simple and short.

2. Never use a nickname to mock him

3. Never use a nickname you’ve used for an ex. Pick something unique

4. Make sure you know your boyfriend well enough before choosing a nickname for him etc.

There you have it; 145 nicknames for boyfriend.

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